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Roadmap to Tier 3 Troops

Tier 3 Troops are a major upgrade for combat effectiveness in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, allowing you to attack and rally with much more success than with tier 2. In this article, we are going to lay out the exact roadmap to tier 3 troops and dispel any confusion about what is required.


We are also going to give strategies to overcome the resource challenges, and also discuss whether or not you even require t3 troops in the first place.


The first hurdle to tier 3 is making sure you have a high enough University level to do the research.


University and Citadel Level 20


You must be at University level 20 to research the all of the prerequisites for Tier 3 Troops. This means your Citadel must be level 20 as well.

Citadel level 19 is full of building dependencies that back-track in a confusing way. It can seem like you have just one more building upgrade to go before you get to the Citadel 20 unlock screen, for a long time.


The truth is that you need one of each unique building (Hospital, Prison, Training Grounds, etc.) at level 19, one of each type of rss building at 19, and one each of the barracks, hospital ward and bank at 19 to unlock Citadel 20.

Don’t be fooled by the feeling of being “almost there”. Everything needs to be at 19. And when you get there, this is the cost:

Citadel 20 unlock
We call this the "wall of granite".


The prices displayed in the picture above take into account having both the t1 50% building rss cost reduction and the t2 50% rss building cost reduction.

Even with the cost reductions, the production caps on t2 resources mean that it is impossible to make and store all of those t2 resources at one time on your base. This is true even if you have the production cap doubler boosts: even with those in effect, a balanced set-up of level 19 rss buildings will not get you past the requirements.


Ways to get around this:

  • Raid other players that produce t2 resources. This is difficult and dangerous because you are a t2 yourself, and you may need to ask a t3 or t4 in your guild to assist, or rally targets down as part of a group. Search regularly for players in the 15-20+ range that are inactive; these are better targets as you can farm repeatedly. Note that you have to clear ALL of a player’s unprotected t1 resources before you can start winning their unprotected t2 resources in battle.


  • Ask for help. If you have higher-level people in your guild, or others producing t2 rss, you may be able to get help from them to get around the lead, coin, granite and wheat issue. Having an extra active t3 in guild adds a lot of firepower, so your teammates may be willing to help just to have you more powerful. It is worth bringing it up in a polite way and mentioning that you will be able to contribute more.



  • Offload t2 rss to a banking alternate account to get around the production caps. This is dangerous because if someone raids your banking alt they can steal the rss, so it is best to use either a very well-defended account, or rely on stealth (use a low-level default-name account and hope it doesn’t get scouted). Or hand them to an extremely trustworthy defense-heavy guildmate.


  • Build additional hyperfarms and then level them up to 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 to produce the rss. This can take weeks, but these farms will pay dividends in the future as you will need large amounts of t2 rss to continue to advance. If you go this route, follow our suggestions in the How To Farm article.


  • Hyperfarm a single t2 and t1 rss, work with other people doing the same and share resources. You should be doing this anyway to get around the production caps.


However you get there, Citadel 20 lets you unlock University 20. This upgrade also requires significant t2 rss, although less so than Citadel 20.  One you get past the Citadel and University, there is still one more hurdle.


The Combat Research

Similar to the buildings, the exact amount of research you need to unlock t3 is hard to see clearly before you are there. It can seem like you are very close to getting to the t3 unlocked, only to have to backtrack down the tree to max something before you can finish the siege attack or siege armor pre-reqs. Siege Armor 7 and Siege Attack 7 require you to max the combat tree below them, which is not visible before you get to those research levels.


The checklist below shows the exact t3 research requirements.


T3 Research Requirements Checklist


  • Scouting 10
  • Training Speed 1
  • Troop Attack 10
  • Troop HP 10
  • All t2 troops unlocked
  • Mage Attack, Cav Attack, Warrior Attack: 7
  • Warrior Armor, Mage Armor, Cavalry Armor: 7
  • Siege Attack, Siege Armor: 7
  • Siege Engine level 3

When you have completed all of the requirements, your combat tree will look like this:


Tier 3 Combat Research Tree

t3 Combat Research Tree 2

t3 Combat Research Tree

t3 Combat Research Tree

If your lower-level Combat research skills are not as high as  in the checklist or screenshots above, you have more work to do before you can get tier 3 troops.


Once you get there, there are the t3 unlocks themselves:


Tier 3 Cavalry Troop

Tier 3 Mage Troop

Tier 3 Warrior Troop


As with Citadel 20, this is an enormous amount of t2 rss that you cannot yet produce on your base by yourself, along with an equally enormous amount of tier 1 energy.  All of the previous suggestions and tips for the Citadel 20 rss management apply in this case.


Furthermore, the energy cost can be partially mitigated by putting research into troop load and gathering speed in the Economics tree and using t3 siege to gather from level 5 or 6 energy tiles. A march of t3 siege backed by Econ research and ideally the gathering speed pack boost can churn out hundreds of thousands of energy every few hours if you are near the Scar and can hit the level 5 and 6 energy tiles.


