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In this hero guide for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, we will discuss how to acquire Gladio, what you can expect with him as a hero, how to level him up, and how he performs for both traps and attackers.

Luna Hero Guide

Updated March 30, 2018 Defensive players and Crystal/Titan Contenders far and wide rejoiced when the latest hero, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, arrived in the realm of Final Fantasy: A New Empire. With the release of Prompto and gear sets…

Hero Skills Guide & Noctis Skills

Updated March 29, 2018 When you begin Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, you may notice that your default hero is Noctis. It may be unclear from the onset how exactly to use him, or what function your hero provides in the game. More…

Aranea Highwind Hero Guide

Everyone was guessing who the next playable hero would be, and of all the characters we've encountered thus far in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, there weren't many people who guessed correctly. We've had only a handful of…

Ignis Scientia Hero Guide

After months of Ignis Scientia appearing in graphics, he finally has decided to join us in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. It’s been a few months since Luna was added as a hero, and players have been salivating for a new hero. Whether…

Prompto Hero Guide

This guide will cover how to get Prompto, the new hero’s special leveling requirements, and the changes to hero items. We’ll also cover strategy considerations with the new hero and compare the new skill tree to the Noctis hero tree.

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