February Player Profile; (LXG) Princess LXG

For the month of February, we sat down to chat with Princess LXG from Realm 743. Not only is she an amazing player, but she’s also the newest member of the HUB Team!

FFXV:ANE HUB; Introduce yourself a bit… Why did you begin playing Final Fantasy?

(LXG) Princess LXG: “I began playing Final Fantasy because I was playing Wheel of Fortune, and enjoyed the mini-game ads. So, I downloaded it and was pretty depressed to see that the mini-game ads were nothing like the actual game, and I was surprised at how complex it was. Because I’m pretty stubborn, I stuck with it. Within a day or two, we had the first realm merge, and I was invited to be a part of GBR, which merged with IBZ to a guild called IC…that was my first intro to playing with actual people, and suddenly I found a new interest in playing, as I had a community at my fingertips to help send rss or answer questions or just talk nonsense with. A couple of weeks later, we broke off to LXG and have been a close family ever since.”

FFXV:ANE HUB; How long have you been playing?

(LXG) Princess LXG: “I’ve been playing now since July of 2017. It is insane how quickly the time has passed and how many people I have met, from all over the world, in such a short amount of time.”

FFXV:ANE HUB; What is your favorite part about the game?

(LXG) Princess LXG: “My favorite part of the game, would have to be the people. I’ve made some pretty great friendships and have gotten to meet several players in person. You assume that there isn’t a real entity on the other side, but I’ve found more often than not the people are real, and are genuine. When one of us is sick, we worry. When one goes off the grid, we get concerned. When one has a baby, we are filled with love and joy. There’s a second family (or first, for some) that this game encourages, and without it, the game would be a completely different experience.”

FFXV:ANE HUB; What is your least favorite part about the game?

(LXG) Princess LXG; “My least favorite part is watching hard working players get their empires destroyed. However, it usually brings with it better learning, and friends that come together to help one another rebuild in such a way that the citadel and player are stronger, in the end. This game has an endless supply of strong players who don’t let a bad day or a bad hit ruin their gameplay, which always amazes me.”

FFXV:ANE HUB; What are your favorite memory (ies)

(LXG) Princess LXG; “I have so many favorite memories…I remember going to save an allies hero from a German player, with another ally of mine. We solo’d him using our new St Patricks Pot Goblins until he burned. We called it our S & K teabag special. What then ensued was days of quips and insults between this player and myself, which eventually became less insulting and more jokes, and then quickly turned into  “how are you?” and “what’s your line ID?” Now I’m learning German and he’s become one of my closest friends.”

FFXV:ANE HUB; What is your favorite event?

(LXG) Princess LXG; “My favorite event, hands down, is RvR…I live for those. Between RvR’s, my guild (and definitely myself) is mainly retaliatory. I don’t like the idea of tearing down what people are building and strengthening, as they are working to make our realm a stronger contender against other realms. But RvR’s are scheduled, and if a player has chosen not to bubble or dismiss their troops, that is their choice. Pushing the limits of what your new strength can do (from what you’ve built or better’d that week), working with your team for fast and unplanned rallies,  getting yourself or your other realm members out of sticky situations, is quite the thrill. There is something for all players, as those who can’t port can help find coords for those that are porting. The team effort and the competition is like no other!”

FFXV:ANE HUB; What is your favorite Hero to use, and why?

(LXG) Princess LXG; “Iris has changed a lot of how I use my heroes. She has made individual heroes relevant again. Before, I mainly used Ravus because of his prison boosts; I’d easily get over 20k attack bonus. Then, Prompto’s additional 20% armor shredding yielded me better results. But since Iris has her synergy boosts, I now use Noctis for solo hitting since she adds troop HP, Prompto for rallies since she gives rally attack/hp boosts, and Ravus for crystal as she adds crystal attack/hp boosts. With the Iris limit break, I’m no stranger to getting captured any longer, but her benefits have far outweighed the risks, for sure!”

FFXV:ANE HUB; Do you have a favorite smash?

