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February Recap with AlyKat

It’s March, and that means it's time again for a look back at what went down in EOS during the last month. So grab your coffee, pull up a chair and let's take a look in the February Recap with AlyKat. February Releases Ignis 500 It…

Introduction Guide to Final Fantasy XV:ANE

There are thousands of players in the older servers in Final Fantasy; however, there are new Realms beginning on a regular basis. Each Server is in a different spot in the release progression, and this article is meant for the newest of the…

Noctis Guide to 500

Noctis has many new skills that will help you achieve greatness in Eos. This guide lists all his new stats and even includes a Dark Tier 2 Medals chart so you can take advantage of all of his new abilities.

January Recap with AlyKat

It's a new year in EOS, and with it comes new releases of course. This month in the Recap with AlyKat we look at what was new in January 2020! January Releases New Expansion Levels New Expansion levels were released with maximum…