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Oracle Temple Review

Oracle Temple is a new building that was added the same day that Luna became a playable hero.  In this article we’ll explain what the Oracle Temple does, and show the currently available boosts and material requirements, as well as some tips on where to find mats.



What Does the Oracle Temple Do?


The Oracle Temple allows you to craft a variety of permanent boosts using crafting materials specific to the Oracle Temple. These boosts fall into four categories:

  • Production (boosts that affect the amount of resources you produce, capacity of resource buildings, and resource gathering speed),
  • Research (boosts that affect research time and cost),
  • Construction (boosts that affect construction time and cost),
  • Special (including combat, hero, and hospital boosts).

Right now, the Oracle Temple features over 100 unique boosts (most are resource related) and has a maximum level of 5. Yes, you will need to upgrade your Oracle Temple to access all of the truly worthwhile lifetime boosts, however, many lifetime boosts can be crafted with a level 1 Oracle Temple.

Update 2/28/2018: Recently, there have been plenty of events that offer Unlock Building Items, such as Tier 3 rewards of Troop Train events prior to RvR, as well as Tier 3 rewards of various Monster Hunts. This means you can essentially unlock this building, completely for free. However, if you would like to unlock the Oracle Temple immediately, click on the temple and then on the "Unlock" button to bring up the pack that contains the Unlock Building Item.


Where can I Find Oracle Temple Crafting Materials?


Unfortunately, the crafting materials used to make lifetime boosts using the Oracle Temple are not nearly as common as the crafting materials used to make equipment. The only monster known to drop Oracle Temple crafting materials at this time is the Goblin Elf. You can also obtain these materials from their lairs.

Recently, many of the ongoing events include Oracle Chests that are loaded with a variety of these crafting materials. Hopefully we will see more ways to obtain Oracle Temple crafting materials soon.

Here is a list of materials used to craft lifetime boosts in the Oracle Temple:

  • Oracle Dust (required for every lifetime boost)
  • Dusktone Artifact
  • Mirrorstone Artifact
  • Heartstone Artifact
  • Lifestone Artifact
  • Moonstone Artifact
  • Sunstone Artifact
  • Shadowstone Artifact
  • Hammerstone Artifact
  • Leystone Artifact
  • Earthstone Artifact
  • Skystone Artifact
  • Bloodstone Artifact
  • Powerstone Artifact
  • Dawnstone Artifact
  • Quartz Crystal
  • Aquamarine Crystal
  • Citrine Crystals


As you can see, with so many different types of crafting materials to collect, it can be extremely difficult to gather enough materials to craft the lifetime boost of your choice, however, if you’ve been collecting these artifacts since the Oracle Temple became available, you might be surprised to find that you already have enough to craft a few of these lifetime boosts!


Who is the Oracle Temple for?


The Oracle Temple is an economical purchase for players who haven’t already purchased any of the lifetime resource doublers. If you’re struggling to obtain the resources you need to grow, then the Oracle Temple might be a viable solution, however, it should definitely not be a priority given all of the new content that has recently become available.

Keep in mind that if you have been purchasing lifetime boosts from previous packs, the corresponding lifetime boost will already be active in the Oracle Temple. That means that if you already bought a pack that halves the blueprint or Noctis hero medal requirements, you cannot double down and craft that same boost from the Oracle Temple.

This is why the Oracle Temple is not a great investment for someone who already purchased the lifetime boosts they wanted from packs. If you tend to jump on any pack offering lifetime boosts, then you won’t find the Oracle Temple very useful.

The one saving grace of the Oracle Temple is that it does have some very interesting and powerful boosts available, including ones that have never been offered in packs. For example, if you missed the Loyalty Doubler pack when you first saw it and have been kicking yourself ever since, now is your chance to craft a lifetime loyalty doubler boost! The caveat here is that they require so many more crafting materials and additional blueprints to even make

A few of the highlights and best lifetime boosts offered by the Oracle Temple:

  • 50% Building Blueprint Requirements
  • 50% Research Scroll Requirements
  • 150% Hospital Capacity
  • 100% Loyalty
  • 50% Noctis, Prompto, & Luna Medal Requirements
  • 100% Noctis, Prompto & Luna MP
  • 100% Noctis, Prompto & Luna EXP
  • 150% Troops Attack
  • 360% Troop Armor
  • 120% Troop HP


What are the Requirements to Craft Oracle Temple Lifetime Boost?

Good question! Here is a screenshot of every single lifetime boost currently offered by the Oracle Temple and how many materials you will need in order to craft them.

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  • Zero's avatar
    The cost for those boosts would be useful... If you have enough for one it might be worth it but without that little detail, especially now since the Goblins are gone and there's no reliable way (unless there's a purchase option, ugh) to farm the materials this is kind of useless without that bit of info.
  • Vulgarian's avatar
    I hear you, Zero. They are bound to make these Oracle Temple crafting materials more accessible sooner rather than later. Even the ones that come in packs don't give you all of the materials. For now, just keep your eye out for events with Oracle Chests!
  • Ben's avatar
    It would be really great, to see the requirements for each boost plus to know the blueprint requirements to upgrade the oracle temple for each level. Unfortunately the pictures are small and blurry.
    • Don's avatar
      I second Ben's assessment. It would be nice to be able to see what the requirements are, that way we can check and see what we already have vs what the requirements would be
      • KK's avatar
        If you view them on a computer you can see each requirement clearly
  • KK's avatar
    I am not seeing a screen shot for the 50% blueprints, 50% scrolls, or either 50% off medals for Noctis or Prompto. Can those be added please?
  • Michael Plemmons's avatar
    Michael Plemmons
    I have a lot of materials by accident. However, the leystone artifacts are what I need for a few of the lifetime boosts. So there's no place to farm these specifically yet?
  • johnkevin's avatar
    I believe there are many more pleasurable opportunities ahead for individuals that looked at your site.
  • krabitz's avatar
    Where are the images for BP reduction and Scroll Reduction? I'm dying to know the requirements! Thanks!

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