We’ve Ascended Into Social Media!

Since our launch, FFXVaneHub.com has had one goal: to build the best resource for strategy guides, news, and information for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

We also have endeavored to foster the growth of our community, and we believe we have succeeded in building a large platform to support FFXV:ANE players and help them grow.

While our various chat rooms and Discord server supports well over 3,000 players on a daily basis, we realized that in order to fully serve the community, we would need to ascend into social media and develop new communities to reach as many players of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

So, we’ve launched a few new platforms where you can follow us for more information, get awesome tips, and also have access to exclusive giveaways and contests where you can win gift cards and other fun prizes.

You can keep up with our news and updates on our Facebook Page and Twitter, chat with other fans in the new Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Facebook Group, or join us in the world’s largest FFXV:ANE Discord! You can also find us on Reddit!

Also be sure to sign up for our newsletter, where you can stay up to date with our new releases as well as get exclusive hot tips and access to contests and giveaways!

Join us today!

Make sure to like our content and if you want to stay up to date with our new releases, connect with us on Facebook or chat with us on our Discord and Line channels!

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