August Recap with Aly Kat

See what's new in August in EOS!

It’s that time again! Today we look back at all the releases in EOS for August. You will notice that this month’s list is quite a bit smaller than the release list in July. This change is primarily due to the once a week bundle release schedule that Machine Zone has adopted.

August Releases

Power of the Kings and Queens

Power of the Kings is now available up to Node Level 20. Power of the Queens was introduced as well, with both universal skills and Hero level skills. These powers are effective no matter which Hero is equipped, just like Mastery Skills.

Citadel 160

Citadel 160 was released, and then followed up with Citadel 170 in early September.

Dark Troop Gear

These gears come in three types; Dark Mercenary, Dark Troop and Dark Elemental. This follows the pattern from last month’s Anniversary Accessories. Each specializes in the applicable type of combat skills.

New Gems and Cores

New Gems and Cores were released in August;

  • Behemoth King Royal Gem: Hero Attack, Dark Troop HP and Dark Troop Armor
  • Behemoth King Oasis Gem: Hero Critical Hit, Hero Critical Damage, Dark Mercenary HP and Dark Mercenary Armor
  • Behemoth King Crimson Gem: Hero Attack Bonus, Dark Elemental HP, and Dark Elemental Armor
  • Behemoth King Cocytus Paragon Gem: Max MP, MP Recovery, Dark Enemy Attack Resistance, Dark Enemy Mercenary Attack Resistance, and Dark Enemy Elemental Attack Resistance.
  • King Behemoth’s Hunting Core: Hero Attack Streak, Additional Streak per Attack, Hero Attack Bonus, Max MP, MP Recovery, Hero Critical Hit, Dark Troop HP and Armor, Dark Merc HP and Armor, Dark Elemental HP and Armor, Dark Enemy Attack Resistance, Dark Enemy Mercenary Attack Resistance, Dark Enemy Elemental Attack Resistance.

Guild Research

New Guild Research arrived with the ability to research boosts for the entire Guild! There are two trees; one for Economic Skills and one for Combat Skills. Along with this research came the Elite Troops, which are stronger than Tier 6 Dark Troops. The ability to train these are embedded in the Guild Research Combat Tree. Guild Research requires your Guild to work together to accomplish and is a good source of stats for everyone, especially those who don’t spend a lot of month on packs.

Ebony Chocobo and the Royal Stables

The long-awaited Royal Stables were built, moving the War-Trained Chocobo out of his temporary housing in the Astral Shrine. To prevent him from being lonely, the Ebony Chocobo was released as well and occupies an adjacent stall.

New Auxiliary Building Levels

The Auxiliary Buildings got a boost this month with 10 new levels for each. Below is the blog showing all the maximum stats (and yes, I know I’m lazy, but that’s a lot of typing!).

Luna, Noctis, Ardyn and King Noctis 400

All four of these Heroes can now be leveled to 400. They come with some interesting Mastery Skills to investigate; especially Luna and Noctis in celebration of their royal wedding.

VIP 220

VIP 220 came to EOS, with new convenience features such as Astral Max Skill to Here, Veteran Prompto Presets and Instant Gear Set Leveling. Of course, it also added combat stats as well.

Shiva, Ifrit and Leviathan 250

Shiva, Ifrit, and Levi can now be leveled to 250 as well.

Tyrant Behemoth

This new monster has boosts for Dark Troop Attack/HP/Armor, Dark Mercenary Attack/HP/Armor, and Dark Astral Attack/HP/Armor.

That’s everything from August! Overall a much slower month in terms of releases. Be sure to join us next month with the September Recap with AlyKat!

Do you have any questions or comments about August’s releases? Let us know in the comments below!

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