September Player Profile: (~Spn)A3GON

For the month of September, The Hub sits down the with ruling Supreme Emperor of Server 3/4, (~Spn) A3GON. This is his second concurrent reign as Supreme Emperor.

FFXVANEHUB: Introduce yourself a bit… Why did you begin playing Final Fantasy?

(~Spn A3GON): “My name is A3GON, Stephen to those that know me outside the game. I’m a 39-year-old father of 3 kids, ages 13-20, and I’ve worked in management at a major airline for about 21 years. I came to Final Fantasy off a promo offer on an ad; given what I’ve put into this game I think I might have lost on that one. I was in the process of ending things with my long-term girlfriend, and the game acted as a nice distraction.”

FFXVANEHUB: How long have you been playing?

(~Spn A3GON): “I started playing last November, for the first couple of months I just sat between two lakes and farmed as f2p.”

FFXVANEHUB: What is your favorite part about the game?

(~Spn A3GON): “Definitely the people I’ve met. So many like-minded intelligent people, just not the same as those you meet in the general population.”

FFXVANEHUB: What is your least favorite part about the game?

(~Spn A3GON): “The people who get upset because they get attacked; this is a war game. If someone can’t handle the war part, maybe this isn’t the game for them. The ones who actually ask questions and try to get better after each battle make up for it though.”

FFXVANEHUB: What is your favorite memory/ies?

(~Spn A3GON): “Meeting Fearodian. She has turned out to be my soulmate and the love of my life. Neither of us was looking to get into a relationship, but resisting each other was hopeless. We had spent a good bit of time helping each other as allies in the game, but after one long night of fighting she called to tell me my gear was sh*t. I was as lost in her accent as she was in mine. She actually had a tactful speech planned out to tell me how I needed to work on my gear, but when I said hello she was shook and ‘your gear is sh*t’ is what came out. All I could say was tell me more.  She was right though; my gear was sh*t and I learned everything I could from her. I would give her all the credit for me reaching the level I have in the game; before her, I really had no idea how I was doing what I was doing.”

FFXVANEHUB: What is your favorite event?

(~Spn A3GON): “I don’t have a favorite event. Instead I think the key is constant variety; everything gets stale if repeated constantly.”

FFXVANEHUB: What is your favorite Hero to use, and why?

(~Spn A3GON): “Currently, Ravus is my favorite hero. His prison boost applying to every march is huge. During the last Titan, when I used him to take and hold the Titan, my prison boost was 6600 percent. Maxing out his attack against mercenary troops was a big help, as well as his crystal assault HP and attack boost.”

FFXVANEHUB: Do you have a favorite smash?

(~Spn A3GON): “I don’t really save reports; I only find them helpful in the moment for planning my next attack. It’s often surprising to people but I don’t have and keeping reports would just be bragging to me. I share them with my guild at the time so we can learn from them, but after that they are of no use to me.”

FFXVANEHUB: What tips would you give to new players?

(~Spn A3GON): “Find the players that can do what you want to do in the game, and don’t be afraid to talk to them. Most are really good people and are glad to share what they know. Remember they were once where you are, and struggled to find info about the game as well. No matter how powerful you get, keep in mind what it was like trying to get there and don’t be an asshole to new players trying to learn.”

FFXVANEHUB: What tips would you give to current Offensive players?

(~Spn A3GON): “Focus on building up your stats through permanent boosts, starting with your build. Offensive players should have one ward and one bank, the rest should be barracks. Get all the armor sets you can, the set boost are a huge benefit. Research is key and the best way to boost your base stats. March size is what swings the advantage from defense to offense, so get your march size as large as possible.”

Thank you, A3GON, and good luck with the next Titan battle! Readers, do you have a nominee for next month’s Player Profile? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Will says

    You should talk to Trackhawk or MasterLynks from (Wed) in Pallebram.

    1. xAlyKat
      xAlyKat says

      Always looking to chat with folks! Have them hit me up on Discord or Line

    [email protected] says

    He’s on server 3 not 4

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