November Player Profiles: Why Do You Play?

Last month, we all read an amazing Player Profile about AllHailLiam, and over 80 players subsequently answered the follow-up question of “Why do you Play?” For November’s Player Profile, we take a look at a selection of the answers. The common theme of friendship, community and fun prevailed.

“FFXV: A New Empire is more than just a game, it’s a community and to be a family outside of my own. We not only help each other grow in the game but also take and give advice about life. I have made several life friends from all across the world, that I speak to just about every day, in the game or through Discord or Line. I have found through this game, that all across the world, there are gamer communities that continue to help each other even after one has left the game. For me, I continue to play FFXV: A New Empire in hopes to pass along my knowledge of not only the game but lessons I have learned in life.”

“It started because I could get something free on another game, I game I do not even remember the name of anymore. FFXV was already on my phone so I said why not. I joined a guild with several active people, none who still play today. But the more I played, the more people I met. It came to be about the people. Enemies and friends alike. I play now for the people I’ve met. It has become my addiction. Over one year later and I still log on every morning, lunch break and evening.”

final fantasy community

“I began playing February 2018 because my husband had been diagnosed with lung cancer and was going through chemo, which is incredibly painful and there was nothing I could do about it. I needed a distraction that required my attention. My husband was given a cancer-free diagnosis in June, but by then I had an entire family in Final Fantasy. We’ve gotten mad together, gotten mad at each other, laughed, cried, and zeroed together. Together we created the top guild in our realm. I can’t leave this family.”

“I play as an escape. I work full time, am married, and have an adult child. This is how I leave my stress from life. I don’t play to be the biggest player. I don’t care about attacking everyone. I play to escape the frustrations and stress of real life.”

“I enjoy the camaraderie and excitement. I’m disabled and live alone so my guild is my family.”

“I play this game bc of the friendship and the family and friends you make here. But the real reason is bc about a month ago I found out that I have stagenon small cell lung cancer with no chemo odds are not on my side but I’m a fighter and too stubborn to give up or in this game is getting away from all of that although I can’t pay for power I enjoy playing and helping others.”

“Well, initially I played this game because I got my sisters’ old phone, and she had it installed but never played the game. I have always wanted to play FF, but have never gotten the chance, so once I saw it I excitedly started it up. And while it was not exactly what I was expecting, and not like the console games, I met some amazing people and someone I even consider my absolute best friend. He is a fantastic guy that really makes the game a blast to play. While the game has its flaws, the fact that you get to meet so many different people from all over the world is definitely a positive aspect of the game and helps me a lot since I am not able to leave my house much due to medical reasons. But it has made being at home all the time interesting and has helped me through some rough times.”

final fantasy community

“I play for several reasons. The first is my family. I play the game with both my sister and brother. We all have our own accounts and are all in different guilds but we still manage to find a way to do things together and just talk about something other than the usual family things: work, kids, etc. I also play because of a sense of accomplishment. It’s thrilling when you gather enough items to start a new upgrade or begin a new research. It’s even more wonderful when you finally get enough items to craft a full, legendary set of gear (the old fashioned way of killing mobs and looting tiles). I continue to play because of the wonderful friends I’ve made around the world. Whether they’re in my guild or not, there is more we talk about than just gameplay. Family, emergencies, horrible co-workers and more. Finding people you can talk to about anything, regardless of the distance between you. Lastly, I still play because I have seen my realm come together in the face of tragedy. It is humbling and touching to watch enemies agree to stop attacking one and send troops to encampments for an in-game memorial when someone loses a guild member or someone closer like a relative.”

“Why do I play? I am probably like most people. I have my share of problems in this crazy and unfair world. I found FFXV as a place of solace after being diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. Before FFXV my life was my two children, myself and lots of medication. Over the past year, I have met so many amazing people that I did not know existed in this world. I also have a family now. They are supportive, fun, keep me laughing and always there for me. FFXV helps me escape reality into a world where less pain exist. I love my FFXV family! Even those not in my guild.💜”

“Hello, my name is FireKelso. There are many reasons I play final fantasy but, I would have to say the main reason is I’m disabled and do not have the luxury of enjoying a lot of physical activities. The game friendships and the overall gameplay experience is just an awesome way to pass my time and take my mind off the pain I live with from day to day. I have been playing over a year and have invested a considerable amount of money in the game. This is well worth the friends I have made and the great gameplay is just the bonus. I really enjoy Final Fantasy and hope others do as much as I. I really look forward to the future of the game and say thank you.”

final fantasy community

“I play to destress from a long day of work and life. I love chatting with my game family they are awesome and I usually bust out laughing from talking to them. I have met some really amazing people from all over the world and I love playing and chatting with them. I have the best guild ever.”

“I really enjoy getting the most bang for my buck. This game is all about resource management, and not just with game assets. I have to manage my time, and for this game especially, my spending. I have found that a defensive style of play fits that best. I really enjoy trapping, but that is almost as expensive as being an attacker. By simply playing defensively and being patient, I am able to hold out against players that have purchased hundreds of packs with the 8 packs I have purchased in the last twelve months. By being singularly focused, active, and with good resource management skills I have been able to foil the big spenders time after time, I have yet to have my hero captured, which after a year I consider a great success!”

“I started playing FFXVANE because I liked the franchise and because I had depression, I did not want to leave the house and I did not want to talk to the people that lived around me, the great friendships I created in the game helped me overcome my depression, nowadays I want to thank all the friends I graduated from the game because it was a very awful phase in my life.”

Friendship, Community, Fun. The answers were all as unique as the people that play, but the thread remained constant. For many, our Guild is our family, something people who don’t play will most likely never understand, but the connections and friendships are real and for many run deep. Would you like to add why you play? Comment below!

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  1. Rachel_Holcomb
    Rachel_Holcomb says

    This is a very wonderful article. Totally the same reason why a year later I am still here. The family and friends. Not really the game itself.

    x Queenie 305 Calcano

  2. Michael says

    Because I can ☺️

  3. Manswell Peterson says

    Great article guys. As always thanks for keeping us interested

    SithLordd from Tunlough

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