Build Your Empire Fast: Quick-Start Guide

So you’ve just started playing Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, and you want to know how quickly to get up to speed and into the action FAST. There are a lot of different things to focus on at first: buildings to upgrade, resource costs, research, attack and defense.

This quick-start guide walks you through the basic strategies to help you build your Empire fast. We’ll cover the key points to making quick progress that also have lasting benefits for your Empire.


1: Level up your Resource Buildings

Resources are the the first hurdle you will run into while leveling your Empire up. The most effective way to deal with this is by building resource buildings in your base.

Your resource buildings are the farm, the quarry, the mine, the energy extractor and the bank. These in turn produce food, stone, metal, energy and gil respectively. This is the currency that you use to purchase new buildings and research in the University.

When you are first starting out, focus on your resource buildings. You’ll occasionally have to level up one of each type to continue leveling the Citadel, but other than that you are free to build whichever type you like as long as there is a plot of ground available. Three quarries and two each of the other types will speed you through the early levels.

I would recommend against making a completely equal number of all resource buildings filling all the plots. When you get to higher Citadel levels and costs start rising, you will need to adjust your resource strategy. You will not be able to produce everything you need on your base alone. We discuss this further in the Resource Guide and point 4 below. For now, level up a few buildings rather than a huge number of smaller ones.


2: Hunt Monsters

monster hunting
I don’t know why this blue pudding is full of stone, but I’m not complaining.

After researching Monster Hunting level 1 in the combat tree, you gain the ability to send your Hero out to hunt monsters on the map. You do this by clicking on the monster; at which point your hero will walk out and attack the monster.

You’ll want to do this whenever you can, because monsters drop a lot of resources that you need to build your base as well as crafting materials to make gear later.

Pro-Tip: Always use the single hit option when hunting Monsters instead of max attack. It takes longer, but you will get more items and resources this way.


3: Research Constantly

Research is the key element to making progress in the game. It’s how you unlock new abilities, new troop and trap types, and improve everything that you can already do. Never let your University sit idle if you can help it.

The Hero research tree is a good place to focus early efforts when you first start the game. The returns are great, and the research is cheap to start with. A level or two of MP Recovery is great for getting more monster hits in, and March Speed will cut down on the time you need to actually hunt the monsters.

After early monster hunting, the combat tree is where you are going to spend most of your time. Tier 2 troops are absolutely necessary for early attack and defense, and you’ll want to research towards those as quickly as possible.

After tier 2 troops, whether you focus on attack and defense will depend on your goals or whether or not you are purchasing packs. The resource costs for tier 3 research are very high, so you should focus on defense after tier 2 unless you are buying lots of packs to get to t3 quickly.

Focusing on defense research with your t2 troops will let you hold off many higher-power players while collecting resources and waiting on timers to complete more combat research. When combined with strategies in the Combat Defense Guide later in this series, this will give you a huge advantage over people who are mainly buying more t1 troops and not doing their research.

Also, the economics research tree can help in the early levels, but it is best not to level anything in there past 4 or 5 to start with. There are some real gems in the Econ tree, but they come at much higher University levels and it is best to focus on defense or combat first.

One last point about research: It is power that cannot be taken away from you. Troops can be killed, your rss can be stolen by attackers, and at higher Citadel levels you can even have your hero captured and lose the benefits from Hero skills and gear. But once you finish research it is yours forever and nothing can take it from you.


4: Buy packs with permanent discount boosts

The resources and speed-ups from a pack or two will propel you forward into t2 and a much safer and more stable Empire. Regardless of how many packs you choose to purchase, if any, they are the fastest way to make progress in the game.

It is also critical to buy the packs in the right order. When in doubt about which pack to buy, prioritize packs that permanently reduce resource costs on buildings and research.  These are followed in priority by the building time reduction boost.  Do not buy the consumable or gear packs at early levels.

We break down what to look for in packs later in this series, but in the meantime stick to the permanent boosts when they are on offer and you will be setting yourself up for success both now and later.


5: Don’t train troops you don’t need

A big mistake that I’ve seen a lot of new players make is spending a ton of resources to train up a HUGE number of tier 1 troops, who then all get wiped out by a rampaging empire with higher-tier troops looking to boost their kill count.

Tier 1 troops are very weak compared to every other troop tier, and they cost money that is lost when they die. You need at least some t2 troops to effectively attack and defend while working on research and buildings. For that reason, it can be best practice to keep a minimum number of t1 troops at hand until you have t2.Then you can start pumping out much larger numbers of t1 to help defeat incoming enemies and protect your t2 troops.

A large number of t1 troops backed up by a smaller-but-still-sizeable number of t2 troops can dissuade larger empires from attacking you, if only because of the losses they will receive. Until then, focus your rss on your research.


6: Hyperfarm Resources

Behold, the field in which I hyperfarm my food.

