FFXVaneHub.com 2.0 – We Upgraded Our Site!

Hello Heroes,

You may have noticed that FFXVaneHub.com has a very different look and feel!

After many weeks of hard work, our team is proud to present the new and improved Hub, where we will continue to deliver the best guides, content, and news for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

What’s Changed?

We migrated the site from Expression Engine to WordPress. A big reason for this change is due to the fact that we wanted to be able to change the look and feel of the site a little more, and also have a little more control about how we display our content.

You might notice the following improvements:

  • Our categorization system is more robust than ever – Find the guides you’re looking for faster, without having to tab through weeks of content.
  • Our homepage is more organized – The newest content will be up front and center, followed by Beginner Guides, News, and other Featured Guides
  • Our comments section is now more versatile. You’ll be able to sign in using social media accounts.
  • Our search function is far more powerful than ever. Simply type in the keyword for any subject you’d like to find a guide for, and it’ll pull up everything article with that keyword in it.
  • You can sign up as an FFXVaneHub.com member via Facebook or Twitter. It’s fast and easy, and will let you keep track of all your activity on the site.
  • We now have a Submit Your Content section, where you can upload screen shots, memes, and even submit your own articles!

Previously Registered Users Must Reset Passwords

If you previously registered as a member of our community site, in order to access your new account, you will need to reset your password. Follow our instructions below to get a password reset mailed to you.


Step 1

Click on the Sign In / Join button on the upper right hand corner of the site.

FFXVaneHub Password ResetStep 2

Click on Forget password

FFXVaneHub Password ResetStep 3

Type in the e-mail you used to register your account and then go to Send My Password

FFXVaneHub Password Reset


Step 1

Click on three dashes on the the upper right hand corner.

FFXVaneHub Password ResetStep 2

Click on Sign In / Join.

FFXVaneHub Password ResetStep 3

Click on Forget password

FFXVaneHub Password ResetStep 4

Type in your e-mail address that you used to sign up and then go to Send My Password

FFXVaneHub Password Reset


Either password recovery option will result in an e-mail being sent to you with a password recovery link, which you can click. Please be sure to check your spam box!

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