New 50% Off Rss Packs!

Two new permanent boost packs have been released for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, promising a further 50% off tier 1 rss costs for both buildings and research. In this article we’re going to clear up some confusion about the packs and help you decide whether you should purchase them while they’re available.


50% off rss new pack
Hasn't it been Noctis's birthday for like a month?


How The Packs Work


The new packs contain permanent boost items that offer 50% off tier 1 rss costs for buildings or research, depending on the pack. The tier one resources include food, metal, stone, energy and gil. Note that the boosts here ONLY apply to tier 1 rss.


And remember that like all permanent boosts, you have to manually activate them in your inventory.


Activate Pack Boosts
Always remember to activate your boosts. Or just keep paying more, it's your game and I'm not here to judge.



A commonly asked question about the packs is whether or not these boosts have any effect if you already have the 50% off t1 rss boosts. The answer is yes:  These boosts stack with the previously available 50% off rss boosts. That means if you already have a 50% tier 1 rss research or building boost, these packs will reduce costs to 25% of original.


Another commonly asked question is whether or not there is one pack or two. There are two different packs, one for research and one for buildings.


50% off rss research pack
Okay seriously, somebody needs to tell Noctis that birthdays don't last weeks.



Should You Buy The Packs?


If you read our What To Look For In Packs guide, you will know that the 50% off rss boosts for research and buildings are the best packs in the game. With that in mind, you should prioritize these new 50% off packs as long as you still need tier 1 rss, since the effects stack with the other boost.


If you are under Citadel level 30 and/or have not yet completed tier 4-level research,  you still need t1 rss. These packs can save you a TON of rss if you plan to continue progressing through t3 and towards t4. Anyone who is working their way towards Citadel 30 in particular should look into the building pack; at level 29 all of the buildings require an enormous amount of stone (hundreds of millions each) to upgrade. Likewise, higher-tier research requires an enormous amount of energy.


If you are already at t4 research and level Citadel, the packs are not useful at this time given that you have no further need for tier 1 rss. It’s possible the developers might add other research trees to the game at some point and you will have to deal with t1 rss again, but the chance of that happening isn’t worth purchasing a pack at this time.


The packs may also not be worth it if you only buy packs occasionally and are more often held up by long timers rather than rss; in this case something like the loyalty boost pack might serve you better if you don’t already have it.



These boosts are definitely worth a look if you purchase packs and aren’t at Citadel 30 with research maxed. The 50% off boosts are still the best permanent boosts in the game, and anything that cuts those costs further is worth it if you buy packs.


Additionally, it is a very good sign that we are seeing packs geared towards lower level and mid-level players. While these packs don’t introduce anything new per se, these packs will allow more players to access the mid-level content in the game, or reach t4 slightly faster. That means more competition and challenge without completely wrecking existing power balances or making anything obsolete for the higher-level players. Hopefully we will see more packs like this in the future.

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  1. Master Odd says

    You guys talk and act like everyone in the world has hundreds and hundreds of dollars to spend on this APP!
    Sure you have like 200 whales who spend money like crazy just to bully the little guys.

    You said these two stack with the other two….ah…that’s $400.00….that’s my car payment..

    somebody should be more concerned about lowering the prices of the packs to where everyone can afford them, not just the rich people..
    $19.99 for packs is reasonable and your everyday player can afford to buy the pack, like 1 pack a week..
    at $100.00 per pack 3/4 of the player base don’t buy packs..

  2. cep6 says

    Ну игра то что надо как сядеш так не оторвешся

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