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Titan, God of Earth

It has been said that the great mighty Archaean caught the meteorite when he fell to Eos in ancient times. He slept while carrying it on his back at the Disc of Cauthess. A thousand years have passed the great giant was awakened by…

Bahamut the Bladekeeper

The Astral Bahamut will increase your overall strength of Dark Troops, as well as increase his own strength with the more Dark Troops present with him. Additionally, he helps increase your normal Troop March Size and Troop Attack!

Beginner’s Inside Scoop to Astrals

Astrals, also known as The Six, are summoned to help you protect EOS. These cosmic figures are known for their indication of their powers from the planet of EOS themselves. Noctis forges a pact with each of them to help complete his…