5 Ways to Build Power Fast

Building your power in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is really satisfying. In this article, we’re going to cover five strategies to build the power of your empire quickly and sustainably.

We will be focusing mainly on building permanent power. The first way that  most people think to build power is by training troops. While this will work, troops can and will be lost. Many times newer players spend an enormous amount of resources on troop training only to have that power wiped out by a stronger empire looking for kills. Troops will also lower your food production, which can lead to resource problems down the line.

So as you train troops, you must be working on permanent power gain and researching towards the higher-tier troops that give MUCH greater power gains and greater combat strength.

The systems in game that increase your power permanently are research, buildings, and hero. We will cover each, as well as troops and some additional tricks.


1: Upgrade Research

Higher-level research provides enormous power.


Research is the best way to add to your power, both directly and indirectly.

Every piece of research done in the University will add to your power. The gains will look modest at first, but as you upgrade categories above 8 the power gained from each new level will grow into the tens or hundreds of thousands each.

Research is power that is yours forever. It can’t be lost from a battle that goes poorly (unlike troop power).

Even better, every piece of research you complete makes you more effective in some way, which will snowball your other efforts to build power and overall strength. Furthermore, research is how you unlock stronger troops.

So if you want to build power, make research your main priority for resources and time. Since research is expensive, we have a Research Guide later in this series to help you make the best choices on what (and when) to research.


2: Upgrade Buildings

Like research, upgrading your buildings will add permanent power to your empire. The gains are lower compared to research though, so if you’re looking to build power you will want to use buildings primarily to unlock new University levels. Later in this series we provide a building guide that shows the most efficient path to building up towards more power and new research unlocks.

Note that if you decide to deconstruct a building later, you’ll lose the power gained from that building (but not the hero experience gained).

Just so you know, upgrading buildings requires great amounts of stone and later granite. We cover the resources in our Resource Guide later in this series.


3: Level Up Your Hero


Every time you level up your hero, you get power and AP (ascension points) to put into your hero’s skill tree. If you want to get the benefits of that power and those skill points more quickly, we have a guide on tricks to level your hero fast in the Hero Skills Guide.

Do know that at Citadel level 15 your hero can be captured by opposing heroes, and can be banished at Citadel level 20. We’ll cover that in our Combat Defense Guide.


4: Train Troops

Troops are one the main sources of your power level in Final Fantasy, along with the bedrock of research and buildings. One of the fastest way to gain power is to train up lots of troops. Even at earlier Citadel levels and research tiers, training up a huge number of tier 1 troops can boost your power considerably.

However, as we covered at the beginning of the article, this can backfire hard. The power will be lost if (when) you lose the troops, and so will the resources you used to train them. And huge number of tier-1 troops can make you a target for savvy players with higher-tier troops who want to boost their kill count.

Another downside to tons of low-level troops is that they have a food requirement. Train enough and you will go into negative food production depending on your farm output. You WILL NOT lose troops from negative food production, but it makes it harder to paty for research or buildings., There are multiple ways to get around this, but the easiest way is to not make so many troops that it is a problem.

If you want to use troops to boost power, focus on the research first to unlock higher-tier troops. A tier 2 or tier 3 troop is MUCH more effective in combat and adds more to your power as well. Having enough tier-1 around to act as an early meatshield is useful, but don’t go too wide on t1 as they are much weaker than the other troop types unless you have backed up


5: Build Traps And/Or Siege

Traps can be the fastest way to gain power if you have dipped into the defense research tree. As a bonus, they help protect your empire by slowing down any attackers. The power gained from a trap is double that of a troop of equivalent level (for about the same cost), so if you’re looking to make very quick power gains with no other consideration then traps are the way to go. This can be helpful for things like getting into a guild that has power requirements.


Troop trap tier 2

Power comparison of the tier 2 troop versus a tier 2 trap.


The downside of traps is that you can’t attack with them. Troops may be lower in raw power (although just as effective in combat stats, as you can see in the picture above), but you can use them offensively to crush other empires and gather resources from tiles. Traps just sit there and wait to be stepped on. And researching them takes resources that might be better spent trying to get to higher troop tiers.

Still though, given how fast traps can boost your power for their cost (and the fact that they don’t require food upkeep), they can be a good option if your main goal is to build power.

Siege also have higher power for their troop tier, and can additionally be used for gathering from resource tiles or monster lairs. They are also strong against traps, so having a march or two of them can be very helpful for both making progress and on offense. They are weak against the other troop types though, so until you get into the higher-level research that provides them better attack and armor, best only to use siege at least one tier higher than your lowest troop type so that they aren’t immediately hit when you are attacked.

Pro-Tip: Siege do NOT “make you burn” or make you inherently weaker somehow on defense just by being in your empire. This is an incorrect assumption that gets passed around by some players, but it isn’t true. Siege are just weaker against normal troops, so try to use higher-tier siege than your lowest troop tier on defense to keep them safe.



To build power, focus on research and get up to higher tier troops (or traps) as quickly as possible. You’ll see a quicker (and way more sustainable) power curve that way, win more battles, and just have an all-around more effective empire.

In the next article in this series, we are going to cover What to Look For In Packs so that you can maximize your purchasing power to get the most pack benefit.

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  1. JY says

    Hi, thanks for these very nice and detailed write ups. One thing I’m trying to figure out is, what’s the main point of increasing the Power? Does it benefit in anyway to have a high power level, other than to join a guild that has requirement?

  2. Red says

    Thanks Lizbette! Really glad to hear it helps.

  3. Lizbette says

    This is very detailed! I was getting to a point in my research and power raising that I wasn’t sure what to work on next and I didn’t know which questions to ask. This takes care of way more than I thought I needed. Thanks guys

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