May Player Profile: (WTF~) DarkDMoogs

Sit down for a cup of tea with everyone's favorite chart maker, DncingRetsuko!

For the month of May, we are sitting down with the person that makes the charts that I know 90% of you use in the game. She has tirelessly worked for years to bring data to our community! Please join me for a little chat with (WTF~) DarkDMoogs, better known to all of you as DncingRetsuko.

FFXVANE: HUB: Introduce yourself a bit: Why did you begin playing Final Fantasy?

DncingRetsuko: “I started playing FFXVANE because I wanted free tokens in some other game, and I was drawn to this one because I’ve been a long-time fan of Final Fantasy in general.  I don’t even remember anymore what other game I was playing at the time, because I quickly became engrossed in FFXVANE.”

FFXVANE: HUB: How long have you been playing?

DncingRetsuko: “I have been playing since August 2017.  It’s crazy to me how fast these past almost two years have flown by.”

FFXVANE: HUB:  What is your favorite part about the game?

DncingRetsuko: “My favorite part about the game has been the opportunity to meet people from all around the world, and many different walks of life.  I also am a total dork and I love Excel, but I don’t get very many opportunities to use it in fun ways. The spreadsheets I have to create for work are much more complex than the charts people see on LINE and Discord, but boy are they boring as all heck.”

FFXVANE: HUB: What is your least favorite part about the game?

DncingRetsuko: “My least favorite part of the game is watching so many of the friends I’ve made get frustrated and quit.  These past few months have been particularly disheartening, as more and more players get discouraged and leave. Change happens, life happens, and it is what it is, but that doesn’t stop it from being pretty darn sucky. The recent changes in the game have definitely been a tough wave to ride, and the hardest part has been losing people.”

FFXVANE: HUB:  What is your favorite memory(ies)?

DncingRetsuko: “I’ve always loved anything that gets a bunch of people in the game active and chatting, whether it be rallies on me or watching my guild rally others.  I also always used to get a giggle out of all the mail I received during RvR that said nothing more than, “What just happened? What do you have in there?”

FFXVANE: HUB: What is your best advice for new players?

DncingRetsuko: “Patience!!  Do not buy packs the first day they come out.  Wait a few weeks, and they’ll almost always come out with better and cheaper offers.  Also, take advantage of all of the free goodies. Figure out which events give you what you need, and focus on just those.  If events are too hard to be completed without a ton of time or money, just skip them and wait for future events that will be more reasonable. Don’t live your life 24/7 on the game; make sure to take breaks and go enjoy some sunshine from time to time.”

FFXVANE: HUB:  Why do you continue playing?

DncingRetsuko: “That’s a good question, and one I ask myself frequently.  The main reason that I keep playing to maintain the relationships that I’ve built.  My guild and the community that I’ve met through this game are what keep me logging in the day-to-day.As hard as it is to do sometimes, I try to find something, anything, positive with each new change — if I don’t, then I’ll just spin myself into a dark (pun intended) circle of frustration, at which point there just isn’t much point to continue playing.”

FFXVANE: HUB: What are your best grinding tips?

DncingRetsuko: “I’m incredibly lazy and also such a hoarder — if I don’t need to use levels or items to improve my stats, then I hold onto them until an event calls for them.  The first round of any new event release is generally a little bit bumpy for me but I try to work out exactly what the minimal effort is that I need to put in to finish the event, and then time my builds, research, training, or other activities in order to make sure I meet tier 3 as many times as possible.  

Most people that know me from LINE know me for the charts I create and distribute, but the ones that almost nobody sees are all the calculations I do to see just how lazy I can be during an event and if it’s worth the effort for me to exert, based on the time and cost needed to meet the event’s point requirements.  

Events with good rewards, especially ones that require having a group of people working together, I grind grind grind until I feel like my hands will fall off. I used to make “shopping lists” of what I needed from each Moogle Market event, and would set daily goals to make sure I could buy whatever was achievable within the timeframe.”

Thank you so much DncingRetsuko! Her support in the community has been unparalleled for years, and we are all so very appreciative. Do you have a player you’d like to nominate for our monthly player profile? Let us know in the comments below!

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