Guide to Guild Hive Defense

Guild defense is a major part of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. A guild with a well-thought-out layout is much more likely to successfully defend against attackers than a guild that puts little to no thought into the layout of their hive.


This guide will show you how to utilize the natural defense of blocked structures on the map of Eos to strategically place your guild in a way that makes it difficult for other players to attack. This  will be perfect for anyone who is considering starting a new guild, as well as guild leaders who would like their hive to have more defense or are looking to relocate to a new hive.



Benefits of Guild Hive Defense


Before we get started, let’s define what we mean by a “hive”:


Hive: – (n) A collection of empires belonging to, or affiliated with, a specific guild or alliance of guilds who position their empires next to one another to reduce the amount of time it takes to reinforce one another during an attack.


When you look at other guilds and the way that they position their empires within their hive, it’s immediately obvious which ones which ones spent a lot of time and careful planning in the making of their hive and which ones were arbitrarily thrown together without giving defense a second thought.


Look at some of the guilds at the top of the leaderboard for power in your realm and chances are you’ll notice that they generally have very organized hive layouts. But a well-organized hive layout isn’t just for high level fact, it’s never too early in the game to optimize your guild’s hive for defense and enjoy the perks that come with it:


  • Less frequent attacks due to the increased difficulty of accessing targets and increased march time, allowing your guild to keep more resources, troops, and power.
  • You have more response time to reinforce lower-level empires or for people to bubble against incoming attacks.
  • Give the lowest level players in your guild easy access to resources and farms.
  • Give higher level players your guild better access to high level monsters.
  • Some of the best hive layouts can look so intimidating that would-be attackers won’t even attempt an assault.
  • A well-planned hive layout requires zero maintenance or upkeep – once it’s done, it’s yours for the lifetime of your guild.
  • Relocating your guild’s hive to a new spot is the best way to tell which members are no longer active. This is important for guilds who want to keep growing but have already hit their maximum amount of members or are closing in on their maximum.
  • Who doesn’t like a change of scenery now and again?



Finding the Perfect Hive Location


A great hive layout is only as good as the location on which it is built. You want to find an empty space large enough to fit every member in my guild, plus more members as you grow. (Keep in mind you can only have up to 100 guild members.) The first thing you should consider is your proximity to other guilds. Relocating your guild next to another guild that has twice as much power as you do is probably not the best idea. You might be thinking of moving in next to a smaller guild so you can farm their resources, but you don’t know if they are allied with one of the big guilds of the realm, or if the other guild leader has a big brother with a level 40 citadel and a few million T5 troops in tow. Ultimately, finding a spacious area secluded from any other guilds will save you from having to compete for monsters, lairs and resource tiles. If this is what you’re looking for, then a solid 2-minute march from the next guild’s hive is more than enough room. You can gauge this distance without teleporting to the area by looking at the time it takes to march to a monster next to the neighboring guild’s hive and subtracting that from the time it takes to march to a monster near your potential hive.


Many of the big guilds choose to make the area just outside of the Crystal Scar their home. This keeps them in proximity to the crystal at all times and allows them to attach or reinforce Crystal troops from the comfort of their home. The Crystal Scar is also home to some of the strongest monsters in the realm, so whether you’re looking for blueprints to drop from a level 4 Garula or your farm needs to build up loyalty by attacking level 1 monsters, there is short supply of fauna local to the Crystal Scar. Although having their hive located next to the Crystal is a priority for many guilds, the Scar doesn’t provide much in the way of natural defense. Having your hive adjacent to the Crystal also leave your guild vulnerable to attacks during RvR. Think about this: when someone teleports to your realm from theirs, the Crystal is the first thing they see. When they go looking for hives to attack so they can build up those valuable RvR points, who is the first guild they are going to attack? The ones surrounding the Crystal Scar, that’s who. Since this is an article about hive defense nd not Crystal strategy, we are going to pass on building our hive next to the Crystal.


The most important aspect of strategic hive placement is natural defense. Look for an area that is surrounded by lakes, mountain ranges and other structures on the world map that are “blocked”, or tiles that no empire can teleport to. The longer an attacker must march over lakes or other blocked tiles, the longer you have to reinforce your guild or rally your attacker.


Once you find a location that you like, it’s best to count the number of empty tiles in that area to make sure that everyone in your guild can fit without leaving too many open tiles. This will prevent any surprises when your empire starts to teleport in. Eos is a huge place, so it’s only a matter of time until you find a Goldilocks hive location that fits your guild just right. Here are some examples of a hive layout with natural protection using the lakes and mountains:


Hive Defense: Natual Terrain Lakes
Guild hive defense is strongest when sandwiched between two lakes.


