March Player Profile: (!D) Gooseface

For this month, we sat down with (!D) Gooseface from R323, the Warring Battleground.

FFXV:ANE HUB: Introduce yourself a bit… Why did you begin playing Final Fantasy?

(!D) Gooseface: “It’s I, Gooseface!   I began playing when I saw the FFX banner in the App Store maybe, and have always been a huge fan of the franchise.  I was a complete noob to this style of game having never played GOW or games like it.  I was bored one day and wanted a new mobile game.  Wasn’t what I expected but it grew on me quickly.”

FFXV:ANE HUB: How long have you been playing?

(!D) Gooseface: “I don’t quite remember exactly when, but want to say it was March or April of 2017?”

FFXV:ANE HUB: What is your favorite part of the game?

(!D) Gooseface: “The people. Getting to know people from all over the world is really the biggest draw to the game.”

FFXV:ANE HUB: What is your least favorite part about the game?

(!D) Gooseface: “Without question the cost of trying to remain a top tier player.  It is extremely difficult and costly to stay ahead.  Additionally, the game dynamics change so quickly; be it new monsters or gear or gems, etc., it seems too often by the time the new items are acquired or figured out the game goes in a new direction rendering items worthless.  The frequency of such occurrences has seemingly increased over the past few months.”

FFXV:ANE HUB: What is your favorite memory?

(!D) Gooseface: “One of the favorite memories would be when I turned citadel 20 and went on my first killing spree.  I joined up with players seeking revenge against another guild and joined up with them for a day of payback.   It was a lot of fun and I wish I would have kept the battle reports.  It was the first time anyone was “scared” of me and my first real foray into attacking.

The 2nd Titan battle was really one of the best times I have had in the game.  Getting to know people from other realms, and the coordination of a team effort was an absolute blast.   No event since has had that same effect. (Editor’s note: I agree, that Titan was a blast!)”

FFXV:ANE HUB: What is your favorite event?

(!D) Gooseface: “Aside from the long since past Titan battles, I would say I enjoy the RvR’s the most.  It is a format where I can just go attack people without the repercussions of living with them in the same realm. It’s businesslike.  Go kill and then retire to the comfort of your own realm.”

FFXV:ANE HUB: What is your favorite Hero to use, and why?

(!D) Gooseface: “This is everchanging.  My favorite hero is whoever is the best for my attacking setup at the time.  I’ve used them all except for Luna who is forever on the sidelines.”

FFXV:ANE HUB: Do you have a favorite smash?

(!D) Gooseface: “My favorite smash I think would not be a delivered one, but one received. I had just turned t3 and opened the game for the first time for the day.   Next thing I know, besides my Citadel,  I see the unmistakable sign of impending doom….the morphing light of a teleport! Shortly thereafter, in my lap, was a big bad T4!  My heart started racing and before I knew it she toasted me in five rapid marches leaving me in flames with only a few troops, my hero, and a couple of half-eaten apples. I loved it and it pushed me to want to be the bringer of doom as opposed to the toasted.”

FFXV:ANE HUB: What tips would you give to new players?

(!D) Gooseface: “Ask a ton of questions. There are a lot of really good people in this game who enjoy helping people figure things out as much or more as they enjoy playing for themselves. The help resources such as FFVanehub and LINE groups are invaluable.  The game moves so fast and the dynamics change constantly. It is nearly impossible to keep up and figure everything out on your own.  Figure out what style you want to play be it attacker, trap, or ftp survivalist and seek out the resources to help you.”

FFXV:ANE HUB: What tips would you give to current Offensive Players?

(!D) Gooseface: “Much of the above answer applies here.  Keeping up with the everchanging dynamics is overwhelming at times.  Talking to fellow players is critical.”

Thanks for chatting with us Goosie! Do you have a player you’d like to nominate for our Player Profile? Let us know in the comments below.

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