Get $100 Packs for $75: How to Use Amazon Coins

How to save money on packs in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Hi everyone,

subtextually here, with a special tutorial to help you save a lot of money on packs as you grow in the game.

Have you ever wondered how the biggest players in the game can manage to afford so many packs? One of our biggest secrets is that we never buy packs at full price — instead, we use Amazon Coins to purchase all our packs at a major discount. Instead of spending $100 on a pack, we only pay $75 through Amazon Coins.

Ever since the launch of our special Amazon Coins exclusive offer, we’ve received a lot of questions regarding Amazon Coins and how to use them to get cheaper packs for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

The #1 question we’ve received is: How do I use Amazon Coins?

In this guide, I’ll explain how you can use Amazon Coins to maximize your Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire experience by getting your packs way cheaper.

Why Use Amazon Coins?

Amazon Coins are a form of digital currency that you can use in lieu of real currency to buy packs in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

What’s great about Amazon Coins is that you can use them to purchase discounted packs. If you’re a new Amazon Coins user, or are a new Amazon member, instead of paying $100 USD for a pack, you can spend 10,000 Amazon Coins, which can be purchased for only $75 USD!

If you’re a heavy pack buyer, like me, and sometimes buy anywhere between three to ten packs when there’s a big sale or event, the savings that you can get through Amazon quickly add up.

Get packs for cheaper with Amazon Coins!
An accurate depiction of subtextually when she’s trying to buy packs.

It simply makes no sense for anyone to spend full price on a pack if you can get them much cheaper — especially if you’re a big spender.

Click here to get 25% off a $100 pack with Amazon Coins!

How to Use Amazon Coins

Step 1

Purchase Amazon Coins by following this link! You’ll have to log into your Amazon account. If you do not have an Amazon account, you’ll have to make one, which will only take you a minute.

Step 2


If you’re an Android user, click here to follow our handy guide to help you through the easy process of using Amazon Coins to purchase a pack from Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire!

You can also check out this video, which will walk you through all the steps:


If you’re an iOS user, you will need to log onto a PC in order to use Amazon Coins. Click here to follow our guide to help you through the steps you’ll need to take to install an emulator like Nox, which will allow you to use Amazon Coins to purchase a pack of your choice!

You can watch this video that will walk you through the steps to install Nox on your PC:


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  1. di9girl says

    Hopefully Nox works for iOS users like myself. I do use Bluestacks on my PC but the packs don’t work, all Bluestacks told me was to mess with my Bios settings which I am not doing for anyone.

    1. di9girl says

      Ok, Nox is incredibly slow (again, it wants to alter Bios settings?!?).

      Why do you have to install then uninstall the game? I can’t find out how to uninstall/delete anything from the Nox desktop.

      Yes, it looks like you’re saving money but it’s incredibly complicated to set up. The packs are £87.99 in Nox instead of £99.99 as it is. Having to uninstall/reinstall the game then try and find the Amazon app (which I can’t) in the Google Play Store is impossible.

  2. Tyler Hebert says

    Ever since the launch of the new site I’ve tried multiple times to sign in VIA the “CONNECT WITH” function and everytime I get an error. Can this be fixed please?

    Thank You! Great site by the way!


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