Get Caught up in FFXV with the November Recap with Alykat

Welcome to the November installment for Recap with AlyKat. Today we take a look at the events and new releases that came to EOS over the past month.

New Releases

Necromanteion Gear

This new gear has troop attack and troop armor, as well as drain enemy attack into troop HP and drain enemy attack into troop HP limit. The set bonus is City Assault Armor bonus. The pieces for this set were obtained by hitting the Hundlegs realm boss.

Noctis 200

Limit break arrived with Noctis 200 this month, bringing the new Armiger Enchantment. The Armiger uses new Reagants and has a troop HP and troop attack bonus. To learn more about Noctis 200 click here.

Luna 200

Luna’s limit break arrived with the new Hexatheon enchantment. This enchantment focuses on Astrals with a 450% Astral Attack boost and 30,000% Astral regeneration boost.

Prompto Level 200

Prompto’s limit break roared in at the very end of the month along with his Limit Break; the Bioblast Enchantment. The Bioblast enchants Footwear with 60% Armor Shredding and 500% increased Attack March Speed.

C80 and T8

Citadel levels up to C80, and Tier 8 troops made their appearance into EOS this month. These use Majestic Building blueprints and Majestic research tomes


The second Astral to arrive, the Leviathan has attack, armor bonuses, defending armor bonuses, health and crystal applications.

Gilgamesh Gear

A gear set exclusive to SROC for now, the Gilgamesh gear focuses on Majestic construction cost reduction and HP shredding.


Hundlegs Realm Boss

This realm boss dropped materials to craft the Necromanteion gear set.

Raid Boss Quetzalcoatl and Karbalos

These adventure hall bosses ran all month, dropping materials for the new hall set and new adventure research.

Return of the Candy Corn Flan

The Candy Corn Flans made another visit to iOS, resulting in more sleepless nights.

Elemental Extractors

New orders were released this month, and with them came the elemental extractors which dropped elemental order tributes.

  • Order of the Flames:
    • 7,500% Fire Elemental Troop Attack
    • 10,000% Siege Attack
    • 10,000% Trap Attack
  • Order of Shattering:
    • 5,500% Ice Elemental Troop Attack
    • 10,000% City Defense Armor
  • Order of the Grove
    • 4,000% Earth Elemental Troop Attack
    • 2,500% City Defense HP
  • Order of Fulmination
    • 6,500% Lightning Elemental Troop Attack
    • 50% Attack March Speed


The Jormungand boss dropped blueprints, scrolls, tomes and speedups.


The Giglamesh returned dropping power-up chests and platinum.

Malboro Infestation

This event brought Malboro monsters that dropped Malboro eggs, hatching stones, and monster food for leveling up your monsters.


The Realm of Champions and Super Realm of Champions returned this month. Thousands of players descended into the kingdoms and battled it out (or observed from under their bubble).

Kingtrice Invasion

A new Moogle monster, players again lost sleep hitting these giant roosters for Kingtrice trophies. The Moogle Market for these now contains additional items such as Shiva empowerment sigils and elemental essences.

CM18-Veles Realm Boss

This realm boss brought a new concept to Final Fantasy, along with new gems. Every 10 hits increase a multiplier that had to be opened by a key. The first key was given to all players as Tier 1 of the event. Opening the reward chest gave new gems, and if you bought more keys, lots more gems and platinum. Old gems now go to Level 15, and the new gems give astral attack and troop armor while defending with an astral.

All in all a busy month! Join us next month to see what December brings in the Recap with AlyKat.

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  1. Wesley says

    hum, my kingdom still does not have these additions, we have few months. We are close to receiving our 3 hero, I look forward to the others coming.

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