December Recap with AlyKat

Happy New Year EOS’ians! As the year draws to a close it’s time for the final 2018 Recap with AlyKat!


Hero Limit Breaks/Level 200 for Prompto, Ignis and Gladio

Not only did Limit Break some for these Heroes, new Enchantments came along for the ride.

  • Prompto: Bioblast gives Armor Shredding and Attack March Speed
  • Ignis: Sagefire gives Anti-Armor Shredding and Fire Troop Elemental Attack
  • Gladio: Seismic Valor gives HP and Armor boosts tied to Earth Elemental Troops.


New VIP levels are now available, and old VIP points are available to convert in the Magitek Converter.

Second Research Queue

Players may now purchase a second Research Queue, which comes in handy for getting more done with your time.

Fleet Airships

These Mercs were geared towards killing Guardians and were the only Mercenary troops released this month.

Lifetime Boosts

New Boosts were released, including Winter Holiday Lifetime Boosts, Empire Expansion Boosts and New Years Boosts for Construction and Research.

Power Up Gear 30

Gear can now be powered up to Level 30 (albeit very expensively). There were several Realm Boss events this month providing Power Up Chests to help make the most out of this new ability.

Defensive Monsters

New Defensive Research was released, along with the ability to assign Monsters to your Wall for Defense. Stay tuned for an upcoming article about the best Monsters to use!

Destiny’s Edge

The weapon everyone wants…especially the Grandmaster. This weapon packs some serious punch for slaying Astrals both on Offense and Defense. There are three grades of the weapon, available currently only in packs (and which one you get is by luck). Leveling up the Weapon from Basic requires Holy Berries, Ice Ivy and Celestial Impact.

  • Destiny’s Edge: The base model, Legendary stats have;
    • 35,454% Troop Attack Bonus
    • 18,493% Ice Elemental Attack Bonus
    • 81% Troop Attack against an Astral
  • Master Destiny’s Edge: The middle grade, Legendary stats have;
    • 48,400% Troop Attack Bonus
    • 25,246% Ice Elemental Attack Bonus
    • 129% Troop Attack against an Astral
  • Grandmaster Destiny’s Edge: The Grandpoombah, Legendary stats have;
    • 67,720% Troop Attack Bonus
    • 34,280% Ice Elemental Attack Bonus
    • 200% Troop Attack against an Astral

Dungeoneer Gems

New Gems were released for the Dungeon;

  • Dungeoneer’s Attack Gem: Physical Damage Bonus
  • Dungeoneer’s Health Gem: Dungeon Health Bonus

New Nexus Cores

New Cores came into play this month, with a Proving Grounds to obtain Shards. For a recap of these Cores look here.


CM-18 Veles Realm Boss

This Boss dropped Gem Chests, Crafting Research Scrolls and Gem Research Scrolls. All about Gems!

Kingatrice Moogle Market

One of several Moogle Monster events this month!

Holiday Chickatrice

This Moogle Market Monster Event featured the cute little Chickatrice, and returned several times throughout the month.

Blitz Raid Bosses

There were many Blitz Raid Boss events this month, dropping items for Gems, Oracle Blessings and more.

Crystal Cores Proving Grounds

New Cores were released, and shards were dropped within this special Proving Grounds.

Bloodbath Neutral Realm

Once again this Event lived up to it’s name! There were some massive hits, and traps gave their all to try and beat the higher march sizes!


The Cactuartree Realm Boss dropped Powerup Gear Chests and Gear Chests for crafting Gear.

Cactaur Monsters

The second Moogle Monster of the month, the Cactaurs arrived, both alone, and in conjunction with the Chickatrice at the very end of the month.

That’s all for December folks! Be sure to join us next month for the Recap with AlyKat.

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