Best Packs of 2018 (so far)

In January 2018, we have seen some of the best packs the game has ever offered. Accomplishments that once seemed almost impossible to attain can now be completed with simply purchasing a pack. Although many of these packs seem to undermine all of the hard work put in by the strongest players in the game, you cannot argue that they make the game more balanced, and more challenging.

So far, the packs that have been released in 2018 have changed gameplay considerable and irreversibly. We can only imagine what new packs are on the way and how they will affect gameplay. (Instant T5, anyone?)

Here are our recommendations for Best Packs of 2018 (so far).

Instant Citadel 30 Pack

Packs in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire came to a grand crescendo with the release of Instant Citadel 30 early January 2018. Prior to the release of this pack, players would have to diligently gather resources, horde speedups, and pester their guildmates ceaselessly to upgrade their citadel to 30. Now that power is available at your fingertips with just one pack.

Royal Building Blueprint Pack

This pack introduced us to Royal Building Blueprint Chests, 100 of which has been known to give anywhere between 1,500 to 3,000 Royal Building Blueprints! Still, you will still need around 20 or more of these packs to meet all of the Blueprint requirements to upgrade your Citadel from 31 to 40.

Previously, the only way players could obtain Building Blueprints was either as drops from attacking level 4, 5, and 6 Garulas and Flans, or by purchasing a gold pack. Even in the best pack, the maximum amount of Building Blueprints you could buy at once was 100, then 200 in the follow-up “Thank You” pack. Since every building upgrade after Citadel 31 requires Building Blueprints, this meant that players would need to purchase multiple packs just to upgrade one building, and around 30 packs just to meet the upgrade requirements for Citadel 40.

Royal Research Scroll Pack

As with Building Blueprints, Royal Research Scrolls have long been the bane of any player trying to unlock T5 troops. Upon opening 100 Royal Research Scroll Chests, players will be delighted to find between 1,500 to 3,000 Royal Research Scrolls!

The road to unlocking all T5 troops is tough, but we can help. Check out our Roadmap to T5 Troops COMING SOON!

Honorable Mentions

5,000 Aranea’s, Undertaker’s, or Grim Reaper’s Chests

This pack contains the single largest amount of chests available for any gear set. It also allows you to choose the type of chest you want, which is perfect for players who just want the legendary set bonuses from the Mythic Forge.

36 Million VIP Points

With the maximum VIP level recently increased to 33, we have seen a variety of helpful benefits added. You may not realize until you unlock these abilities, but being able to share your battle reports directly to Guild Chat and search for items instead of scrolling through a cluttered inventory are a great time saver!

Can’t Find the Royal Blueprint or Scroll Pack After 40?

After you upgrade your Citadel from 39 to 40, you will start seeing packs for Exalted Tomes and Blueprints instead of Royal Scrolls and Blueprints. If you already upgraded your Citadel to 40 and still need Royal Scrolls and Blueprints, don’t sweat it, you can still purchase the 100 Royal Research Scroll Chest or Builders Blueprint Chest pack. For level 40+ players, you can access this secret pack by going to the upgrade requirements screen of any building or research when you don’t have enough Blueprints or Scrolls to upgrade and clicking on the Scrolls or Blueprints icon. This will bring you to the pack that is normally displayed to Citadel 30-39 players and allow you to buy 100 Royal Chests. Keep in mind that you can only view this pack when you don’t have enough scrolls or blueprints to complete the upgrade.

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