Hyperfarming is something you will need to learn in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.  The general principle is to pick a resource (stone, metal, food, energy, and/or gil) to specialize in. You’ll then build one of each of your non-specialized resource buildings, and every other building space is taken up by your specialty resource. An example hyperfarm can be seen in the image below, although it could be any resource and not just food:

If you have extra time (maybe while waiting for your Citadel to upgrade), you can also make farm accounts. A “farm account” is an alternate account in the same realm devoted to producing one hyper resource plus gil that you can raid as needed.

You’ll need to do one or both of these things to progress at a certain point, because building costs and research costs very quickly become more than you can actually produce with a mix of buildings. Specializing and then trading resources with your guild (and/or raiding your farm accounts) is a good way to get ahead and supplement your pack purchases.


7: Gather

Gathering means to send your troops out to a resource tile or monster lair where they will collect resources or crafting drops. Siege is especially good for this because they have a very high load stat, although they are weak against other troop types in combat.

Gathering can be extremely profitable for resources and crafting drops. The time spent gathering at these tiles can be reduced by research in the Economics tree, making Gathering even more effective. Here’s a screenshot of a gathering run on a level 3 Monster Lair using t2 siege:

Gathering is inherently unsafe though, as other players can attack your troops while they are on a tile. When this happens, your troops don’t have the protection of any defense research in your empire, and you don’t get resources if they don’t make it back. So only gather when you are online and can recall them if someone attacks.


8: Join an active guild

This is really important.

Guilds serve a number of purposes:

  • Social company
  • Mutual defense -reinforcement protection in a hive
  • Combat support in a raid
  • Helps for speeding up building and research timers
  • Resource support
  • Game knowledge

One of the most important things in terms of building your empire quickly is the guild speed-ups.

Times on buildings, research, and troop training get very long as the game progresses. But when one of your guildmates helps you, 1% of the remaining time is shaved off and you’re that much closer to that huge upgrade being finished. That may not seem like a lot right now, but when the timers stretch into days rather than hours those helps become critical.

Pro Tip: Clicking help gives you 100 loyalty each time, or 200 if you have the loyalty doubler pack. Help your guildmates out and you will be rewarded.

To get the full benefit of the loyalty, and to get helps quickly, you have to be in a big guild with active members.


9: Do Your Empire And Guild Quests

Guild and Hero Quests
Pretty good deal for pushing a button

The Empire and Guild Quests, which are found under the Quest Tab, are underestimated by many players. The returns on rss or loyalty are very modest when you first start the game, so many people stop doing them and forget about them.

But there is something they don’t know. The rewards from these quests get better as you level, and they are one of the best sources of rare crafting materials.

You can see the rewards for a given quest by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the Quest. Prioritize the ones that have crafting mats in case you don’t have time to log on later for the others.

Pro-Tip: Save your Hero Chance item that you get from Citadel Upgrades or random drops until you have a higher level Citadel. You can use them to refresh your quests, and your quests contain more rare crafting materials at higher Citadel levels.

If nothing else, this is free rss for pushing a button in a game with very high resource costs. Make it a habit to scroll through these every time you are on.


10: Craft some gear to boost your stats

Crafting is a big topic that we cover in the Gear Guide, but when you are first starting out, any gear is better than none. Keep hitting monsters whenever you can to get crafting drops, send siege out to gather at the monster lairs after you kill them, and pretty soon you will be able to start crafting some basic gear.

Recommendations would be pieces of the Hunter set, some goggles to reduce building times, and some weapons to increase rss production. Gear comes in different quality levels depending on the materials you use, but to start with any gear colored grey, white or green-quality gear will do.

Pro-Tip: Some materials are very rare, and you don’t want to use a purple or yellow material until you can make really good gear. Refer to the Gear Guide for more information.

Additionally, the periodic crafting events in the game often provide valuable speed-ups and are easier to complete than the other events.

Build Your Empire Fast Checklist

  1. Level your resource buildings as you level your Citadel
  2. Hunt Monsters as frequently as possible
  3. Research constantly; focus on combat till t2
  4. Buy packs with permanent resource discounts
  5. Don’t train more troops than you need
  6. Hyperfarm by making more of a single kind of resource building and trading with your guild
  7. Gather from Monster Lairs and Rss Tiles
  8. Join a big active guild for helps and loyalty
  9. Do your Empire and Guild Quests
  10. Craft some lower-quality gear as soon as you can


If you follow the tips and principles above, you will make lasting progress much faster. In the rest of this series, we are going to dive more deeply into the game mechanics

The next article in the series gives you 5 Ways To Build Power Fast.

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  1. Jay says

    First Build 10 farms mines quarries energy extractors banks barracks and hospital wards deconstuct as needed to do it and you will get 8 free 24 hrs shields

  2. Master Odd says

    Can you guys please update the information on the Articles 1-11, some of the information is outdated and its 7 months later..
    there is newer information available and the game has updated several times since then.

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