October Recap with AlyKat

Learn about what was new in EOS during the month of October 2019

The month of October has passed us by, and it’s that time again! So grab a drink and pull up a chair for the October installment of Recap with AlyKat.

New Releases

5* Diner Meals

Ignis’ Diner now serves up 5-star meals!

  • Plates
    • Paella: Dark City Defense Attack/Armor/HP
    • Kebabs: Dark City Assault Attack/Armor/HP
    • Stew: Dark Crystal Assault Rally Attack/HP, Dark Crystal Holding Attack/Defense
  • Ingredients:
    • Corn: Dark Troop Attack
    • Basil: Dark Troop Armor
    • Fish: Dark Armor Piercing
    • Broccoli: Dark Troop HP
    • Spam: Dark Enemy Attack Resistance
    • Cheese: Dark Cripple HP
    • Chocolate: Dark Crystal Holding Attack/Assault Rally Attack
    • Green Bell Pepper: Dark Cavalry Attack
    • Yellow Bell Pepper: Dark Warrior Attack
    • Red Bell Pepper: Dark Mage Attack
    • Salt: Dark Crystal Assault Rally HP/Defense HP

King Regis Power of Kings

You can now skill the Power of Kings on King Regis. Additionally, Noctis, King Noctis, Ignis, Gladio and Prompto also received additional new Power of Kings skills.

VIP 240

VIP 240 came to town in October with additional perks such as;

  • Veteran Gladio Preset Unlocks
  • Convenience features for skilling the Ebony Chocobo and War-Trained Chocobo
  • VIP instant Gear Levels (100 max)

Veteran Ignis

A new Veteran Hero came to the field with specialties in Dark Juggernauts, Dark Fire Elementals, Irfit, and Mount Debuffs.

Mercenary and Cost Efficiency Oracle Boosts

More Oracle Boosts became available with a focus on Mercenary combat skills and economic Cost Efficiency Boosts.

Citadel 180

Of course, C180 came along in October, followed by C190 in November. After the “great Realm Boss snafu of 10/19”, many players maxed C180 rather quickly. Note that with this release came an update to Captured Hero Bonuses. They now have Dark World applications starting at Level 100+.

Dark Embassy Update

The Embassy in the Dark World is now more useful starting at Level 101+. Being reinforced gives boosts in Dark Embassy HP, Dark Embassy Armor, Dark Embassy HP Multiplier and Dark Embassy Armor Multiplier.

Power of Queens Update

Along with updates to the Power of Kings came an update to the Power of Queens. Additional combat boosts became available for every Queen in;

  • Vault Dark Troop
  • Dark Troop
  • Dark Mercenary
  • Dark Elemental
  • Dark City Defense
  • Mirror Hero
  • Disputed Realm
  • Dark Mage
  • Dark Guardian
  • Dark Ice Troop
  • Dark Cavalry
  • Dark Mech
  • Dark Lightning Troop
  • Dark Airship
  • Dark Juggernaut
  • Dark Fire Troop
  • Astral and Chocobo

Sinistercorn Mount

Mounts just aren’t for Chocobo anymore, as October brought us the Sinistercorn Mount, which looks like an evil unicorn. This Mount boosts Elemental troops and is mainly for attack. It is not as strong defensively as the other Mounts.

New Crystal Cores

New Cores came to boost your stats this month!

  • Emberstone Assault Core
    • Dark City Assault Attack
    • Dark Fire Troop Attack
    • Dark Juggernaut Attack
    • Dark Airship Attack
    • Sinistercorn Attack
    • Dark Ifrit Attack
  • Bloomcrystal Defense Core
    • Dark City Defense HP
    • Dark City Defense Armor
    • Dark Earth Troop Attack
    • Dark Guardian HP
    • Dark Guardian Armor
    • War Trained Chocobo Attack
    • Dark Shiva Attack
  • Frozen Crystal Assault Core
    • Dark Crystal Assault Rally Attack
    • Dark Crystal Assault Rally HP
    • Dark Ice Troop Attack
    • Dark Mech Attack
    • Ebony Chocobo Attack
    • Dark Levi Attack
  • Resilient Crystal Defense Core
    • Dark Crystal Holding Attack
    • Dark Crystal Defense HP
    • Dark Lightning Troop Attack
    • Dark Mech HP
    • Mount Attack Bonus
    • Ramuh Attack
  • Chaos Battle Core
    • Disputed Realms Dark Troop Attack/HP
    • Vault Dark Troop Attack/HP
    • Mount Attack Bonus
    • Dark Astral Attack Bonus

Dragon Knight’s Gear

The first new gear set in awhile, the Dragon Knight’s Gear focuses on Multipliers and Massacre bonuses, along with overall combat bonuses.

