Cheap Final Fantasy XV: ANE Gold Packs – Amazon Special!

Did you know that you can get cheaper gold packs in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire using Amazon Coins? Well, you can. This quick guide shows you how to get a discount on packs using the Amazon Coin method.


Cheap Final Fantasy XV: ANE Gold Packs with Amazon Coins


Amazon coins are used for in-app purchases on games like Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. The more Amazon coins that you purchase at once, the higher a discount you receive.


If you purchase 50000 coins, which is five packs worth, you get 20-25% off Amazon coin purchases depending on the discount that Amazon has on offer at the time. That’s five packs for the price of four.

Cheaper gold packs with Amazon coins!

To spend the coins, you will need an Android phone or tablet, a Kindle Fire, or a PC running an emulator.


If you don’t already have an android device and don’t want to use an emulator (or you live in a Mac only house), you can purchase the cheaper $50 Kindle Fire and use that. It will pay for itself the first time you use it to purchase packs with a 50000 coin pack and makes the process very easy. This is the method I use and recommend as someone who primarily plays on an iphone, and as a bonus you can run two accounts without switching back and forth all the time or use the tablet to scan for targets during a KE event.


Let’s walk through the exact steps to get the discount using all of the different device options.


Quick Steps to getting Cheaper Packs

If you are on an Android Device:

  • Download the Amazon Underground app. This is what allows you to use the Amazon coins for in-app purchases on an Android device.
  • Download Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire through the Amazon Underground app. You have to do this to spend the Amazon coins in the game. Yes, this means you will have two FFXV: ANE apps on your phone.
  • Purchase the Amazon Coins through our link here! Buying them through our link by clicking the button below helps support the site!
  • Open the Final Fantasy app in Amazon Underground. It will be a fresh new account. Click through the opening steps of the tutorial and then as soon as you are able to, click on More -> Accounts and Devices. Log out and out and log back in as the account you want to buy the coins on.
  • Purchase the pack using the Coin option. You will have to log in to your Amazon account with the coins on them; you will be shown how many Coins you have left.


If you are on a PC:

  • Download Nox, which is an Android Emulator for desktop PCs.
  • Install Nox on your PC.
  • Follow steps 1-5 for Android Devices, above.


If you are on a Kindle Fire:

  • Download the Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire game from the app store.
  • Purchase the coins through through this link to help us support the site.
  • Open up the game, go to More -> Accounts and Devices. Log out and back in as the account you want to buy the coins on.
  • Purchase the packs you want using Coins. Easy!



The More Coins You Buy, The Better The Deal


A quick look at the Amazon page for Coins will show you that the more coins you buy, the bigger the discount that you get.


The 50000 pack is recommended if you are planning on buying multiple packs. A single large pack through Amazon is 9999 coins, so one purchase will get you 5 packs at the price of 4. That works out to all four of the t1 and t2 cost reduction boosts, which are the best in the game from Citadel levels 1-29, plus a fifth boost of your choice.


If you’re planning on spending less, you can always purchase fewer coins and still get a discount. It’s always better to spend less money where and when you can.


Gifting Coins To Friends

If your friends have Android devices or a PC and can follow the steps above, you can also purchase the coins as a gift for them. Enough coins for the $5 or $25 packs or even 10000 coins for a teleport pack make great gifts for guild members.


Getting More Coins

Amazon periodically offers store credit deals through this page which can be spent towards Amazon purchases like Coins. It is worth checking back occasionally to see if there are new deals available.



If you find this info helpful, the best “Thank you” you can give is to purchase the coins through our link.


And again, I want to again recommend picking up the cheaper Kindle Fire if you are buying multiple packs; it makes the process super easy.

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  1. R says

    How do you use the amazon coins if you are playing on an iphone without buying the Kindle fire?

    1. subtextually
      subtextually says

      Hi there! All you have to do is follow this handy tutorial for iOS. Click here to read tutorial. It’s super easy to use, and the savings are worth it.

  2. Cris says

    Amazon Coins are only available in US, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, France, Italy and Spain. Any idea how to get this coins in a place not listed here?

  3. subtextually says

    You can follow the instructions for “If You’re on a PC” (i.e. download an emulator such as Nox or Memu!)

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