Player Spotlight: (.DBD) JOKER ASYLUM

This month in our Player Spotlight, we chat with (.DBD) JOKER ASYLUM from R305.


FFXVANEHUB: Good Morning JOKER, introduce yourself a bit.

(.DBD) JOKER ASYLUM: My Game Alias is JOKER ASYLUM. I am a 38-year-old male that has played Final Fantasy games since I was a kid. I have been playing FFXV:ANE for over a year now.

FFXVANEHUB: Why did you begin playing A New Empire?

(.DBD) JOKER ASYLUM: I have always played Final Fantasy games, since the first one came out.

FFXVANEHUB: What is your favorite part about the game?

(.DBD) JOKER ASYLUM: The people you meet. I also like learning, adapting, and the overall competitiveness of the game.

FFXVANEHUB: What is your favorite memory(ies)?

(.DBD) JOKER ASYLUM: My favorite memory was when our entire guild dropped all issues and came together to make an in-game event when a friend of many in Calcano passed away at a very young age (Eva). She will always be missed! It was a beautiful thing how everyone came together!

FFXVANEHUB: What is your favorite event?


FFXVANEHUB: What is your favorite Hero to use, and why?

(.DBD) JOKER ASYLUM: I don’t save my smashes too much. But I like that I can burn a Citadel 59 at Cit 59 now :). But I can’t keep mail, too much lag.

FFXVANEHUB: What tips would you give to new players?

(.DBD) JOKER ASYLUM: Don’t whine to someone when you get zeroed or attacked and lose your Hero… also, don’t be a prick. Both of these things make you a larger target!  Learn from the attacks and make changes with each loss to adapt and grow. It’s just a game, have fun.

FFXVANEHUB: What tips would you give to current Offensive players?

(.DBD) JOKER ASYLUM: Citadel power is not key to being the strongest. Research is key.


That’s all for today folks. JOKER, thanks so much for giving us an insight into your gaming experience!

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