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The Monster Farm

A new building has been introduced to Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire: The Monster Farm! In this article, we’ll be covering the new building and the new associated monster boost and answering frequently-asked questions concerning the Farm.


Unlocking the Monster Farm


The Monster Farm is an “Advanced” building like the Mercenary Fighting Pits and the Mythic Forge, and requires an item to unlock. You can find the Monster Farm unlock in packs and (supposedly, although we’ve seen no reports yet) as a rare drop from chests in game.


Monster Farm Unlock


At this time, the Monster Farm has a single level, and allows for you to breed a single type of monster: the beloved Chocobo.


Breeding Chocobos

Once you have the monster farm unlocked, you can breed chocobos using eggs and hatching stones. The unlock pack comes with eggs and hatching stones.


Chocobo Colors


At the time of this writing, every chocobo gives the same boost: +88% attack when your hero is included in the march. It has to be an attack march and your hero must be included to get the boost.


When sending hero, your normal march graphic on the map will be replaced by your chocobo. This is entirely cosmetic though; your chocobo isn’t a “troop” in the sense that it cannot be lost or killed. The march is entirely normal aside from the visual change and the boost’s inclusion.


Again, the color of Chocobo is random depending on the egg used. All colors are entirely cosmetic, all of them give the +88% to Attack.


Mechanically, the chocobo is essentially a piece of gear that doesn’t take a slot. Also it looks cool. I mean, who doesn’t love smiting their enemies with a giant bird?


Frequently-Asked Monster Farm Questions


Q:Does the chocobo boost apply for all marches, or just marches that include my hero?

A: Just marches that include your hero.


Q: Do I lose the Chocobo if I lose the march or if my hero is captured?

A: No. Your chocobo survives all attacks, successful or not, and you don’t lose it if your hero is capped.


Q:Does the boost apply on rallies or just solo marches?

A: If your hero is leading the rally, you get the chocobo boost.


Q: Does the chocobo boost apply on defense?

A: No, the attack boost only applies on attack.


Q: Do rarer chocobos give a better boost?

A: No, at this time the difference between chocobos is entirely cosmetic. Everything gives you the 88% attack boost.


Should You Get The Monster Farm


If you like to attack things and it fits into your pack budget, the Monster Farm is a solid choice. It is a +88% attack boost to hero marches for a single pack with no strings attached, which is a really good deal compared to pretty much anything you can get from a pack.


Breeding a full stable of rare chocobos costs additional packs, sure, but the only actual game effect there is the color of the chocobo. You don’t have to (and can’t at this time) upgrade the boost through breeding, so it is just a flat 88% boost.


It is likely that different levels will be added to the Monster Farm giving access to different monsters, or the breeding mechanic will be altered for future monsters so rarer ones give a better boost (costing more packs). But that won’t change the benefit of the chocobo one bit. This is a solid boost for the price of a pack, and the ability to customize your giant attack bird if you so choose is a nice extra.

And as with all packs, the unlock also comes with gold, rss and speedups, so think about slotting this one into your advancement if you buy packs.

Monster Farm Guides

This article series covers the Monster Farm and all related Monsters.

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  • Alexia's avatar
    where do we find the chocobo eggs that can be hatched at the monster farm??
  • Kris's avatar
    What about malboros? It seems that I get the eggs and hatch them with 1500 stones but I do not see them when I lead any attacks. Do I have to unlock the monster farm to use them? What bonuses do rare malboros give over regular?
    • adam cushen's avatar
      adam cushen
      you must have lvl 3 monster farm to use them marlboro egg costs 1500 to hatch a rare marlboro egg costs 3000 to hatch a epic marlboro egg costs 5000 to hatch when equipped the malboro gives troop hp bonus + 100% the colour is just for show no extra bonuses added for rarity
  • Adam cushen's avatar
    Adam cushen
    The monster farm maxes out at lvl 3 Lvl 1 allows you to make chocobo’s upgrade to lvl 1 to 2 is 500 blueprints Lvl 2 allows you to produce cryonades At lvl 3 your farm will be maxed out Lvl 3 allows your to make molboros
  • adam cushen's avatar
    adam cushen
    last comment messed up i will correct upgrades lvl 1 - 2 costs 200 blueprints upgrades lvl 2 - 3 costs 500 blueprints lvl 3 monster farm is maxed out at the moment lvl 1 monster farm allows you to use chocobos lvl 2 monster farm allows you to use cryonades lvl 3 allows you to use molboros i hope this helps (!TRW) Enochian realm 699 prosperous realm
  • Cheyenne's avatar
    This needs updated!
    • subtextually's avatar
      Hello there! We have several articles on the different farm types! :)
  • allan's avatar
    Where can I find monster farm blueprints without spending my hard earned money
  • SAHNNE 's avatar
    I am hatching monsters but don't yet have the farm, will they be waiting for me when I do?

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