x Queenie – The Champion of Friendship

Last month, the Hub gave everyone the opportunity to win a $50 gift card by inviting friends to Discord!

While many of you participated, only one winner could rise above the rest to claim the illustrious title, the Champion of Friendship.

We are proud to announce that x Queenie from Realm 305 (Calcano) has been crowned our Champion of Friendship!

Let’s take a closer look at x Queenie and Realm 305 (Calcano) in our first ever player feature.

1. How long have you been playing Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire and how did you discover this game?
I started the game close to 8 months ago when our realm first was created. I was playing another game. I needed game play [rewards], so I had to level to citadel 10 and then I received my game play [rewards]. But Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire hooked me.

2. Tell us a bit about what you enjoy most about this game, and your play style.
I enjoy the social interaction and the teamwork. I direct most of the rally attacks for my guild, but have yet to tackle the crystal. I haven’t participated in Realm vs Realm events, but have taken part in Neutral Realm events. I’d say I’m definitely a spender in the game.

3. Tell us about your realm and your guild!
Our realm is awesome. We have a lot of good people. Some prominent players that I would like mention who work hard at advancing and defending our realm: Joker Asylum (who is also a regular participant in Titan), Heisenberg, Frostfire0, Scubi, Resilire, Mazi, Mr Mav, Hell0nHells, and lastly, my guild, (ZRO) Zero Hour, as a whole. Especially when we come together due to player loss. DemonicV, Eva Darlin, and Askum. Rest in Peace

I took over (ZRO) Zero Hour at 17 million power. We currently hold 2.2B power with an average of around 85 active members. In my guild, we are one. No one is better than the other. Although my guild is well known, we’re seldom seen or noticed. We are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. We have wonderful leadership on down to the guildies. We all work collectively and share resources as well as knowledge to facilitate growth. Most of our attackers would say (ZRO) Zero Hour has wonderful defense. During an attack on us, you will see everyone reining one another. We put up a hell of a fight.

4. What is your most memorable Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire experience?
Every day is a memorable experience because of my awesome guildies and other players in the realm.

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  1. x Queenie says

    Thank you. Very proud of my guild and realm

    Queen of ZRO

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