February Recap with AlyKat

Find out what was new in EOS during the month of February

It’s March, and that means it’s time again for a look back at what went down in EOS during the last month. So grab your coffee, pull up a chair and let’s take a look in the February Recap with AlyKat.

February Releases

Ignis 500


It was Ignis’ birthday, and to celebrate he’s able to be leveled 500.

Bahamut 400


Not to be left out, Bahamut also has increased levels to 400. He just had to horn in on Ignis’ special day.

Tier 11 and 12 Core Dark Troops and Research

Tier 11 and 12 troops are now available, and as usual, they require research to attain.

Power of Queens

Power of Queens

New Power of Queens levels are now available, and all players were given the items to max out the old levels for free.

Noctis 500

Noctis 500

Noctis’ max level is now 500 with extra benefits at level 445 for the Power of Queens, and a Charismatic Leader ability that gives the potential for the Guild Adventurer Hall to drop Tier 11 and 12 troops and event-specific troops.

VIP 270

VIP 270 is available with combat boosts, and various convenience features such as Lucky Chocobo, Winter Griffin, and Autumn Griffon Max-To-Here.

Legendary Expert Builders and Researchers Gear Sets

There are finally better Economic Gear Sets for both building and researching. These reduce your Speeds needed, T3 RSS needed and Blueprints needed.


The newest Hero on the block, Cor has combat bonuses as well as additional boosts in the Guild Adventurers Hall.

Dark World Expansion Upgrades


Ten new levels were added to the Command Depot, Mercenary Enclave, and the Elemental Wells. These bring maximum boosts of;

  • Command Depot
    • 1.1B Reinforcement Capacity
    • 8.5B Troop Capacity
    • 1.4B% Attack Mount Supplies Potency
    • 71M% Defense Mount Supplies Potency
    • 1.4B% Astral Attack Supplies Potency
    • 74M% Defense Astral Supplies Potency
    • 1.B% Attack Merc Supplies Potency
    • 74M% Defense Merc Supplies Potency
    • 1.B%% Attack Elemental Supplies Potency
    • 74M% Defense Elemental Supplies Potency
    • 1.B% Attack Core Supplies Potency
    • 74M% Defense Core Supplies Potency
    • 95B% Dark City Defense HP
    • 75B% Dark City Defense Attack
    • 90B% Dark City Defense Armor
  • Mercenary Enclave
    • 43B% Dark Mercenary Attack
    • 9B% Dark Mercenary HP
    • 26.5B% Dark Mercenary Armor
    • 125B% Dark Troop Attack
    • 55B% Dark Troop HP
    • 165B% Dark Troop Armor
    • +5B Dark Merc March Size
    • +15B Dark Merc Rally Capacity
  • Elemental Wells
    • Fire Well
      • 9.3B% Dark Fire Troop HP
      • 32.1B% Dark Fire Troop Attack
      • 10.7B% Dark City Assault Attack
    • Ice Well
      • 9.3B% Dark Ice Troop HP
      • 32.1B% Dark Ice Troop Attack
      • 15B% Dark Crystal Defense HP
    • Lightning Well
      • 9.3B% Dark Lightning Troop HP
      • 32.1B% Dark Lightning Troop Attack
      • 12B% Dark Crystal Defense HP
    • Earth Well
      • 16.8B% Dark Earth Troop Attack
      • 10.5B% Dark Earth Troop HP
      • 125B% Dark City Defense HP
    • Shared Bonuses
      • 20B March Size
      • 78.4B% Dark Elemental Attack
      • 35.7B% Dark Elemental HP
      • +5B Dark Elemental March Size
      • +15B Dark Elemental Rally Capacity
      • 65B% Dark Troop Attack

New Auxiliary Building Levels

Five of the Aux Buildings have new levels; Order of Heroes, Defense Ministry, Dark Foundry, Dark Enclave, and the Dark Sanctum. These require Opulent Auxiliary Building Blueprints to upgrade.

Dark Monster Troops

Dark Monster

Monster troops are back and geared for the Dark World. They have specific leverages as shown below.

At first, they were a bit OP, but their combat power was adjusted after a couple of weeks.

Anak Stag

Anak Stag

A new Mount was released; the Anak Stag is focused on boosting the new Dark Monster Troops.



Ok, so at first everyone went “What… FISHING?”, but fishing is part of FFX Lore, and it quickly became a fan favorite (and oddly addicting). There are events going along with the Fishing, and Prompto has a skill at Level 475 to increase the drops from when you catch a fishie.

Power of Mounts

power of Mounts

There is now Power of Mounts available for the Anak Stag, Lucky Chocobo, Spiracorn, Ebony Chocobo, and War-Trained Chocobo.

What’s Next?

Of course, this is just a recap of February’s releases. Here at the Hub, we work hard to provide complete and updated Guides for all the going’s on in EOS. So what to read next?

Bait your hook and learn all about Fishing in Cast Your Rod: A Guide to Fishing in FFX: ANE

Learn more about Cor Leonis, and his benefits for your Empire in Cor Leonis New Hero Guide.

That’s it for the month of February! Make sure and join us next month for the March Recap with AlyKat!

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