UPDATE: 9:15PM EST MZ has reported that they believe all bugged Magitek Imperial accounts have now been resolved. If you are still experiencing the Magitek issue, please contact us ASAP via Discord.

MZ is restoring troops and/or providing RSS to compensate players who lost troops from Magitek hits during this time.

If you lost troops or were zeroed during this bug, we recommend that you send a message to support to request that your troops are restored. Here are the steps that we recommend taking:

1. Click on "More" and then the "Contact Us" button in your game.

2. Check your e-mail. You will have an automated e-mail from MZ.

3. Respond to that e-mail, and attach a screen shot of the battle report. You will want to include the first page, as well as the detailed report.

4. You may request if MZ can restore your mercenaries and provide you with adequate resources, gold and speed-ups to train the rest of your troops.

5. Be sure to request 1 day speed-ups and royal speed-ups; some customer service representatives have been giving 10 day speed ups which will be wasted due to training queue size.

6. If you do not receive an adequate response, politely reply and ask for your ticket to be escalated to a supervisor to have your issue resolved. If your issue remains unresolved or inadequately addressed, write back again and ask them to help you more. MZ is aware of the situation, and they are doing what they can to help.

If you are still experiencing any more issues with Magitek empires, please contact us immediately via Discord.

What happened?

On April 12, 2018, around midnight EST, realms began reporting that converted Magitek empires were attacking and completely 1-hit zeroing very powerful T5 accounts. It soon became apparent that, due to a glitch, some players were able to sign into converted Magitek accounts and access Imperial Magitek troops. They were then able to use those troops to completely zero anyone in the realm, regardless of power or size.

This issue soon become rampant and spread gamewide, with many players zeroed.

How has this issue been addressed?

To address the issue, MZ postponed the Magitek Invasion event, running nonstop training events as they worked on containing the glitch. Their customer support team is also responding to users; many players have reported that they have been fully reimbursed with resources, speed-ups, etc. to retrain their troops. Our own lead writer, Vulgarian, reported that he had the majority of his troops completely restored. A few other players have also reported similarly.

Here at the Hub, we began monitoring the situation when it first broke out and have continued to monitor it very closely. We took the following steps to notify as many people as possible:

1. We wrote this article and circulated it via social media and Discord.

2. We notified as many people as we could using Discord, Line Messenger, and all of the in-game chatrooms. We also sent out e-mail blasts to alert everyone.

3. We monitored the situation all night till 6AM EST, and resumed monitoring again at 11AM EST.

Thank you to everyone who submitted reports and sent in tickets.  If you are still experiencing any problems, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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