Win a $25 Gift Card by Playing FFXVANE BINGO!

A little Chocobo in a tree told us that you guys want more gift cards for packs!

So, we decided to put together a fun, engaging game of FFXV: ANE BINGO for you guys, so you can win a $25 gift card of your choice, which can go towards your next FFXV: ANE pack, or any other iTunes/Google Play purchase.

This game will run from January 15, 2018 – 11:59PM PST on January 21st, 2018.


To win our Bingo Contest and a $25 gift card along with it, you must prove that you have completed some of the most challenging aspects of the game. Here are the official rules.


  1. Search for the BINGO squares in the game!
  2. Take a screenshot that corresponds with the square.
  3. When you have matched either 5 squares vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in a row, you’ve won BINGO!
  4. Submit ALL 5 winning screenshots to [email protected]
  5. And that’s it!


B1: Take a picture of a Cryonade on the map

B2: Take a picture of your farm producing Wheat.

B3: Find someone in your realm wearing a piece of Gunslinger and take a picture of their hero.

B4: Train a MA-X Curaiss in the Mercenary Fighting Pits

B5: Craft 1 Weapon and take a picture of the result.

I 1: Take a picture of 1 barrack in your empire.

I 2: Find someone in your realm wearing a piece of Undertaker and take a picture of their hero.

I 3: Take a picture of your Citadel currently under construction while upgrading.

I 4: Use the Mythic Forge to upgrade 1 piece of armor and take a picture of the result!

I 5: Reach any boss in any of the Proving Grounds dungeons.

N1: Attack a Holiday Cactuar.

N2: Show at least 1 banished hero in your memorial.


N4: Find someone in your realm wearing a piece of Winged Assassin’s gear and take a picture of their hero.

N5: Take a picture of a material that can upgrade the Oracle Temple.

G1: Take a picture of Luna attacking a monster in your realm.

G2: Take a picture of yourself spinning the wheel at the Casino!

G3: Take a picture of Winter Warriors in your pits!

G4: Take a picture of a level 31 empire in your realm.

G5: Find someone in your realm wearing a piece of Glacian’s gear set and take a picture of their hero.

O1: Craft any LEGENDARY piece of equipment from the Hunter’s gear set and take a picture of the result.

O2: Take a picture of your empire in the crystal scar

O3: Train 1 Tier 1 Siege.

O4: Find someone wearing a piece of Sentinel’s gear set and take a picture.

O5: Find a level 5 Holiday Marlboro and take a picture.

All BINGO players who successfully complete BINGO will be entered into a raffle to win the $25 gift card!

We hope you guys have fun with this game.

That’s it! Spell out B-I-N-G-O any way you can and the gift card is all yours!


Remember to attach your screenshots and send an email to [email protected]

All screenshots submitted MUST belong to the player submitting!

Good luck!

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  1. got says

    For 01, does it matter if you successfully crafted legendary item? Could you still get credit if you fail as long as you have a screenshot of trying?

  2. Rachel says

    This is pretty awesome!

  3. Vulgarian says

    Correction: Your submission for O1 must show any piece of legendary equipment from the Hunter’s gear set in your inventory or on your hero, including Hunter’s Shears (weapon), Hunter’s Gaze (helmet), Hunter’s Carapace (body), Hunter’s Tracks (footwear), or Hunter’s Insignia (accessory), NOT the Broadsword.

  4. Vulgarian says

    For I2, the screenshot you submit can either be someone else’s hero or of your own hero wearing ANY piece of Undertaker gear and any quality. Select “Hero” when you view another player’s profile to see what gear they’re wearing.

  5. Channing says

    How are we supposed to know if someone hero is wearing undertaker gear or could it be our,own hero.

  6. xEYCx says

    The bingo space is a free space on the bingo card. It is already filled in for you.

  7. Roy says

    What do you mean by free space? Does it have to be on the crystal or just free space anywhere?

  8. Got says

    Oh…is broadsword a hunter gear set? I thought you needed to craft legendary from the hunter set?

  9. xEYCx says

    It can be any legendary crafted item? The description says from the hunter’s gear set.

  10. subtextually says

    Unfortunately, you do need a successfully crafted legendary item. We recommend trying with Broadsword, as that is the easiest and cheapest item to make. 🙂

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