What’s Trending in Your Realm this November?

Do you ever wonder how your realm stacks up to other realms? Ever wonder what the average citadel level is for players throughout every realm in the game? Or wonder what, tricks, tips or secret strategies players from other realms use to get the upper hand in combat, crafting, Adventure Hall and more?

What’s Trending in Your Realm is a new monthly feature at FFXVaneHub.com where we bring you the latest news from every corner of every realm in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

This month we talk about a cool new way to experience the Guild Adventure Hall, player-ran Crystal Events, plus we poll players throughout every realm to find the average citadel level of players in the game.

Adventure Hall Guilds

Those once opponents are now coming together to join guilds designed specifically for running Adventure Hall. Since contracts are given in Luna chests and for completing certain events, many players have contracts to burn. Participating in halls has become a popular method for players to show off their strength, make new friends and pick up great rewards all at once!

Crystal Events

Instead of the usual routine where the strongest players vie for the crystal, several realms have orchestrated an opportunity that allows players with T5 troops to compete for the opportunity to experience the glory. Below, please find helpful tips to pull this off without a hitch.

In-game Learning Groups

There is so much to learn in playing this game and many players would love the knowledge but may be too shy to ask questions. A safe place where gamers can freely get answers without judgment improves the morale of each realm and encourages people to continue working hard to grow their empires.

The in-game room “Multirealm” is a good place to learn from other players across a variety of realms. The only problem is that many of these rooms become full quick, so a new one needs to be started every so often.

Average Citadel Level

It took some time, but thanks to Line and in-game Multirealm rooms we were able to find the average citadel level of players in the game. We found this figure by taking the citadel level of 10 active players from each realm, adding them all up, then dividing them against the total number of realms. This gave us a number that can somewhat reliably be considered the average citadel level of all players in the game.

The average Citadel level of players in the game is 55!

We found that there were a lot of players still under Citadel 50, meanwhile, the number of players in their 60’s was strikingly low. Although there are notably a handful of powerful players who have hit Citadel 70, none of them were included in the randomized poll.

And that’s What’s Trending in Your Realm for the month of November. Check in again next month as we keep you abreast of the latest news from other realms.


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