Spiracorn Hunt: New Event and New Monster

A magical new creature has been seen wandering the realms of Eos: Spiracorns.  

You won’t have any trouble spotting them -- just look for the creatures that resemble blood-splattered horse-like creatures with two spiraling horns.

Presently, level 1, 2, and 3 Spiracorns cost fewer Monster Points to attack than any of the other monsters we have seen recently, so even the newest players should not have any trouble killing their share.  For those able to do a lot more damage, look for Spiracorn Monster Hunt events offering Beastmaster titles.  

  • Bronze Medalist Beastmaster -- +10% March Speed -- +3% Cavalry Attack
  • Silver Medalist Beastmaster -- +20% March Speed -- +6% Cavalry Attack
  • Gold Medalist Beastmaster -- +30% March Speed -- +9% Cavalry Attack

Even if you are unable to medal in Spiracorn Hunting, you can come away with Spiracorn eggs and hatching stones. If the random number goddess smiles her favor upon you, you may even get a Spiracorn Avatar. As with other monsters, you will earn loyalty and monster fragments from attacks, and a kill chest if you dare to kill one. The lairs are stocked with crafting materials and a decent amount of Luna experience.

If you do manage to snag a Spiracorn Egg, you will need a level 5 Monster Farm to use it.  When leading an attack, Spiracorn offers the following boosts:

  • 50% City Assault Troop Attack
  • 50% City Assault Troop HP
  • 50% City Assault Troop Armor

Tier 1 in the Spiracorn Monster Hunt gets you 5 egg chests along with other rewards, so you have many chances to get your very own. And attacking level 2 and higher Spiracorn also gets you points in the newly extended Winter World Games: Opening Ceremony!

Happy hunting!

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