Be Your Laziest Self in the Dark World

Tips and tricks for completing events without breaking the bank or losing too much sleep!

As I had shared before in my player profile, I am very lazy when it comes to eventing.  Every time we have new events, I like to figure out which ones are achievable in a reasonable amount of time, and how much effort is actually needed from me to complete the event without spending too much time or money.  

For this month, I wanted to share some of my own techniques for completing recurring events and making the most of the game’s events.

Main Events

Main events are one of my favorite aspects of the game, as they give me the motivation to play and oftentimes give decent prizes to help promote growth.  The total points needed are listed at the top, and the main events are usually three to seven days long in length.  

Different types of tokens give different point values for the main event, so I always start by doing a rough calculation of how many hourly mini events are needed in order to achieve the final prize.  

For example, for the event above the total points needed were 900 and the event was four days long — at twelve points per event, that would’ve required on average 19 mini events per day, which just would not be feasible unless I decided not to sleep.  

However, there are almost always a realm boss or guild events that give a higher number of tokens so that the end of the event is still reasonable.  Sometimes the “impossible events” really are impossible and I just don’t bother putting in much effort beyond the third tier’s points, but most of the time with a little bit of planning the events are achievable and I can get some decent rewards to keep me growing.  

Hourly Mini Events

Hourly mini events are the best way to earn points in the main event.  Each mini event only gives twelve points in total, but as you continue doing these each hour the points add up!  Knowing what each event requires and keeping track of when events pop up during free time in your daily schedule is a great way to ensure you can complete your main event with ease.

Final Fashionsy

What a half-shirtless Gladi has to do with fashion I’ll never know, but this event is great for hoarders!  By this point in the game, you should have thousands if not millions of old gear chests and gear materials laying around.  If you accidentally max combined, never fear — you can easily get more gear chests by running the Sanctum of Power dungeon in the Guild Adventurers Hall.  

Proving Grounds Event

This event requires spending Ether in any Proving Grounds.  I like doing the Attack of the Garula dungeon because it costs 150 Ether so I only need ten attacks to finish the event.  Now that we’re in the Dark World, there aren’t useful drops from any of the Proving Grounds, so I hit this only for mini event points.  If you run out of Ether, you can buy bundles in increments of 5000, 1000, 100 or 50 in the Guild Store.

Special Proving Grounds Event

Similar to the aforementioned Proving Grounds Event, this event is the same but requires Hi-Elixir.  At present, this can only be used in the Crystal Nexus Proving Grounds. If you run out of Hi-Elixir, you can buy 500 at a time for one million loyalty points per bundle.

Level Up Your Hero

In between monster events, I hoard my MP.  Thanks to MP carryover, I can do the Level Up Hero mini event at any time.  With only two level ups required, I can finish this event fairly quickly. Before leveling up, I always make sure I have my highest MP gear and gems equipped, and I also pop in a Lustrous Journeyman Crystal Core in the Crystal Nexus for even more MP.

Guild Event

This event requires either your whole guild to participate or for you to be really annoying to one poor neighbor.  You can either earn points by running loyalty deconstruction parties, or you can torture a friend by sending resource trading and reinforcement marches.  If you’re going to do the latter, make sure it’s someone who leaves their notifications on and is a light sleeper (just kidding!).


This one is one of the easiest events of the series.  Food tiles have the highest number of resources per tile, so I send full marches of low-level lightning elemental troops to the highest level of food tiles that I can find.  In less than five minutes, this event is done!

Guild Adventurers Hall

Completing this event requires at a minimum of two Guild Adventurers Hall contracts.  If you recall our pre-dark events, we used to get quite a lot of these, so you probably have several collecting dust in your inventory.  There currently is no other use for regular contracts, so you might as well get some use out of them in this mini event.

Race to VIP

This event requires that you either raise your VIP level (which can be pretty hard to do with the high cost of Dark VIP points), OR you can just do four full sets of VIP Quests.  VIP Quest refreshes can be bought either with loyalty points in the Guild Store or with regular Moogle credits in the Moogle Market.

Monster Pen: Champion Egg Hatching Frenzy

This event requires a little bit of hoarding — points are earned for hatching eggs in the Monster Pen (previously known as the Monster Farm).  If you run out of eggs, you can either buy some in the Moogle Market or craft legendary eggs in the Magitek Converter.  For this event, only five legendary eggs are needed to complete the event, so I keep a little safety stock available just for this event.

Guild Gift Extravaganza

This event is tough to make most of the time, except during monster hunting events.  Y’all know those Ignis diner gifts we love to hate?  Wait to open them until this event shows up! Points are earned in the Guild Gift Extravaganza event for any guild gift opened, including those annoying Ignis diner gifts. Finally, a use for them!

Special Limited Time Ignis Diner Menu

This event makes use of our Ignis Diner, by requiring that we either craft or consume meals.  Unless I’m actively in combat I don’t like wasting meals to consume, so I usually complete this event through crafting.  Again, those pesky Ignis diner gifts find a benefit in that I have thousands of base level plates and ingredients to finish this event without much cost.

Secret Event

This event is a little tedious and boring because it requires you to complete 200 quests, but thankfully with auto-complete of quests at least you can get it done quickly.  Refreshes can be bought either with loyalty in the Guild Store or with Moogle credits in the Moogle Market. Hero quests give 20 with each refresh, guild quests give 10 with each refresh, and VIP quests give 15 with each refresh.  

You can also get a full reset of all of your quests by using the Adventurers Core in your Crystal Nexus. Make sure you’ve fully cleared out your quests before refreshing.  Currently, in the Dark World, there’s nothing special dropping from the quests, so the only real benefit of completing these quests is to complete this mini event.


Of course, no piece from me would ever be complete without a chart!  Below is a summary of all current (as of June 6th, 2019) hourly mini-events that I’d described above.

Hourly Mini Event Name Task Required Dark World Tier 3 Event Prizes
Final Fashionsy combine crafting material 600M dark metal + 1 DW warrior core
Proving Grounds spend ether 600M dark energy + 7 DW city assault gems
Special Proving Grounds Event spend hi-elixir 600M dark stone + 1 DW city assault core
Level Up Your Hero level hero or hit monsters 60M dark gemstones + 10 x 5% dark march speeds
Guild Event trade rss; reinforce; click help 30k DW Moogle credits + 1 x 25k 30 min dark rally size
Gathering gather resources 60M dark gemstones + 10 x 5% dark march speeds
Guild Adventurers Hall defeat monsters in the dungeon 600M dark metal + 1 DW warrior core
Race to VIP raise VIP or do VIP quests 30 x 30D, 30 x 24H, 30 x 8H, 20 x 3H, 240 x 15M dark speeds + 7 x dark warrior gems
Monster Pen: Champion Egg Hatching Frenzy hatch eggs 600M dark energy + 7 DW city assault gems
Guild Gift Extravaganza open guild gifts 600M dark metal + 1 DW warrior core
Special Limited Time Ignis Diner Menu cook or eat meals 30k DW Moogle credits + 1 x 25k 30 min dark rally size
Secret Event complete quests 600M dark stone + 1 DW city assault core

Are there other events that you hope or wish would become recurring hourly mini events?  Do you have any great tips or tricks for completing events that you’d like to share? Drop me a comment or shoot me a note on LINE or Discord, as I’d love to hear suggestions from you on how I can be the laziest Moogle in Eos.  Kupo!

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