Exploring a New World; Do’s and Don’ts for Beginners

The first time a player downloads Final Fantasy can be a bit overwhelming. The world of EOS is full of possibility and danger. There are some common mistakes players new to the game make. Today we take a look at some commonly made errors, and better strategies to help in early gameplay.

Don’t start building willy nilly

There are multiple options to set up the buildings that allow more than one to be created. In older realms, the boosts don’t matter as much, but in new realms, they will help. Keep this in mind, as the boosts are stackable.

  • Hospital Wards: Defender Troop HP Bonus
  • Barracks: Troop Attack Bonus
  • Banks: Troop Armor Bonus

Many Defensive players go straight for the banks. Don’t underestimate the power of HP, especially early in the game! Having a good bed capacity is also important to save troops (and guardians if those are available to be trained).

Many players also ask “How many Farms, Quarries, etc should I have?”. A split resource build is not going to give you enough RSS to really matter. Later in the game, these buildings are relatively inconsequential as well. However, early on many players hyperfarm. Hyperfarming is building all of one type of resource building. For example, all Quarries. Once they do that, they make accounts to hyperfarm the other RSS and collect from those daily.

FFXVANE HUB Tip! Before you create your desired buildings, build 10 of each of the Bank, Barracks, Hospital, Farm, Quarry, Energy Extractor and Mine. Just build to level 1 and deconstruct. Doing this completes quests that give you a 24 hour Peace Shield for each. That’s a week of free shields!

Don’t shield 24/7 at first

There’s really no need, and you’ll be wasting expensive and valuable shields you’ll need later. You shouldn’t be training any more than troops for gathering until you’re ready to Defend. Build evenly, and keep your Citadel under C15 for as long as you need to do research, accumulate materials for good gears, and build out.

On the flip side, protect yourself! Once you pass C15, fake rally your Hero or bubble. Again, don’t train a large amount of troops until you’re ready to defend yourself.

Don’t fake rally your hero with troops home

Let’s be real here, that’s an attacker’s dream, both in Realm and during RvR. Your Hero provides a huge amount of Defense, especially if you have good Gear and Gems. When your Hero is on a walkabout, it doesn’t do anything to protect your troops, they’re just meat. This happens all the time during RvR; 16m troops home and no Hero. Those troops go poof quicker than you can say bubble!

Don’t Master Combine all gems or materials

Combining all can put you in quite a jam. For example, four Level 4 gems are usually more powerful than one Level 5. Combining them actually decreases your stats. For a list of Gem stats per level click here. The same goes for Materials. Often one material will be harder to get than others. For those that only want to craft at a 100% Legendary status, combining all here is fine. However, if you want to craft to purple and upgrade, this could take away two of the purple materials you need.

FFXVANE Tip: Combine selectively! Decide what gear you want and combine only what you need for that.

Don’t add all Hero XP at once

Each time you level up your Hero it refreshes your MP bar. Save your Hero XP for an event such as a Realm Boss or a Monster Mayhem. Adding your XP all at once is incredibly wasteful, even if it’s satisfying. Be patient!

Don’t get too hung up on the Crystal in RvR

The points aren’t that great, to be honest. You’ll get a whole lot more points out crushing people. Now I know many of you like your Titles, but I swear you’ll like winning the event more! Also on an RvR note; don’t sit in your home Realm and send march after march at Invaders! I know everyone wants Tier 3, but you’re losing 5 to 1 and it’s just a huge loss of points for your Realm.

Final Fantasy is a large and complicated game. Take advantage of these Do’s and Don’t to help get a strong start on your game.

Do you have any tips? Leave them in the comment below!

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