September Recap with AlyKat

Look at what was new in EOS during the month of September

Welcome to October in EOS! Today we sit down, kick back and talk about what happened during September. Let’s take a look!

T7 and T8 Troops/Research

T7 and T8 dark troops can now be trained once you have done the applicable research.

Citadel 170

In the same weekly release bundle, Citadel 170 was released.  These went hand in hand to greatly boost offensive stats.

Bahamut/Ramuh/Titan 300

All three of these Astrals can now be taken to Level 300. Events during the month gave a good amount of Sigils to help move your Astral level higher.

New Auxiliary Building Levels

Yes, yes I know I don’t have a graphic for this one. I somehow managed to only screenshot the good stuff…which is the boosts. Aux Building levels were increased with the following type of boosts;

  • Proving Grounds: Dark Troop Attack, Dark Merc Attack, Dark Elemental HP, Dark Elite Troop Attack, Dark Elite Troop HP, Dark Elite Troop Armor.
  • Crystal Nexus: Dark Cav Attack, Dark Airship Attack, Dark Elemental Armor, Dark Elemental Troop Attack with Hero.
  • Mythic Forge: Dark Mage Attack, Dark Jugg Attack, Dark Fire Troop Attack, Titan Attack bonus.
  • Arcanaeum: Dark Warrior Armor, Dark Mech Armor, Dark Ice Troop Attack, Ifrit Attack Bonus.
  • Mercenary Fighting Pits: Merc Troop Capacity, Merc Training Queue, Injuring Merc Capacity, Dark Cav Armor, Dark Airship Armor, Dark Lightning Troop Attack, Dark Merc Troop Attack with Hero.
  • Monster Pen: Dark Marge Armor, Dark Jugg Armor, Dark Earth Troop Attack, Ebony Chocobo Attack Bonus
  • Oracle Temple: Dark City Defense Attack, Dark Merc HP, Dark Elemental Attack, Shiva Attack Bonus
  • Order of Heroes: Dark City Assault Attack, Dark Merc Armor, Dark Earth Troop Armor, Injured Dark Troop Hosp Capacity
  • Magitek Converter: Dark Merc Armor with Hero
  • Guild Adventurer’s Hall: Dark City Defense Armor, Dark Merc Attack Resistance, Dark Lightning Troop HP, Dark Merc HP with Hero.
  • Commander’s Hall: Dark March Size, Dark Merc March Size, Dark Ice Troop HP, Mount Attack Bonus
  • Elemency Hall: Dark Troop HP, Dark Merc Rally Capacity, Dark Ice Troop Armor, Levi Attack Bonus
  • Artificers Shop: Dark City Defense HP, Dark Guardian HP, Dark Fire Troop HP, Dark Elemental Troop HP with Hero
  • Ignis’ Diner: Dark Cripple HP, Dark Merc Cripple HP, Dark Fire Troop Armor, Dark Elemental Troop HP with Hero
  • Defense Ministry: Dark Troop Attack with Hero, Dark Troop HP with Hero, Dark Troop Armor with Hero, Dark March Size, Dark Rally Capacity, Dark Merc Cripple HP, Dark Elemental March Size, Disputed Realm Dark Defense Attack/HP/Armor
  • Dark Strategy Hall: Mortally Wound Enemy Troops, Dark March Size, Dark Rally Capacity, Dark Troop Attack/HP/Armor, Dark City Assault Attack, Dark City Defense Attack, Dark Crystal Holding Attack, Dark Crystal Assault Attack, Disputed Realm Dark Rally Attack, Disputed Realm Dark Rally HP, Disputed Realm Dark Rally Armor
  • Dark Workshop: Dark Rally Capacity, Ramuh Attack Bonus
  • Dark Foundry: Dark Earth Troop Attack/HP/Armor, Dark Guardian Attack/HP/Armor, Dark City Defense Attack/HP/Armor, Dark Merc Cripple HP, Dark Elemental Cripple HP

New Aeon Gem Levels

Aeon Gems can now be combined up to Level 40. These offer multipliers for your combat stats.

New Enchantment & Set Levels for Ult Troop Gear

Ultimate Dark Troop Gear received additional Enchantment levels during September, along with the ability to Set Level to Level 400.

War Trained Chocobo 200

Take your chicken to new levels, with Chocobo 200!

Battlemarks/Battlemarks Research

Battlemarks became more useful finally! Now it matters if you battlemark a target due to the research which gives additional stats. There are also Battlemark Status alerts to tell you if your opponent’s Hero is home, an approx. direction of where they ran to, and their shield status.

Dark World Expansion Updates

Dark World Expansions got a nice update in September as well. Now, these buildings offer the following max benefits;

  • Monument:
    • +600M March Size
    • +1.8B Dark Rally Capacity
    • +600M Dark Merc March Size
    • +1.8B Dark Merc Rally Capacity
    • +600M Dark Elemental March Size
    • +1.8B Dark Elemental Rally Capacity
  • Garrison: 
    • Dark Troops can rein at level 11+
    • 250M% Dark Garrison Attack
    • 550M% Dark Garrison HP
  • Jewel Mine
    • Drops Radiant Gems
    • 400M% Dark Troop Attack
    • 25M% Dark Troop HP
    • 75M% Dark Troop Armor
    • +42,857,000 Dark March Size
  • Mercenary Enclave
    • Drops T1 and T2 Dark Arms
    • 320M% Dark Merc Attack
    • 200M% Dark Merc HP
    • 600M% Dark Merc Armor
    • +42,857,000 Dark Merc March Size
  • Elemental Wells
    • Increases Elemental generation
    • 1.68B Dark Fire, Ice and Lightning Attack
    • 1.05B% Dark Fire, Ice and Lightning HP
    • 320M% Dark Elemental Attack
    • 200M% Dark Elemental HP
    • +42,857,000 Dark Elemental March Size

New Chat Features

The push notification feature dropped last month and gave the ability to summon your guild members as a notification on their device. It also gave the ability for people to wake up Aly and Tyli with multiple push notifications from the in-game FFXVANE HUB room. This feature is useful for getting your group online for Adventure Hall runs or if someone is being zeroed. It can be turned off in notification.

Veteran Gladio

Veteran Gladio made a landing last month, with a top-level currently of 100. One of his skills adds T3 RSS to the daily Hexatheon chest.

King Regis 400

King Regis can now go to Level 400, which provided some nice MP to hit the Teeny Toise Realm Boss for those with the 350 Token!

Level 10 Dark Mercenaries/Research

Mercenary Troops are now available up to Level 10. Of course, there is associated research that goes along with this!

Realm Boss Teeny Toise

This Realm Boss created quite a buzz, as it was the first time all the servers got the same Boss. Drops differed per server but gave fairly good rewards across the board.

That’s all for September! Join us next month for the October Recap with AlyKat! Do you have any questions or comments about the month? Let us know in the comments below!

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