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Spiracorn Hunt: New Event and New Monster

by AuroraValkyrie in News

A magical new creature has been seen wandering the realms of Eos: Spiracorns.   You won’t have any trouble spotting them -- just look for the creatures that resemble blood-splattered horse-like creatures with two spiraling horns. Presently, level 1, 2, and 3 Spiracorns cost fewer Monster Points to attack than any of the other monsters ...

Guild Creation 101

by AuroraValkyrie in Guides

One of the most important aspects of Final Fantasy XV:A New Empire is belonging to a guild. Early on in the game, many of us join a guild merely because the game pops up a list, and we treat it like the rest of the tutorial. But you will quickly learn that the other players you surround yourself with are one of the most crucial aspects to your suc...

Insomnia Chocobos Flan and Gralea Moogles Flan

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The Super Brawl may have ended, but two new Flans are still around for you to tackle : the Insomnia Chocobos Flan and the Gralea Moogles Flan. These two blue confections drop treats you are familiar with by now, like loyalty and Monster Fragments.  As with other monsters, you may get a crafting material like a Bluestone Shard or a Hardene...