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Loyalty is extremely important in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, and this guide will show you how to get more of it.  Many of the most useful items in the game are only purchasable with loyalty in the Guild Store, awarded randomly in gifts or the proving grounds, or purchased in packs. Since packs cost money and you can’t count on random drops, this makes a reliable stream of loyalty necessary to purchase things like anti-scouts and shields.

There are three sources of loyalty in the game at present time: Guild Quests, Monsters, and Guild Helps. All three of those are ultimately limited sources; you can’t grind loyalty by attacking other empires like you can with rss or Hero XP. So what can you do to maximize your loyalty? First, let’s start with the most obvious way.


Buy the Loyalty Doubler Pack

There are a lot of pack options that we cover in our article on What To Look For In Packs. The Loyalty Doubler isn’t target #1, but it is not far behind. If you want reliable access to items in the Guild Store, many of which can’t even be purchased with packs, you NEED this boost.


If you follow the other suggestions below with the Loyalty Doubler pack, you will have enough loyalty coming in to buy anti-scouts and 8-hour shields when required, and have enough left over to save for the more expensive items like ports in a reasonable timeframe.


You can still use everything else in the article without the loyalty doubler boost, but this will make it harder to reliably afford necessaries as well as the big items over time.


Maximize Guild Quests And Helps

Guild quests are on a timer that resets every few hours. Helps are on a timer that resets every 14. If you want to get the most loyalty possible, you’ll want to hit these when they are available, within reason (so don’t lose sleep over it).


There is nothing you can do to increase loyalty from the Quests aside from the doublers, but there is something you can do to maximize guild helps: join an active guild. To ensure a steady supply of incoming helps, your teammates need to be building stuff and researching constantly. So join a big, active guild.


Maximize Monster Loyalty


Where is it carrying the loyalty?? It doesn’t even have pockets!


Monsters are great. They drop crafting items, they drop resources, and they drop loyalty. Lots of loyalty. To maximize loyalty drops from monsters, you want to hit monsters as often as possible.

Update 10/9/17: The following strategy has been updated to reflect the change in monsters available on the Map and the MP costs of hitting those monsters.

With the changes in monsters during the second week of October 2017, it is now more expensive in terms of MP to get loyalty from monsters. This makes gaining a set of decent (blue or better, preferrably Yellow) Hunter gear as fast as possible absolutely critical for gaining loyalty. You can read more about Hunter Gear in the Gear and Gems guide, but for purposes of Loyalty the +MP items are the most critical pieces. You want the most MP possible and you want to exhaust it as often as possible to maximize loyalty.  For purposes of completing the Hunter set, you will want to hit Behemoths and gather at Behemoth Lairs as these are the new source of Sahagin scales.

The increased MP cost of the new Behemoths and Goblins means that the Max MP and MP regen research in the Hero tree is extremely important as well.  Additionally, the new Crafting Research Tree will make your Hunter Gear even better as it affects MP and other Monster-fighting stats. Just make sure you actually have some good gear before you spend the rss and speed-ups on the Crafting Research.

One upside to the monster changes is that the higher-level monsters scale better in terms of loyalty gain than their predecessors. You can feel free to hit any level of monster and the Loyalty will scale. The most important thing is to be attacking monsters as often as possible.


The following updates were added on 1/20/2018 to include even more ways to rack up loyalty points.


Correct for Rewards

In addition to  guild quests, attacking monsters, and guild helps, you can also complete the Correct for Rewards mini-game, which can be found from the More menu. Correct for Rewards is on the left-hand side, 5 tiles down.

When you start Correct for Rewards, you will be given a real sentence another player typed into chat. Your job is to correct the sentence with proper spelling and grammar. There are 5 write-in answers and 5 multiple-choice answers.

Every time you answer correctly you will be rewarded with 1,500 loyalty points as well as one of each T1 resource. Just like your guild help bar, Correct for Rewards can be done once every 24 hours, allowing you to collect up to 15,000 in loyalty points if all questions are answered correctly.


Deconstructing Buildings


You can also quickly fill up your daily loyalty guild help bar with a little help from your other guild members. As you already know, any time you upgrade a building or star new research, you get to ask your other guild members for help, which effectively lowers the timer. The same thing can be done when deconstructing a building, only you can cancel the deconstruction at any time.

This is done by selecting any resource building and tapping the red Deconstruction button. You will be given two options – instantly destroy the building using a Bomb (which you buy with loyalty from the guild store), or destroy the building after the time runs out. Select the option with the timer, then you will be able to ask you guild for help deconstructing that building. After a few of your guild members have clicked help and earned themselves loyalty points, you can tap on that same resource building, cancel the deconstruction, then start it over again.

This method is great because it costs absolutely nothing and can be repeated over and over until your guild members have reach their daily maximum amount of loyalty points, which is normally 10,000 points and 20,000 with the lifetime loyalty doubler.

The more guild members who help, the quicker you can reach your daily maximum loyalty, so organize a loyalty building event with your guild today!



Loyalty Checklist:

  • Buy the doubler pack boost
  • Hit guild helps, be in an active guild
  • Do your guild quests every time they reset
  • Hit monsters constantly
  • Research the MP cost reductions and MP Recovery skills
  • Craft a green or better hunter set as early as possible
  • You do not get more loyalty from a critical hit or a kill



Pretty simple formula: stay on top of quests and helps, do Hero research and hit tons of monsters, buy the Loyalty Doubler boost. You won’t exactly have loyalty coming out your ears, but you’ll be ahead of the curve and your needs will be comfortably taken care of.

Next up is our last article in the Beginner’s Guide series, our Gear and Gems Guide.

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  1. Queen says

    do not buy a pack for loyalty. This article does not tell you everywhere to get loyalty. Go to more>corrections and fix all the messages for tons of loyalty. I got 10000 loyalty from it today!

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