(LXG) Princess LXG; “My favorite recent smash has to be a player that was trolling me. I hit him when he had one of my member’s heroes, and he spread that I was only able to do that because I had a spy account in his guild and knew when he was sleeping. (Despite that I burned on the first hit and moved on, didn’t even bother to zero him.) So a couple of weeks later they were having fun at the crystal and being a general nuisance. So I ported and burned him off of it while he was online. He always makes an excuse though; trollers gotta troll! But always feels good being able to stick up for yourself.”

FFXV:ANE HUB; What tips would you give to new players?

(LXG) Princess LXG; “For new members, I would say to find a guild that suits your playing style. If you are passive and play events, don’t go into a guild that likes to tear everything up. If you’re aggressive, being in a guild with passive members that will be punished for your gaming style, isn’t conducive for your gameplay. You want a guild and family that support you, and having such is crucial to staying in the game. Whether you are in it for social reasons, for mental stimulation of playing events and building, for defensive play, for offensive play, or for building your own guild and community, there is a place for everyone regardless of their style of playing and pace, in every realm.”

FFXV:ANE HUB; What tips would you give to current Offensive Players?

(LXG) Princess LXG; “There’s a lot of easy and inexpensive ways to grow your attack stats currently. I see a lot of offensive players quickly grow their citadels and forget about maxing their research and rely on the fact that their power number is large. You have to consider your stats and all the numbers; Not just your attack. Really looking at the gear that you have and piecing together what will round you out as an attacker, is important. If your attack stats are in the millions but your HP is 200k, maybe you should look into that. Also, don’t be afraid to take risks. You don’t actually die when you lose your hero 😛 It proves that you’re playing the game, and you will learn from the experience. I ended up having a friend banish my hero for the first time because it was too much of a worry for me to risk it because I didn’t want some random empire being the first to cap me on my attacks. After that, it became a non-issue. I can’t recall the times I have forgotten to heal my astral or have accidentally sent without my astral and have gotten capped, ha! But it’s all part of the game!”

Thank you for chatting with us Princess LXG! Be sure to be on the lookout for her articles on the HUB in the upcoming weeks.

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  1. Silver Oo
    Silver Oo says

    Prin is one of many AMAZING players I had a pleasure of meeting the very first Realm Of Champions. Not only is Prin fearless in with her game she is an open book of knowledge . Lots o ❤️ Prin 👋🌞☕️❤️

    1. Princess Kat
      Princess Kat says

      SILVER!!!!! I miss you!!! Thank you so much for your kind words and comment!!!

  2. Acarmon says

    She is not only a great player, she is a very nice person and beautiful too!!

    1. Princess Kat
      Princess Kat says

      Awww Thank you so much Acarmon!! Good to see you here!!

  3. WuTangClanX says

    Prin saved butt one time during RvR. Got sloppy and got capped by a trap account. Murk saw it and he and Prin freed me. she’s the best!

    1. Princess Kat
      Princess Kat says

      WUTAAAAAANG! Always happy to help! Especially for players contributing to RvRs. It was my pleasure!

  4. Jeff Dahmer says

    Always willing to help smaller players and a very nice person,a credit to the game! (Side Puppy) (A private joke I’m sure she will get)

    1. Princess Kat
      Princess Kat says

      PUP!!! I’m so glad to see you! Thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me!!!

  5. tamoor Rahil
    tamoor Rahil says

    Princess is an amazing player and the one i fear the most 😝 she makes my playing experience better. She is thoughtful and knowledgeable about the latest stuff. She is definately the one to turn to for information on new stuff and releases when you want more information than blog or some older stuff you have forgotten about 😅 Bestest of luck for her and excited for her articles 😁
    P.S. Don’t burn me for saying i fear you 🤪

    1. Princess Kat
      Princess Kat says

      You silly Fishy!!! Thank you for your kind words. I will put more fear in you later!

  6. Godmotha SKWZ
    Godmotha SKWZ says

    Excellent choice!! Best person in the game to learn from. I can’t wait to read what you write!!

    1. Princess Kat
      Princess Kat says

      Awww Thank you GM!!! Your support has meant the world to me!

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