Titan Smackdown: DIK$ vs. G.D

Clash of the Beasts, DIK$ and G.D went toe-to-toe in June's Titan Event

This past June’s Titan on Server 1 was a clash to remember, with two strong teams battling it out for the title of Supreme Emperor. In the battle of DIK$ vs G.D, the DIK$ reigned supreme, but it was a hard-fought event between two excellent teams. In the end, (DIK$) AJX took the title of Supreme Emperor from (G.D) GoldeneyeL.

Today we sit down with a member from both teams, for a little chit chat and some advice for future Titan contenders.

FFXV: ANE HUB: Please tell us a little about your team from the past Titan?

(DIK$) Alan X: “Our team was a diverse team made up of players from across many realms in Server 1.

Main Tactician: Ace

Key Players: AJX, BiZ, Ballbusters, myself

Our team worked around to clock for 24 hours with amazing teamwork, ready for every defense and attack (the very occasional time we lost it!). Although many of us were from different backgrounds within the game and outside, the team worked together in sync beautifully.”

(G.D) Zoori: “I was with team GD for Titan. A bunch of seasoned players banded together to help Goldeneye retain the Titan.”

FFXV: ANE HUB: What was your favorite part about it?

(DIK$) Alan X: “Winning of course! The entire guild worked hard to ensure that we were always prepared at all times, so the teamwork was great to watch and the best part of our victory.”

(G.D) Zoori: “The battle for Titan was the best I have been in. We had seasoned players on both sides and kept the adrenaline high all during the event. Surprisingly, Titan was/is the only neutral realm event which was not laggy and that was the fav part.”

FFXV: ANE HUB:  What was your least favorite part about it?

(DIK$) Alan X: “Staying awake for so long! I believe I was online for 20 hours of the 24, and so were many others, we didn’t get much sleep at all.”

(G.D) Zoori: “The last-minute releases and corrections completely put us off the strategy. Gentiana, Mercs 6 and Gear level up above 100 were released just before and during the event, which completely undid our preparation for the event and put us on the wrong foot.

Secondly, a few of us spent tens of thousands of dollars preparing for Titan and it was disheartening to see people getting the same stuff for 70$ during Titan. Which nullified the edge we had.

Third, there was minimal or no support during Titan, which is THE biggest event in FF. Several of us did not get packs and stuff although we paid. We got them after a week when it was redundant.”

FFXV: ANE HUB: What advice would you give to future Titan contending teams?

(DIK$) Alan X: “Preparation is key – you must science during the days prior to the Titan. This for us went a long way towards us winning. Even though there were releases during the event that could have disrupted it, we were prepared. In regards to the releases, keep an eye on those packs during the event! They popped up at any time and will sway the battle if you’re not alert.”

(G.D) Zoori: “First – PRACTICE AND SCIENCE. The guild which came out victorious put in significant effort toward practice and testing stuff out. It showed in how they coordinated and battled as a team. Second, With how the game is progressing. I would strongly advise people against spending in advance to Prep for titan. 24 hours before the event would be a good window to grow, buff up.”

The Titan battle was long and tough, but one of the most striking factors to me was the overall good sportsmanship and friendly competition between the two teams. Thank you, Alan and Zoo for taking the time to sit down and give us some insight into your teams and the Titan battle!

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