August Player Profile: Your Memories

A year has passed since players have landed in the world of Eos. Fierce battles have been waged, and fierce friendships have been forged. Today, we look back at memories sent in by you, the players.

Player Memories

Realm: 363
Tags: GoR Order Of The Phoenix
Name: MasterOfMist
“I’ve been playing over a year now (7/10/17), but even before I knew what I was doing, I was dropped into a realm merge. This is the first game I’ve played where I’ve actually worked with people online. I credit that to my guildmates. We’ve had some come and go over time, but we’ve been through a number of trials, even disbanding one guild to end a feud with another that divided the realm. Even though we’ve lost the power we once held we still have a lot of friends in other guilds who stand with us because of our sacrifice. We are still very much the Feuding Land but the people who enjoy working together are becoming more populous than those who want to burn it all to the ground.”

Realm: Killiam
Tags: (~PHX~ ) of the Phoenix Guild
Name: Casey Hack
“My favorite burn is against a player named (Bassa) as an unfortunate misunderstanding that sent me to collect Bassa’s hero, so I did. Later in the day I was attacking the realm boss and I’m flashing red, meaning I’m being attacked by another player. And it’s Bassa again, now on a mission to mess me up . Mind you, I was a cit level 45, Bassa was 25 at best. I decided to let Bassa’s hero go because I was busy and why not. Still flashing red, under attack still 10 minutes later, I decided to put pressure on Bassa to recall attack. I sent my own reversal attack to them and later because I’d forgotten, I realized the hero I let go got returned home but a few minutes after Bassa’s hero returned, I snatched it back up LoL 😂hahahaha it was glorious…”

Realm: 1321
Name: Gucciii
“The most memorable moment for me in the game was when our hive was being attacked way back when. It was such a thrill that we were able to kick our guild members and capture about 3-4 heroes before the opposing guild was able to. It was satisfying to see such team work across our hive. It really just boosted everyone’s morale in the game.”

Realm: Thundering Scrublands
Tag: XDE
Name: Mutt
“Hey I’m (XDE) x Mutt x from the Thundering Scrublands. I took some time as a solo player in a guild of just me and farm accounts. I didn’t look like much of a threat, because it was just a 1.7m power player surrounded by farms. A 35m player decided it would be a good idea to try to steal my hero, but I’d been using a strategy where my farms would reinforce my main account with T2 troops to create a buffer over my meat shield. I ate their T4 march solo. That is my favorite memory so far!”

Realm: The Nebulawood – R35
Tag: InK – Insignificant Kings
Name: Lokey13
“One of the most recent and fond memories has to be the battle with Teghley during the Championship rounds.. As usual we were all in awe of the money and time investment that Goldy put into his base. Add DeathSpirit to the mix and we definitely had a party. Both of those players deserve much respect for their commitment to dominating in FFXV!

Goldy was focused on Bx$ and attempting to demolish our bases in Realm 35. All the while, we demolished Teghley from corner to corner, proving that teamwork (The Davids) will always triumph over the mighty Goliaths who appeared to only play for themselves.👊🏼”

Realm: 35
Guild: (NOM) Nomads
Name: Entz
“There is one night I will never forget. This was very early in the game, T2 was cool and exciting to get and those with T3/T4 were gods we all dreamed of being and would watch them porting around saving (or burning everyone).

Our guild had its hive just across the lake from another’s. One of their bases was sending constant stream of marches at ours. We would send ones back at them but due to the distance, it just wasn’t working (2-3 minutes). You could heal the damage faster than you dished it out. So after getting sick of them hitting us, I finally gathered enough loyalty for a port after hitting a few monsters. I was going to show them how it was done…

I ported over beside him and then immediately sent out my marches. I was thrilled I was the savior of the group; people would write songs about me I was sure. Instead what I failed to noticed is that as I ported over, at the same time a T4 base ported as well. He set on me and it was over in a few seconds. I got crushed. I couldn’t shield, I couldn’t run, I just sat there watching myself die swearing at my phone. Fortunately I couldn’t lose my hero, just my pride.

Certainly not the happiest of moments, but one I would never forget. Always look both ways before porting, people, and watch out for oncoming trains 😀”

Realm: Criclawe 1309
Guild: (~Spn) Spurned
Name: Everyone calls me Bricksz because it was my original name but now it always changes… I like to hide 🙂
“It all started right before the last Realm of Champions. I had just raised my citadel to 40 and squired t5 troops. There was a 24 hour RVR event and I went into trap mode as I usually do. I changed my name to Just Ron and proceeded to teleport to my favorite spot for trapping in my realm. There are 2 hives of 2 different guilds that are right next to each other, and they are extremely close to the Crystal Scar. I placed myself directly in between them before the event started and waited. It wasn’t long before I had a bite. An invader with t6 troops and a hero over level 100 decided to deliver their hero to my prison. Shortly after, another invader from another guild ported in and did the same. I think they were there to help rescue the first hero, but they ended up captured as well. So now I have 2 hero’s over level 100 in my prison. At this point in time, I started surrounding myself with encampments from farms that were across the mad. I was using speedups like a mad man. Next thing I know – there are around 7 citadel 50+ empires all around me. They all start solo marching me. I’m healing like a madman after every hit. Then I get a notification for a rally, then another. I’m guessing they were coordinating the rallies because they hit seconds apart. I didn’t zero the first. There were around 20k survivors. The second I did zero. That was the 3rd hero I captured. They gave up trying to rescue me shortly thereafter. I scored over 200 million points defending in my home realm that day.

This story does not end there. 6 days later, the second-to-last day of Realm of Champions, there was a guild kill event. The entire time I was there, I did not bubble once and was never attacked (the server is pretty scared of our guild, we are 3x Titan winners and win everyRVR we compete in). However, during guild kill event someone decided to get a bit brave. Side note: Our guild has friends in other realms. So when we are in ROC or Titan we have members from other guilds join us. So let’s just say one of them warned his home guild not to hit any low level SPN accounts for any reason. So they knew I was a trap. They decided to hit me anyway. And they delivered a hero to me. At this point in time, I am at a party and absolutely smashed drunk and smoked out. Falling over and I’m pretty sure I passed out right after this. I was not paying attention at all and noticed my guild leader Beezie calling me on line (she will deny it). I immediately came back to the game and noticed I had captured a hero and I was being soloed by multiple t6 accounts. All my guards were hospitalized, so I immediately healed them and started retraining troops. Then came the rally. I ate it, capped the hero, and they gave up shortly thereafter.”

Realm: 325
Tags: #cit19crystalwar
Name: pmt

“It was around September, I believe, when a crystal war was organized by the top guilds where only citadel 19 and lower were allowed to participate. It was the busiest Crystal war ever, having many guilds participating and the crystal was captured many times. It is almost the same as the Titan event.”

Realm: 325
Tag: #dontblink
Name: pmt

“It was RVR last June 22nd. A guild was defending the crystal from a strong invader. With few minutes remaining, defenses were being overwhelmed and the march to capture the crystal was on its way. As the invader was about to hit the crystal, a speeding march (out of nowhere) took the crystal out. It’s like the speed of the fastest scout you see on the fields and this happened in the scar!”

The community nature of FFXV:ANE creates so many opportunities for building friendships, enemies and fantastic memories. Miss our first collection? Add yours in the comments below!

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