February Event: Why Do You Play?

What is your deeper reason for playing FFXV: ANE?

There are many reasons that gamers play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Some play purely for the gameplay. As Liam’s story showed us, for many others there is a deeper meaning. Whether it be for friendship, family (and yes, many of us consider our Alliance family), illnesses, or an escape from daily life, the reasons to play run deep for many.

For this month’s contest, we would like to hear from you. Why do you play? Please share in the comments below. Comments will not be published, as selections will be used in a future article. If you are not comfortable with that, but would still like to share your story privately, that’s fine! Just let me know in your comment and we can touch base personally.

How it Works:

1: Submit your answers in the comment section below this article!

2: The FFXV: ANE Hub Team will randomly choose a winner from the pool answers.

3: All submissions are due by Monday, March 2, 2020, at 5 PM PDT

4: The winner will be featured on our website, Facebook, and Discord, and also receive a $25 gift card for either iTunes or Google Play.

5: Subject to permission from the Player, entries may be featured in an upcoming article about our Community on the Hub!

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  1. Charles says

    I play for 3 reasons.
    1. I have always been a huge fan of final fantasy.
    2. My guild!
    3. I play a ton of games that are this style

  2. P u l s a r says

    This game forces you to think through many details for success. So my brain trains well.

  3. Michael Achterberg says

    I started playing because I was bored. I didn’t like playing at first. I was beaten up from the start. I only had a lvl6 cit and people were attacking me. Then took a visit to my aunt’s house for a few days that turned into a 3 month job taking care of my uncle. I lost interest in the game and condemd it to extortion but I got really bored and decided to start playing again. I found the game easier to play the 2nd time and play now just to keep up with the gang. I play to keep up with the gang and to whoop some ass from time to time. I found some cheats with patience as a virtue and know that if you’re not a patient person you won’t have a chance.

  4. Rainna says


  5. John brits says

    For the friends i made and also for fun

  6. Alice808 GL says

    Why do I still play FFXV? So many friends that became family has slowly departed from the game either due to real life, devs being…devs or passing. But as they leave “new” players become friends/family. They haven’t replaced the “hole” left by players who have left the game. They make the game a bit more bearable a little while longer. I also play just to pass the time & it’s a bit of “me” time. The game does change constantly, some changes are annoying & some makes the game worth playing still. I’m also having some fun sending in tickets to support LOL!

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