Best New Packs: November

Gold pack quality has gone up significantly in the month of November in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, which is an excellent development but has left many players confused about which packs they should target. In this article, we’ll explain the newest pack offerings to help you target the best new packs for where you are at in the game.

Lifetime Speed Increase Packs


The newest pack boost to appear is the Lifetime Speed increase packs. The big numbers on these (80% and 100%) has caught the eye of many players, but there has been some confusion about the exact effect.


Lifetime Speed Increase


These boosts use a special formula applied to the original time. You can find the actual time reduction by adding the boost to 100 and then dividing that number by 100, then subtracting that number from 1 to find the percentage decrease. Let me give an example:


80% boost effect = 100/ (100 + 80) = .55; then 1 – .55 = .45, or 45% reduction.


100% boost effect = 100/ (100 + 100) = .5, then 1 – .5 = .5, which is a 50% reduction.


20% boost effect = 100/(100+20) = .83, then 1 – .83 = .17, or a 17% reduction


This is admittedly confusing as heck for most people, but ignoring the weird math for a second this is still a respectable boost.


And they do stack, although with diminishing returns as the original number goes down; you can’t get instant research or build times at the current time as far as is known. They also stack with the original 50% off times, which are more powerful and give a flat percentage


These packs are going to work best for people who are in the t3-t4 range; the timers on research and buildings become extremely long but don’t yet use royal time. The 100% boost is also solid for any players who purchase fewer packs and thus have to content with timers more often.


The packs are not as good for people with most of their research completed up to level 30 University (royal timers and things that use scrolls) because they only apply to Basic Time and not Royal Time. You’ll get much less mileage out of them before they become useless the higher level your research is.


The Prompto Packs

Prompto PAcks


As we noted in our original Prompto article, the new hero comes with a hefty price tag in the form of both high XP needs and earlier Medal requirements than Noctis (medals every five levels). To offset this, the game devs have introduced 50% off Prompto XP and 50% off Prompto Medals boosts in the form of packs.


If you already have Prompto and are struggling to get him high enough level to contend with your Noctis, these packs will help immensely. This is mostly going to be applicable to players who are at the higher end of the attack scale (t4+) with good gear; otherwise your packs might be better spent gearing up in the new Proving Grounds levels or working your way to t4. Prompto is powerful, but not as powerful as a full set of gold Arbiter or a new troop tier. Personally, I’d wait to see if these are offered in a bundle together.


50% Off Noctis Medals


50% off Noctis Packs


Similar to the Prompto packs above, Noctis has received a 50% off Medals pack. This pack is mainly for players with very high-level Noctis heroes who want to keep leveling him; at levels lower than 55% the XP is the main problem, and if you’re not buying packs for XP you have time to collect a ton of medals by hitting level 4+ monsters.


If you’re not having medal problems already, I’d hold off on this one and just keep hitting monsters for the time being (pro-tip: make some Beastmaster gear to max your monster hits).


50% Off Blueprints and Scrolls

50% off research scrolls


If you’re not yet level 30, the agony of blueprint and scroll costs is likely only something you’ve heard about from higher-level guildmates.  If you ARE above level 30, you know the pain: the real barrier to progress in the 30-35 range is blueprints and scrolls along with Royal Time.


While this pack won’t do anything for your Royal Time needs (you’re better off with gold, there) it WILL essentially cut pack requirements in the level 30+ range by half in many cases. So if you are t4 and looking to level up for the 5th and 6th marches at level 35 (one is from Citadel level an the other Econ boost), the blueprint pack will save you packs.


Likewise, if you are looking to level your t4 research up, the scroll pack will save you further packs. And given how t4 Combat research scales sharply upwards in the Uni 34+ range, this is something you’ll want to consider even if you aren’t going t5.


In short, these packs are not good for you unless you’re in the 30+ bracket and looking to progress. But if you are, they should be your #1 priority.


The Mercenary Unlock Packs


The newest content to drop is the Mercenary unlock packs, which are at the time of this writing found in Black Friday packs with an enormous amount of gold.


We cover the Mercenaries in their own article on the Mercenary Fighting Pits, but for purposes of pack discussion, if you are going to unlock this you should take advantage of the current sales that add a huge amount of gold. It won’t help you so much purchasing the mercenaries but it will help with everything else.



Proving Grounds and the Mythic Forge


I know, I know, these were from the end of October. Still, these are worth another look because if you don’t have them yet, you may be wondering how they stack up against all these new packs, particularly the Fight Pits.


The truth is that right now, gear gets you the most bang for your buck whether you are Trapping or whether you are t4. The stats on good purple or yellow gear outweigh boosts in most research, hero skills, pretty much everything.


This being the case, if you are not sure where to focus on to expand your Empire’s power and your gear is still in the “greens, blues and purples” range, the Proving Grounds along with some Ether packs may get you more mileage than


The Mythic Forge may or may not be worth it for you depending on where your gear is at. The bonuses are really only applicable to people who spend a lot of packs upgrading gear sets, but the ability to turn blue or purple gear into yellow gear when combined with reliable mat drops in the Proving Grounds is potentially powerful.


And although gear is regularly upgraded, new gear will likely come through new Proving Ground levels after the initial introduction. This has been the case with Undertaker and Reaper gear, which are now available in new Proving Ground levels. So even as newer gear becomes available, having a leveled Proving Grounds to get to it may not be the worst idea.


I’d personally go for Proving Grounds gear over Mercenaries at the moment unless you need the amazing City Guardians for defense, although this may change as they add more mercs.




One thing that all of the new packs have in common is an increase in average gold per pack, especially during major sales. This is an excellent thing for overall game progress, as gold can be used for both rss and speed-ups (and is in fact required in some cases like level 30 Citadel).


That being the case, no matter what pack you choose to go with, try to keep an eye on the included gold as this value tends to fluctuate. If in doubt after all of your permaboosts and unlocks are taken care of, shoot for the gold.

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    How does 80%+20% boost effect work?

  2. golden says

    does anyone has a ss of the original blog about mercinary pits where the guardians were advertised as going straight to hospital when hit?

  3. Red says

    I’ll see if I can grab that before/ after data and add it to the article. The math is weird.

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