Prompto and Veteran Prompto Ascension

Both the Prompto Heroes can now be leveled higher, which Prompto capping out at 400 and Veteran Prompto at 200.

Dark Enclave and Aux Building Levels

The new Dark Enclave provides boosts for Vault and Disputed Realms, along with Astral and Elemental Bonuses. Additionally, new levels were released for the Defense Ministry, Dark Strategy Hall, Dark Workshop, and Dark Foundry (basically everything in the bottom left of your screen).

Deathgaze Monsters

The Deathgaze Monsters came to EOS with the following Max Stats

  •  Sinister Deathgaze
    • 455m% Dark Troop Attack
    • 162.5m% Dark Troop HP
    • 552.5m% Dark Troop Armor
    • 747.5m% Dark Astral Attack Bonus
    • 211.2m% Mount Attack Bonus
    • 617.5m% Ramuh Attack Bonus
  •  Malevolent Deathgaze
    • 245m% Dark Troop Attack
    • 87.5m% Dark Troop HP
    • 297.5m% Dark Troop Armor
    • 402.5m% Dark Astral Attack Bonus
    • 113.7m% Mount Attack Bonus
    • 332.5m% Ramuh Attack Bonus

New Order of Heroes

There is 10 new Order of Heroes to utilize.

  • Order of the Chosen
    • 700M% Dark Crystal Assault Rally Attack
    • 750M% Dark Mech Attack
    • 750M% Dark Ice Troop Attack
    • 500M% Dark Ice Troop HP
  • Order of Thrones
    • 700M% Dark Crystal Holding Attack
    • 400M% Dark Crystal Defense HP
    • 750M% Dark Lightning Troop Attack
    • 500M% Dark Lightning Troop HP
  • Order of Ferocity
    • 750M% Dark Airship Attack
    • 750M% Dark Juggernaut Attack
    • 750M% Dark Fire Troop Attack
    • 500M% Dark Fire Troop HP
  • Order of the Den
    • 750M% Dark Guardian Attack
    • 300M% Dark Guardian HP
    • 750M% Dark Earth Troop Attack
    • 500M% Dark Earth Troop HP
  • Order of Recklessness
    • 500M% Dark City Assault Attack
    • 700M% Dark Cripple HP
    • 1B% Dark Armor Piercing
  • Order of Protection
    • 500M% Dark City Defense Attack
    • 300M% Dark City Defense HP
    • 600M% Dark City Defense Armor
  • Order of Oracles
    • 500M% Dark Shiva Attack
    • 500M% Dark Ifrit Attack
    • 500M% Dark Leviathan Attack
    • 250M% Dark Astral Attack
  • Order of the Wise
    • 400M% Titan/Ramuh/Bahamut Attack
    • 250M% Dark Astral Attack
  • Order of Command
    • 500M% War-Trained Chocobo/Ebony Chocobo/Sinistercorn Attack
    • 400M% Mount Attack
  • Order of Conquerors
    • 800M% Vault Dark Troop Attack
    • 500M% Vault Dark Troop HP
    • 900m% Dark Sentry Troop Attack
    • 800M% Dark Sentry Troop HP

Ramuh 350

Ramuh can now be taken to Level 350 with focuses on Attack and Dark March/Rally.

Elemental Troops Tier 6 and 7

You can now train Elemental T6 and T7, as long as you’ve completed the new portion of the research tree that came with this release. New benefits such as Dark Elemental Synergies come with these troops to help power your Mercenaries.

That’s all she wrote for October! Be sure to join us next month for the November Recap with AlyKat!

Do you have any questions or comments about the October releases? Let us know in the comments below!

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