Adventurer Research

An entirely new research tree was recently added to the university: Adventurer Research.


adventurer research university


This skill tree is unlike any of the other research found at the university. This article will take a closer look at what Adventure Research does and how you can unlock these awesome new skills.

What is Adventurer Research?

The first thing we noticed about the Adventurer Research is that is not a traditional skill tree like all of the other research categories at the university or hero skills. Adventurer Research is made up of individual skills that are not connected in any way. None of them have prerequisites, so instead of needing to complete early stage research in order to unlock advanced research skills, players can start researching as soon as they have the required amount of Fragments and Shards.

There are no resource or level requirement for any of the Adventurer Research skills, nor does completing research give you any additional power or hero EXP, however, this may change as we see more advanced Adventurer Research in future updates.



Adventurer Time


As soon as you start your first Adventurer Research, you’ll notice that the timer can’t be sped up with traditional or royal speedups. All of the skills in Adventurer Research operate on a special timer called Adventurer Time. For the time being, we haven’t seen any Adventurer Research Speedups anywhere in the game.


What can you Learn in Adventurer Research?


Adventurer Research is not a category of skills like all of the other research found at the University. Instead, Adventurer Research combines some of the best skills from various categories. Here is a picture of the full Adventurer Research tree.


Adventurer Research Maximum Skill Bonuses

Every skill under Adventurer Research has a maximum of level 20. Here are the maximum bonuses for each of those skills.

  • +100,000 Reinforcement Capacity
  • 100% Hospital Capacity
  • 300% Resource Vault Capacity
  • +2,000 Max MP
  • 20% MP Recovery
  • 10% MP Cost Reduction
  • 40% Troop Load
  • 40% Loot Tile Gather Speed
  • 40% Gathering Speed
  • 100% Troop Attack with Hero*
  • 100% Troop HP with Hero*
  • 200% Hero Attack
  • 100% City Defense Attack
  • 100% City Defense Armor
  • 100% City Defense HP
  • 200% Gathering Attack*
  • 200% Gathering HP
  • 40% War Spoils
  • +10,000 Training Queue
  • 40% Training Speed
  • 40% Trap Building
  • 100% City Assault Attack
  • 100% City Assault Armor
  • 100% City Assault HP

* These skills are unique to Adventurer Research and can’t be found in any other skill tree.

How do I Unlock Adventurer Research?


Fortunately, Adventurer Research was automatically added to the university – no pack required! As mentioned previously, the only way to unlock skills in Adventurer Research is with Fragments and Shards.

Each skill will require a different type of fragment or shard related to that skill. For example, to unlock Gathering HP, you need Gatherer’s Fragments, which can be acquired randomly when gathering resources.

Here is a full list of Fragments and Shards used in Adventurer Research:

  • Secret gift fragment – Obtained by collecting the Secret Gift which will appear periodically while in your empire.
  • Luna’s gift fragment – Obtained by collecting Luna’s gift which will appear periodically while in your empire.
  • Monster Fragment – Obtained randomly from monster drops.
  • Monster Shard – Obtained randomly from monster drops.
  • Gatherer’s Fragment – Obtained randomly when gathering on a resource tile.
  • Looter’s Fragment – Obtained randomly when gathering on a monster lair.
  • Proving Grounds Fragment – Obtained randomly in the Proving Grounds.
  • Expedition Fragment – Obtained from completing quests and events.
  • Expedition Shard – Obtained from completing quests and events.



As you can see, Adventurer Research contains skills for every type of player – from traps, to attackers, and even farms! Since adventurer research is automatically accessible through the university, everyone will have access to these unique skills. It will be interesting to see how the addition of adventurer research changes gameplay in the coming weeks

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  1. Blip says

    Has anyone ever gotten a Monster Shard from attacking monsters? Because I’ve hit a lot of monsters, and I don’t have any. I have only ever seen them in events. Same thing with the Proving Ground Shards – they seem like they are event only..

  2. Blip says

    I think the buff is working, it’s just not as dramatic as you might expect. Remember, it’s going to increase your Hero Attack stat by 10%, not your current damage by 10%. So an increase from 170% Hero Attack to 180% might not be as noticeable as you expect. The damage increase is much more noticeable on lower level accounts without research/skills/eq that boost Hero Attack.

    As for the research time, initially it started at 10m and then started increasing after a few levels. Then for a few days that changed, and ALL adventurer research was reduced to 5 seconds, regardless of level. Then yesterday they changed it back to the old way.

  3. Visoroth says

    Pretty sure its bugged anyway. I have monster attack at level 6 for a 60% buff and i haven’t noticed a dmg increase at all. And past level 6 instead of taking 15 mins like the previous level it now only takes a few seconds.

  4. GLOW says

    Where on earth do you get looters fragrance?? i researched all the way to t3 monsters attacked them still no looters fragrance? Has any1 gotten any? also for tax reduction i notice their isnt much details about how far you can reduce your tax on this blog i wonder why?? Hmmm?? I know u could help us out more than that mr.blogger im at 30% completed lvl 7 im at cit 19 can i lvl up further at my cit or i gotta be at a cit i will never reach?? because spending 1500 bucks is not worth this game at all I don’t have it like that and its ridiculous I want to enjoy this game without paying the cost of renting a freaking house its a freaking game!! Wth these devs are way in over their head

  5. newempireplayer says

    How do I use the royal speed-ups? I don’t see them as an option to use for any of my buildings or research timers. I’m citadel level 31. Appreciate it. Thanks!

  6. Xurocca says

    I, too, thought the Adventurer Monster Attack was not working properly, especially since I couldn’t find any stat for it, but after raising it to level 9, it’s pretty clear that it’s working and providing a big damage boost. Let’s say you hit for like 5% base attack.. then at lvl 1, your attack becomes, I suppose 5.5%, so it’s hard to tell if anything is happening, especially given what seem to be variations between same level monsters. But at lvl 10, that would be like a 10% hit and you’ll really notice the critical attacks.

    As a sidenote, I haven’t tried the Beastmaster’s Torso, and I’m sure they are both nice, but the 2 streak on the Legendary Hunter’s Carapace makes it very cool to quickly ramp up deadly attacks. I recommend it! And then you could use your straps and jaws for other Beastmaster armors, instead.

  7. Amba says

    For me and my farms the monster buff works, not certain ft the numbers are 100% correct but for all heroes it is much easier to kill Monsters as before.

    And yes i have never gotten any Monster Shards from attacking lvl1-4 monsters

  8. Magic says

    I do think it might be bugged too… I have a lv 10 which should increase attack by 100%. Yet I really don’t see difference, even on hitting lower lv monsters..
    (Without crit I can end up using 3 hits on lv1 monster which is the same before that 100%)

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