Getting Speed-Ups

The other issue with t3 is the time requirement on the buildings and research. There is very little way around this other than buying packs, but there are a few additional things you can do that will help:


  • Finish every event that you can which does not require speed-ups to complete. This includes monster events and crafting events. Monster events can be finished with relative ease at most levels by maxing cheap Hero tree research, and crafting events at lower levels can be completed frequently by gathering constantly from monster lairs.
  • Put points into the Econ research or Hero skills that reduce build time. If your Hero is high enough level, you can also put points into the Research time reduction skill.
  • Make yourself a blue or higher quality Zephyr cape, which will shave a large amount of time off the research timers.


Wheat Management

Once you have t3 troops, a problem that you will run into if you army becomes sizeable enough is wheat. Tier 3 troops consume wheat and not food, and wheat is produced much more slowly than food. Furthermore, there isn’t a piece of gear like the food rings that will increase wheat production.


If you are buying lots of packs, this may not become a problem for you as the packs include a large amount of wheat. But if you stop buying or continue progressing, wheat might become an issue for you.


My recommendation is to work on building a wheat hyperfarm on an alternate account. Wheat is the earliest t2 rss to unlock at farm level 15. Getting to Citadel 15 is much less a challenge than the later levels, especially if you have multiple t1 rss farms feeding rss to your food farm to level it. That way you can move wheat from your alternate account to your main as needed to buy new troops or upgrades.


Do You Need T3?

Given the insane costs required for t3 above, it is worth asking if you actually need t3 to do well in the game. The answer is that it depends on how you are playing.  If you want to solo attack effectively or help rally down large targets, you should work towards t3. If you are playing defensively however, you may be able to do so with enough t1 and t2.


Tier 3 troops are more powerful at base than tier 2 troops, 1.5 times as strong to be exact. On top of that is all the combat research that went into getting them.  This makes t3 troops a huge advantage power-wise.


This isn’t the only strength to tier 3 troops, though.  Tier 3 troops are also an advantage given that they are rarer, due to the difficulties in getting them. You are going to have more available targets that you can win against as a t3 player than a t2 player.


Tier 3 or even tier 4 troops are not a magic bullet, though. Defense is very powerful in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, and combining research in the defense tree with a very large t2 troop count can allow you to defend against t3 rallies or t4 solo attacks depending on the combat research and gear of the attacker. Consider the battle report below of a level 30 with t4 and full combat research versus a level 19 with incomplete defense research.



While the above screenshot is technically a “loss” for the level 19, and no heroes were involved either way, the casualties fall in the hospital limit for the level 19 player even at fairly low troop count and incomplete level 19 defense research. At higher defense research and troop count with a combat-skilled Hero on defense, the t2 player would have been able to kill a lot more troops while losing fewer. The defense would have been even stronger against t3 solos, although not proof against t3 rallies in this case.


Important Note: The Combat Research past level 31 gets VERY powerful. A level 35 player with good Arbiter gear can do a LOT more damage than the player above, and t1/ and t2 alone will not be enough; you need t3 and reins, or a shield. But you can defend against a fresh level 30 t4 player with t2.


Given this information, if you are not buying packs to shoot straight to t3 troops, you should work on defense FIRST and then work towards t3 troops. Research defense and then get yourself a large number of troops to shelter behind while saving up for t3. You’re going to have enough trouble without becoming an rss pinata to the stronger players.


And if you have just acquired t3 and are attacking with them, be aware that t3 do not allow you to steamroll every t2 player. Follow the usual advice in the Combat Attack Guide like sending an initial test strike without your hero or rallying large targets to deal with tough t2 empires.


Tier 3 Troop Checklist:


  • You need Citadel 20 and University 20 to research tier 3 troops
  • Each unique building and one each of the rss and utility buildings must be at 19 to unlock Citadel 20.
  • Combat research must be maxed all the way down the tree at level 20 University to unlock t3.
  • The buildings and research require a very large amount of all t2 rss except essence, and a very large amount of energy. You will have to gather, trade, buy packs or bank rss to get around the production caps.
  • Complete monster events and crafting events to bank speed-ups. Also consider putting hero skill points into building time reduction or research time reduction.


T3 are a huge advantage in combat, but you will have to either buy a large number of packs or pull out every single stop to get past the rss hurdles.


Once you do, you will be much stronger on defense and attack and you will have a lot more options on who you can attack. Be aware that you may still need to rally large t2 targets, though.

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    I didn't see the costs for T3 Siege in the post. Anyone able to share those?
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    Thank you for these valuable information.
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    i had a discussion with some people -- my argument is that in the long run, T3 troops are much more useful than T3 traps. of course there-in lies the tipping point of when this is true. how many T3 troops in your cit for your defense till its worth over T3 traps? most people are stuck in researching T3 traps right when you hit cit 20, whereas I'd say T3 troops are more important. what do you think?
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    A friend of mine just told me that she needed 64 million energy to research Cavalry level 3. Why is yours 34 million in the screenshot?
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