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One of the biggest reasons we all play Final Fantasy is the community. Deep friendships and connections are forged both in game and out of game. Sadly, within our community, there are those that are lost. Here we honor those players, and friends, that have passed.

R259: (ToT) Wonderlands

We experienced a deep loss on January 31, 2019.  Wonderlands, a great friend, passed away on that day.

Wonderlands was as many in 259 know her is a fun spirit. She always encourages and protects her friends specially the smaller players, always ready to battle and to lend a helping hand.

She lived with an infectious enthusiasm, still making puns, still generous, and filled with even more wisdom filling the game with laughter. Veronica was and will forever be an extraordinary being.

On one of her very last days, She still played the game with a great passion and engaging with her teammates.  Very few knew what she was going through.

Wonderlands brought us together like family, caring for one another and being compassionate towards our teammates.

Who is your family? It may not be the people you are related to by blood.

You might find other siblings all around you when your own have betrayed you.

It may be someone who gives you a new way to see the world.  It may be someone who loves you unconditionally, happy when you are happy, there for you when you are lost.

And you, too, can be family to those who don’t have they ones they should.

Taken too soon, lost but will never be forgotten. Our friendship started in game and flourished in real life. We have not only lost a great warrior but a dear friend, a sister.

You will always stay in our hearts!

Our tribute using W H Auden:
Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message ‘She is Dead’.
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

She was our North, our South, our East and West,
Our working week and our Sunday rest,
Our noon, our midnight, our talk, our song;
We thought that love would last forever: We were wrong.

The stars are not wanted now; put out every one,
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun,
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

– Your ToT family

Realm 363: (M.C) Emmaline11


“She was helpful and friendly to everyone. She didn’t ever have any bad words to anyone that captured her Hero, and she was a great warrior. She was our Soul and Police, and took the time to take care of us all.”

Realm 325: (Trib) Sasquatch

“He was a great player and father. His daughter now plays his account. He was killed by a drunk driver on the way to work one night.”

Realm 415: (IXI) Shadow Hawk0

“Shadow, Shadow, Shadow…like most of us, he found the game as just another outlet for boredom and to get away from life stresses. However, it quickly became much more than just a game; friends were made, and a meaningful relationship was formed. He was always a helpful person and used his military background and strategic knowledge to advance and build tactics with others. Although he was quiet in the chat, he made the most of his connections through private messages and had the respect of so many within several realms. Taken from us too soon, he’ll forever be in our memories, and that way never is forgotten. With my heart and soul, I say thank you.” ~Peach.

Realm 575; (WaB) oV vVv Vo; Vman

“VMan was a beloved friend to all of us in Chocobo’s fields, a beloved brother to many and had a huge population of friends outside the realm as well. He was often very active for titan events and other multi-realm gatherings. He made many want to become stronger and better people both in game and out. He passed away after battling with illness for several months.”

“Vman was the strongest player in our Realm. He was always ahead of everyone, not only in power, but in everything including manners. If you take a look at our scar today, you will see the whole Realm united to honor him. He is known among other Realms as well. Players respected him rather than fear his power. He was helpful to everyone. If he spoke he made everyone laugh. We missed him being around us since he got ill. We miss him even more today. Vman will be in our hearts forever. RIP VMAN.

R1449; (RIPK) AlwysKitKats

“Kathy, AKA KitKat was such a beautiful person. She brought fun and flair to the game and to guild chat. We often referred to her as Princess KitKat because she deserved so much, she had such a big heart. Many realm in Server 4 paid tribute to her, and we in WWAR of Lingagh appreciate this so much!

KitKat will be truly missed by her daughter Lilia, her niece and nephew Skylar and Jacob, her immediate family and the unexpected addition to her world, her game family. We love you Princess Kathy! You will live forever in our hearts”

Bonniboo #dontdrinkandrive

R1481; (~MF) GrumpyBone

“Bone, the quiet master sensei. Original name “Bonebreak”, he ended up being deemed Grumpy Bone or Grumpa, as many would call him. He helped everyone and anyone without question. He would brighten the chat with just a few words, and was always there to help with the crazy amount of resources and ongoing questions. He went beyond that and made people feel safe when they weren’t at their best. Always encouraging in a teasing way, to help people grow and have fun. He was  father, grandfather, a Veteran and a friend. He was amazing, and we are wishing always that we had more time.

Rest in peace Grumpa, you will be missed many, loved by all and never forgotten.”

R1099; (Vrs) I Boo Boo I

“Boo was a young, ambitious, loving and all around great person. He was taken too young and will be missed beyond what words can explain. He was a free to play player, and knew how to protect his Hero and communicate everything happening. He’s loved, missed and never forgotten. Fly high my Ohana.”

R1481; (~MF) CBDHAZE

“Our Haze had the best sense of humor and loved to laugh. When he was diagnosed, all he wanted to do was spend time with his family and make memories for his beautiful wife and children. He found hard every step of the way, and dedicated rest of his days to those that loved him the most. His limited time in the game found him talking about how important it was for him to continue to take care of his family no matter what happened. He was a force, but he was a gentle soul, and we will all miss him and continue to keep him and his family in our hearts. Rest in peace CBDHAZE.”

R991: (xxi*) Piratemooner

“Fun spirited, outgoing, loved life, enjoyed playing Final Fantasy and having fun with her friends. Loved by all who knew her. Gone but will never be forgotten.”

(xxi*) hellsangels7


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  1. S says

    Today we learned the very sad news out of Saulhend Pass #1099 – DarkSoul from guild AWW has passed away, god bless her soul. I personally didn’t know her that much, but the information from her friend was;
    “I’m Michel a friend of Ilse. Her fmaily has asked med to send you the intensely sad news that Ilse is no longer there. Ilse has decided to take a different path, one more familiar to her and ultimately brought her the peace and quiet she longed for.

    On my behalf of the family, I wish everyone who has known Ilse a lot of strength.”

    A beautifully written mail we got this morning.
    Lots are in mourning & sending their prayers to the family from guild AWW amd others, and so am I.
    I hope you will find yourself, peacefully & without sorrow and pain walking among the higher ones your own path in that collective!

    Peace & repect!

    Best regards.

    On my behalf, my prayers go out to family & loved ones

  2. Giannis_Kofinas
    Giannis_Kofinas says

    #259 Noizy,Tot member…someone die when you stop remember it,rest in peace Wonderlands we love you and we will always remember you😭💛

  3. Evan_Edgin
    Evan_Edgin says

    Rest in peace yáll. For those of you who knew them, I want yáll to know theyŕe in a better place now. I know how you feel. 🙁
    – Xx3VANxX from 1801 Hepplecamp

  4. JSUN175 says

    Thanks for doing this; many of us are still playing for no reason other than the people that we’ve befriended along the way. 💕

  5. Val (RED) says

    Condolences to all who have been lost. From one guild to another we will keep you in our prayers

    Hugs and Prayers from the Rougue Empires of Realm 505

  6. NrN says

    We miss you Vman

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