December Player Profile: (DErP) Aelfwynn

For the month of December, we chatted with (DErP) Aelfwynn of R1049; Perpetouss Keep. Aelf is an amazing trapper in her realm and has words of wisdom for all defensive players. Keep reading all the way to the bottom to see her sage words of wisdom. 😉

FFXVANEHUB: Introduce yourself a bit… Why did you begin playing Final Fantasy?

(DErP) Aelfwynn: “Hi. My name is Aelfwynn… And I’m a trap (well maybe not anymore when everyone reads this, finds out and I get no more attacks – what have I done?!). I started playing FF probably for the same reason many other people did… I needed a fun escape from reality, the game looked pretty darn cool and it was free (ha!) but I stayed for the incredible people and the awesome sense of accomplishment after a successful trap or guild event.”

FFXVANEHUB: How long have you been playing?

(DErP) Aelfwynn: “It was 89 years ago…. well it seems like it! Factually, it’s been about a year and three months but I’m starting to forget what life was like before FF and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

FFXVANEHUB: What is your favorite part about the game?

(DErP) Aelfwynn: “Being underestimated. The smaller guys get underestimated all the time and totally disregarded, and it’s the best moment ever when you wipe the smugness off a player 20 levels higher than you and they beg for their hero back.

Don’t forget your smalls! They may not be able to whack a player as hard as you and they may lose their heroes more often, but the worst thing you can do is make them feel useless and tell them to bubble and stay out of trouble. I can guarantee that there will be no game without the smaller players and they are just as important as you! Train them up, teach them and help them – or we’ll trap your butts later and make you regret it.

I love getting requests from smaller players asking me for help when they see my defense and helping them improve things to get stronger – so if you see me around, pop a message and let’s see what we can do.”

FFXVANEHUB: What is your least favorite part about the game?

(DErP) Aelfwynn: “Besides spending more than I should? I have to admit that people can get a bit crazy in the game and can get quite mean in the public chats, but the opposite is also true where friendships are made even stronger because of it when your friends support you no matter what. *Shout out to my fellow Guildies in DErP!”

FFXVANEHUB: What is your favorite memory?

(DErP) Aelfwynn: “It’s not a trapping memory, but during a tense time in our realm – a few months into the game – my two gal friends (Aivory and Queen Whiskey) and I were on a Discord call and one of the realms guys made a statement that the worst thing that could happen for our realm was to have a woman run it. Well, that was it. We rebelled… Kinda. And Ladies Night was born! The women of PK left their guilds and their men behind for 24 hours and reigned havoc on the realm with thousands of scouts, ferocious 69 marches and taking over (sometimes politely asking for) the crystal. It was a great moment of unity for the realm, the ladies kicked butt and the realm could see that no matter what guild you are from, put the drama aside sometimes and just have some fun. The Ladies Nights still periodically happen and I think the guys even look forward to it. PS: PK Ladies are badass!”

FFXVANEHUB: What is your favorite event?

(DErP) Aelfwynn: “RvR, Bloodbath Realm, SRoc/RoC – anything where multi-realms come together and I can sit there, looking all weak and trap away.

It gets super exciting (and nerve-wracking!) when players band together and surround me to try free their guildmates. (I’m squished in the middle of those clusters)”

FFXVANEHUB: What is your favorite Hero to use, and why?

(DErP) Aelfwynn: “I am beyond emotionally attached to my Gladio. I had him when he was fairly new and most of everyone thought he was a waste. His defense capabilities are incredible and I’ll never forget my first successful trap moment when I capped my first big player with him, he then gets a friend to try release and then *poof* another capped hero.

Gladio’s stealing abilities are really incredible and paired with the right gear, he makes one heck of a winning defense hero.”

FFXVANEHUB: Do you have a favorite smash? 

(DErP) Aelfwynn: “Ooh. There are a few of those for different stages of the game but one of my favorites is from a couple weeks ago in Realm of Champions. Where, in a sea of bubbled level 60+ players, I was holding heroes and minding my own business and a top player (citadel level 71 – this was as level 70 was a massive thing) and a member of the guild of our server’s strongest player, attacked me in Realm of Champions – they were 20 levels higher than my cit 51, sent a 874k elementals & guards march at me with Shiva and a level 173 hero and it was capped – the rush I got (and prayers that were made) was insane.”

FFXVANEHUB: What tips would you give to new players?

(DErP) Aelfwynn:

  1. “It’s okay to be small. Don’t rush into getting as much power as possible – everyone else is already doing that and you don’t want to be that player that has a high citadel but can’t burn a box of matches.
  2. Your guild matters – pick a guild that has a bunch of people you love playing with.
  3. Do the events – even if you don’t think you’ll ever need the rewards. I started out as a non-spender and never thought I would be able to use half of the things that spenders were buying, to find out that they became available later. I was a level 48 without a monster farm because of this – cringe!
  4. Big players need a lot of money, traps need a lot of strategy – make everything count!
  5. Keep notifications on – unless you are willing to adjust your sleeping routine to 10-minute intervals.
  6. Pick your style of play – they differ greatly and being a trap can get stale if no one attacks you.
  7. Prepare to get sucked into the wonderful world of Final Fantasy!”

FFXVANEHUB: What tips would you give to current trappers?

(DErP) Aelfwynn:

  1. “Play dead. Don’t immediately scramble to swallow every march. Let them get some troops back and think you are weak but get ready for them to send their hero and quickly spec up to cap them!
  2. Rally your guards (if you think you can take a couple hits without being demolished)
  3. Have a decoy hero and give him cringeworthy gear
  4. Buddy up. Sometimes I like to go to a hive with a bigger player that then goes and burns his way around the hive – the guild tries to get revenge on the small guy and there you have it… instant attacks without the smack talk!
  5. Have an epic guild… you are definitely going to make big guys angry so if you don’t have a support system with backup, things could get messy. You’ll also probably cause a few burn parties on your own guildmates as revenge so make sure your FF family have your back (Sorry DErP!)
  6. It’s not just the Guards! One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to place all of your eggs in the “I have mercs and guards” basket. It just takes a few well-timed hits or a rally to kill them and then you are back at square one. Focus on EVERYTHING else and guards second.
  7. Attack is just as important as HP and Armour, sometimes even more so
  8. You are going to lose some, and that’s okay! It’s not a Massive Defeat if you get burned a little, just make sure you know when you can take it, when to bubble and when to poke the bears
  9. Don’t get cocky! I learned this lesson the hard way”

Thank you so much for chatting with us Aelfwynn! Do you have a Player to nominate for our monthly Profile? Let us know in the notes below!

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  1. altaria_cortez
    altaria_cortez says

    I nominate BosTraveler of 1813.

  2. Ce says

    I nominate BosTraveler of 1813.

    He always has the best advice when players have questions about anything in the game.

    I also nominate JumpMaster of 1813.

    She’s a trap account. She’s a cit 38 in a realm full of cit 60-70.

  3. Rachel_Holcomb
    Rachel_Holcomb says

    I nominate mec25 of 305

  4. Douglas_D_Ortz
    Douglas_D_Ortz says

    I’d like to nominate Kristin from Dkfr in Zegnautus. She is an absolutely wonderful player. Not only powerful but extremely help to the littles. Without knowing me at all she responded to questions and concerns without hesitation. Her wisdom has help out my empire and many others into the right track! Please give the honor of being interviewed!

  5. john says

    damn rip undye…and yep well done

  6. Mistclan says

    You will love chatting with Lingenfelter of NccD in realm 363

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