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Magitek Converter Overview

On Wednesday, you may have noticed a new little building pop up for you in your empire. We did too, and we’ve got the full rundown of what to expect from it. This new building is located next to the casino, and is known as the Magitek…

Oracle Temple Review

Oracle Temple is a new building that was added the same day that Luna became a playable hero.  In this article we’ll explain what the Oracle Temple does, and show the currently available boosts and material requirements, as well as some…

New Building: Order of Heroes

A new building is available for your FFXV Empire: the Order of Heroes! This building has an interesting new mechanic that allows you to use your inactive heroes to activate powerful boosts. In this article we will cover how the new building…

The Mythic Forge: Unlocked!

Since the launch of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, players have been wondering about the purpose of the Advanced Armory building. With the release of the Mythic Forge Unlock, this mysterious building's purpose has finally been revealed. In…

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