You Know You’re a Final Fantasy Addict When…

We’ve all been there. 4 am grinding out more points in an RvR event. Hitting Tonberries for days upon days. You know you’re a true Final Fantasy addict when…

  • You disappear to the restroom to rally someone when there are guests over for dinner; and then have to make up a story about having a terrible stomach ache, leaving your guests to worry about the safety of your meatloaf.
  • You wake up in a cold sweat at 3 am to check your account with images of a missing hero and guardians in your head from the recent nightmare.
  • You run your phone down to 3% playing.
  • You burn dinner searching for targets in RvR.
  • You stay up all night playing said RvR.
  • You think Cindy is pretty hot.
  • Then you skip church on Sunday and live with the guilt as you zero more players.
  • Speeds…speeds are a thing. Must have more speeds…
  • You send out attack marches 20 minutes away, log off, have a sammich and log back on to see if you still have a Hero.
  • You stay up all night (and day) hitting Tonberries and Garulas. For 5 days…unless your finger goes numb, then you take a 5 minutes break and get back at it.
  • You spend hours deciding what to purchase in the market with your spoils from said Tonberries and Garulas.
  • You wake up the morning after with multiple packs purchased and no recollection of it.
  • You refer to your gold, platinum and speeds as “my precious” and whine and complain at any research, build or training that takes it away from you.
  • You’ve spent entirely too much time trying to bust a teammate out of a trap full of Guardians.
  • You buy iTunes cards on every trip to the store. Your significant other may think your gas tank takes $56 to fill instead of $31.
  • You wait impatiently for Luna’s Adventurers Contracts each night to get your fix.
  • Then there’s always “that person” that starts the Hall too early and AC devolves into a chorus of snarky comments and rage quits.
  • And life is not complete during RvR when your R5 won’t let you run the Adventurers Hall over and over.
  • You log daily at 5pst to see what new release may be in store for you.
  • You set an alarm to collect your Expansion Building loot before someone gets there first.
  • Then you spend the next two hours discussing the new release on social media and waiting for those who max it first to give you information.
  • You spend an hour on Discord and LINE debating the best way to defend the Crystal.
  • You start to feel twitchy if you haven’t logged on in several hours, wondering what havoc your team is causing without you, FOMO anyone?

Yes, we are all addicts, shackled to the sweet siren call of Luna. What things do you do?


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