Draw on the Strength of Your Friends with Guild Research!

Everything you need to know about Guild Research

There’s a new Research Tree in FFXV: ANE, and it focuses on teamwork. Guild Research gives boosts to the entire Guild! Let’s take a look at the benefits it gives to your entire team.

What is Guild Research?

Guild Research is a tree that is found in the Guild tab, not in the University. There are two different types of researches within this tab; Guild Economic Research and Guild Combat Research. The nodes within these apply to the entire Guild once they are researched. Remember that these increased stats are influenced by the Guild, so if you utilize a smaller Guild (let’s say for double rallies), or go to help another Guild in RvR, your stats will change upon switching over.

How do we complete Guild Research nodes?

Once inside the section, you can choose which research to donate to. Guild Leadership needs to make a decision on which one is most important to your Guild at that time. Once they have done that, they can “star” it as most pressing so that everyone knows which research to focus on. A Guild mail would be a good idea as well.

Once you have determined which research to contribute to, each requires Divine Guild Emblems and Regal Guild Emblems. As the nodes are completed, it requires higher amounts of Emblems to complete the next level. You can donate 10 times every 24 hours. Leaving and joining a new Guild will not reset this limit. Emblems can be obtained in Events or Packs.

Once all the applicable Emblems have been donated, Rank 4 or Rank 5 can start the research. Each research has a timer, and currently, there are no available speed ups for it, so you’ll have to be patient.

What benefit does Guild Research give us?

There are two different sections of research. Each node also has multiple levels (except for a few that are a one-shot). Let’s take a more in-depth look at the options.

Guild Economic Research

This section has everything pertaining to economics. There are some interesting features in this section, such as T6 Elite Cost Efficiency and Guild Monsters.

Research Node Benefits Level 1 Boost Max Boost
Guild Loot Tile Gather Speed Increases Loot Tile Gather Speed for all Guild Members 50% 200%
Guild Dark L2 RSS Prod Bonus Dark Prod Food/Energy/Stone/Metal/Gil 250,000% 1,000,000%
Guild Dark L2 RSS Capacity Dark RSS Capacity Bonus 750,000% 3M%
Guild Loot Tile Gathering Allows gathering from special Loot Tiles Allows Gathering n/a
Guild Dark Research Speed Increases Dark Research Speed and Dark T2 Research Speed Dark: 75% Infused 50% pending
Guild Dark Construction Speed Increases Dark Construction Speed and Dark T2 Construction Speed Dark: 75% Infused 50% pending
Guild Dark Hospital Capacity Increases Dark Troop and Merc Hosp Capacity 250M 1B
Guild Dark Training Speed Increases Dark Training Speed 13% 50%
Guild Maximum Help Increases the amount of helps you recieve +1 +10
Guild Dark Merc Hospital Capacity Increases Merc Hosp Capacity 250M 1B
Guild Dark Merc Training Speed Increases Dark Merc Training Speed 13% 50%
Guild Dark Healing Speed Increases Dark Healing Speed 75% 300%
Guild MP Recovery Increases MP Recovery Rate 6,250% 25,000%
Guild Dark Training Queue Increases Dark Training Queue and Merc Training Queue Dark 250B% Merc 2.5B pending
Guild Elite Level 6 Troop Cost Eff Increases Elite L6 Troop Cost Eff 12.5% 50%
Guild Monster Summons Allows all members to summon attackable monsters on the map Activate n/a

Guild Combat Research

This section is focused on Combat. This can certainly give the edge on your competition, and help those members who don’t spend as much increase their stats. This tree unlocks the newest troops; Elite Champion, Elite Marauders, and Elite Defenders. Each of these converts a Darkcore troop type (Mage/Cav/Warrior) into a stronger level troop.

These troops are training the Elite Barracks, and require the applicable Dark Core Troop and Dark Elite Armaments. Each one has stats equal to Tier 8 Troops.

Research Node Benefits Level 1 Boost Max Boost
Guild Max Prisoner Receiving Bonus Increases max prisoners providing bonus +1 (Mastered) n/a
Guild Core Troop Attack Increases Dark Warrior/Cav/Mage Attack 35M% 700M%
Guild Core Dark Troop Armor Increases Dark Warrior/Cav/Mage Armor 150M% 600M%
Guild Core Dark Troop HP Increases Dark Warrior/Cav/Mage HP 62.5M% 250M%
Guild Fort Dark Defense HP Increases Fort Dark Defense HP 75M% 300M%
Guild Fort Dark Assault Attack Increases Fort Dark Assault Attack 20M% 400M%
Guild Dark City Defense HP and Armor Increases Dark City Defense HP/Armor 25M%/100M% pending
Guild Dark City Defense Attack Increases Dark City Defense Attack 50M% 200M%
Guild Unlock Elite Defenders L6 Unlocks the ability to upgrade Dark T6 Warriors into T6 Elite Defenders Unlock n/a
Guild Dark March and Rally Size Increases Dark March/Rally Size 125M/375M 2.5B
Guild Dark Merc & Dark Merc Rally Increases Dark Merc March/Rally Size 45M/135M pending
Guild Dark Elemental March & Rally Size Increases Dark Elemental March/Rally Size 30M/90M pending
Guild Dark Troop Bonuses Increases Dark Attack/HP/Armor 25M%/15M%/35M% pending
Guild Dark Merc Bonuses Increases Dark Merc Attack/HP/Armor 25M%/15M%/35M% pending
Guild Dark Elemental Bonuses Increases Dark Elemental Attack/HP/Armor 20M%/10M%/25M% pending
Guild Unlock Elite Marauders L6 Unlocks the ability to upgrade Dark T6 Mage into T6 Elite Marauders Unlock n/a
Guild Dark March Speed Increases Dark Troop attack and rally speed 200%/300% pending
Guild Dark Troop Attack with Hero Increases Dark Troop Attack with Hero 22.5M% 450M%
Guild Dark Troop Armor with Hero Increases Dark Troop Armor with Hero 125M% 500M%
Guild Dark Troop HP with Hero Increases Dark Troop HP with Hero 75M% 300M%
Guild Rally Reduction Time Increases Rally Time Reduction 25% 25%
Guild Dark City Assault Attack Increases Dark City Assault Attack 15M% 300M%
Guild Dark City Astral Attack Increases Dark Astral Attack 10M% 200M%
Guild Mount Attack Increases Mount Attack 7.5M% 150M%
Guild Champion Monsters per March Increases Monsters per march 1 1
Guild Dark Crystal Holding Attack/HP Increases Dark Crystal Holding Attack/HP 22.5M%/15M% Pending
Guild Dark Rally Attack/HP Increases Dark Rally Attack/HP 22.5M%/15M% Pending
Guild Unlock Elite Champions L6 Unlocks the ability to upgrade Dark T6 Cav into T6 Elite Champions Unlock n/a

Guild Research requires co-operation and communication. It gives benefits to the entire Guild, even those that cannot spend a lot of money. Be sure to grind those events that give Emblems so that your Guild can complete as many Nodes as possible!

Do you have any questions or tips about Guild Research? Let us know in the comments below!

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  2. steve_4gears
    steve_4gears says

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    LILWICKED1 says

    So we unlocked elite defenders but can not train are we waiting on all research tonbe complete ornate we waiting on the new building to arrive and if so when?

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