The 8 Types of Final Fantasy Club Members: Which Player Are You?

Continuing on our theme of community this November, today we’ll take a look at the types of people you meet playing Final Fantasy. Each type of player gets a patch for the club vest, and many of us will accumulate multiples!

1. The Whale

We all know the Whales. They are the biggest and most recognized across the game.  When new things drop, they are the first to max them out. While many people like to mock the Whales for the amount of money they spend, let’s face it, they are a big reason the game is profitable and we get to keep playing. Appreciate your Whales, but have a bubble handy!

2. The 24/7

This player is always on the game. When they say they are going to bed, AC chimes in with “see you in two hours!” (Looking at you Wiitchy) Casual players also will turn into the 24/7 gamer during events such as Tonberry, Kingtrice and Realm Bosses. The 24/7 players are exceedingly helpful in sounding the alert when the casual player is being zeroed.

3. The Casual Player

This category encompasses a good chunk of players. These folks actually pay attention to their work in real life, and play after work and on the weekends. They also will log off to venture into the real world for parties and vacations. Let’s be honest, that just sounds exhausting.

4. The Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly mainly plays for the interaction and community. This also the type of player that spends lots of time on LINE or Discord chatting it up with their friends.

5. The Free to Play

Do you know a f2p player? Of course you do because everyone knows at least one of these players! The f2p grinds hard (also may fit into the 24/7 category), and makes sure everyone knows their free to play status. They will wear their badge proudly, front and center. Let’s face it, many of us envy the free to play for their tenacity, and probably bank account balance.

6. The Realm Troublemaker

Not to be confused with the Realm Troll, the Realm Troublemaker creates their anarchy with actions as opposed to words. These are the players you will find giggling behind their keyboards as they steal Empire Expansions, and Shiva the higher level players off the Crystal Scar. Are there six marches coming at you from four hours away? Yep, thank the Realm Troublemaker. Is your Garrison on fire and your wells are dry? It’s the Troublemaker!

7. The Realm Trolls

Not to be confused with the Troublemaker, the Trolls spend most of their time in realm chat throwing the most inflammatory statements out that they can think of. Is it highly offensive? If the answer is yes, they’re on it. These are also the players you will find posting your own realm’s cords in Kill Events. The block button is a useful tool against the Realm Troll. Or just don’t feed them! Don’t be the Realm Troll.

8. The Continual Quitter

Let’s face it. Final Fantasy is like Hotel California. The Continual Quitter tries, oh they try…but they can never leave. This is the player that seems to weekly send a goodbye e-mail but then pops up three days later hitting the Tonberries.

Let’s face it, most of us fit into several categories. I’m a Casual, 24/7, Social Butterfly. Where do you fall? FFX Club Badges will be virtually given away in the comments section!

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  1. Salen says

    I almost fit into the troll, but not really. I only hit realm chat when being attacked and already blocked… and I only trash talk when being attacked
    Not a 24/7 player because I sleep and go to work, but you could fool my wife who sees me on the game all the time
    I know I am not F2P as I pay, though some of my realm might think I am as I have pointed out how much they spent compared to them. But I know I am not as most of my guild is

    So I might really be casual. I get on after I sleep and work, but don’t come attacking me. I can quickly become a troll!!!!

  2. Raynell Coaxum
    Raynell Coaxum says

    I’d definantly have to say that I am the Whale, as well as the Casual Player, lol.

  3. Akkan rasta says

    I mean wild and free lol

  4. Akkan Rasta says

    I’m free to play

  5. Amalthya
    Amalthya says

    Hmm….I guess The 24/7, The Casual Player, The Social Butterfly, and The Free to Play all fit me lol

  6. Lindsey R
    Lindsey R says

    24/7 player (i have insomnia) and slso the quitter (i have twice but came back) 😬😂

  7. Asongafac Asaha
    Asongafac Asaha says

    Id say I’m F2P, Casual, and Social

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