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Gentiana Glides to 200

Specializing in Dark Astrals and Dark Elemental Troops, Gentiana sides with Shiva to bring much more power than ever before. Gentiana Shiva Synergy allows you to realize Shiva's true potential in combat, whether it's in defense or assault…

Gladiolus Slays 400

Finally getting an upgrade since the Dark World fell upon us, Gladio brings even more to our empires . With the Command Center and Troop Supplies, come find out what all this does for you.

King Regis Soars to 400

Look through the skills of King Regis and see what benefits he can bring to your empire. Since he is the father of Noctis, he gives certain boosts that will only apply if Noctis or King Noctis are active, find out how in this article.