Guild hive guarded by level 30 empires.
Guild hive guarded by level 30 empires.

Hive protected by encampments.
Guild hive entrance protected with encampments.


A defensive hive has limited access to any entry point. Try to find blocked tiles to sandwich your guild in between. Look for lakes, mountains… and whatever this structure is:


Double mountain hive space


Preparing Your Guild


If you’re just starting a new guild – great! You can skip this step and start recruiting other guild members. If you have a very large guild where every player has multiple farms, or second guild just for your farms, then this next part can be a little tricky, but ultimately worth the time it takes to pull off a guild-wide relocation.


Ideally, you want everyone in your hive to all teleport within the same 2-day period after everyone saves up for a teleport.The preparation leading up to the actual relocation can take a week or more depending on who in your guild has an advanced teleport. Advanced teleports can be purchased in gold packs or from the guild store for 150,000 loyalty points, which you can get through a variety of means that we cover in the Loyalty Guide.  While some players can buy an advanced teleport, or may even already have a few to spare, chances are that most of your guild members need to save up enough loyalty points to buy a teleport from the guild store.


To earn enough loyalty to buy a teleport, your members can hit the help button, hit monsters, and do the “Correct for Rewards” mini-game from the “More” menu. Check out the Loyalty Guide on FFXVANE Hub for more ideas on how to get loyalty fast.


TIP: The quickest way to make sure that every member of your guild has an advanced teleport is to make sure everyone understands why the new move and layout are important. Clearly communicating the reason for the move will help the members of your guild understand . After all, they are the only ones who can purchase a teleport. Give them a little motivation by talking about the benefits of guild hive defense mention earlier in the guide.



Teleporting & Assigned Coordinates


After everyone in your guild has an advanced teleport in hand, the only thing left to do is make the jump! To help prevent confusion and miscommunication during the transition, it’s extremely helpful to elect one member of your guild to be your guild’s Courier. It is the Courier’s job is to message each member of your guild and give them the exact coordinates for their home in the new hive.


TIP: When considering the placement of each member of your guild, their citadel level is an important factor, but also hear their requirements. Do they have farms that need to go next to them? Do they have a preferred location in the new hive? Do they want to be next to their friends in the guild? These are all questions the Courier should ask players before the move.


When your entire guild is ready to teleport, schedule a set time with your guild so that you can get as many people moved as quickly as possible. The Courier will start giving coordinates to your strongest players to teleport around the parameter of your new hive. After that the strongest players move, the Courier goes down the line, moving one player at a time. It’s important that the hive relocation is completed as quickly as possible. The longer it takes, the longer your guild is vulnerable to attackers before the new hive defense is complete.


In terms of placement of empire by level, having the strongest players on the parameter of your hive is ideal for two reasons for this: 1.) To fend off would-be attacks, and 2.) If the high-level players are frequently teleport for Crystal events and the like, then they need to remain on the outskirts of the hive so that there are never any empty tiles or encampments in the middle of the hive.


Behind your guild’s high-level players are your farms. Farms act as an added layer of protection for the players in the middle of your hive. At the center are your level 20 and under empires. This includes players who haven’t yet unlocked T3 troops or are at risk for becoming a rally target during events like RvR and Guild Kill.  Having them all consolidated in the center of your hive with a ring of farm accounts encircling them will give them ample resources to grow as quickly as possible, and ample time to reinforce one another should someone breach your hive’s other defenses.


If you have players who are dedicated Trap empires, you may also want to sprinkle those along the edges. These players WANT to be hit by incoming attacks, so take this into account when planning your guild layout.





This is what your empire placement should look like going from the center of your hive, out.

1.       Level 20 and under empires

2.       Level 21-29 empires

3.       Farm empires and/or Traps

4.       Level 30 and up empires and/ or Traps

5.       Encampments (optional)


Additionally, you want a lake, mountain or blocked tile protecting your hive on 2-3 sides if at all possible.


Keep in mind that this defensive strategy works best if you have no empty tiles in the middle of your hive. Encampments might temporarily block an empty tile in the middle of your hive, but they won’t deter an attacker from destroying the encampment and teleporting in the middle of your hive if they really want to wreak havoc.


Filling any empty tiles with quickly-made farms rather than encampments might just keep you from losing all your troops. A better use of encampments is to have farm accounts use them to create a second, third, or even a fourth line of defense that goes beyond your highest level players on the outside of the hive. Every occupied tile further increases the amount of time an attacker must march before they hit your guild.


Although deciding to relocate your guild’s hive into a more strategic location requires time, patience, most importantly, teamwork, it will be a major deterrent to any players who are considering attacking your guild and an overall great long-term strategy to invest in.

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