FFXVANE June Trivia Challenge!

It’s that time again! Test your knowledge and see if you can beat your fellow players in the FFXVANE Trivia Challenge.

How it Works

1: Submit your answers in the comment section below this article!

2: The FFXVANE Team will randomly choose a winner from the pool of correct answers.

3: All submissions are due by Saturday, June 30, 2018 5PM PDT

4: The winner will be featured on our Website, Facebook, and Discord and receive a $25 gift card for either the Android Store or iTunes (winner’s choice)

June Trivia

How to Submit

Submit your answers in the comments below. All players with 100% correct answers will be entered in the drawing, so put your knowledge cap on!

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  1. Michael McClain
    Michael McClain says

    So who won and why is my comment still awaiting moderation?

    1. alissa@sdpension.com
      [email protected] says

      You won actually! But I can’t post the comments or people would have been able to copy off each other 😉 Please contact me through Discord for your prize.

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