Arcanaeum; An Overview

Enchanting Gear and more...

The Secret University has finally opened its doors as the Arcanaeum, and offers several benefits for enhancing offensive and defensive stats in your Citadel! Read on to see what lies behind those mysterious and arcane doors.

Opening the Arcanaeum requires an unlock, which is currently available only in packs. Once it is open, Research Enhancements becomes available, as well as Enchanting Gear. Enchanting Gear is a new method to get timed boosts on your equipment.

Enchant Gear

Currently, only weapons are available for Enchanting. There are five different Enchantments, and each is on a timer (42 minutes), so the boosts are not permanent. Enchantments are unlocked under the Research Enhancement Tree. Each Enchantment also requires Prepared Binding Site and Enchanter’s Focus to craft.

  • Vengeance: 10% Troop Attack Per Enemy Troop Attack Bonus
  • Fortify: 1,400% Earth Elemental Troop Attack Bonus, and 2,600% City Defense Troop HP
  • Frostbite: 600% Cripple Enemy HP, and 1,400% Ice Elemental Troop Attack Bonus
  • Flametongue: 2,600% City Assault Attack Bonus, and 1,400% Fire Elemental Troop Attack Bonus
  • Polarity: 1,400% Lightning Elemental Troop Attack Bonus, 120% Troop Attack Per Enemy Troop Armor Bonus.
  • Armiger: Unlocking this requires Noctis Limit Break. 15,000% Troop HP and 15,000% Troop Attack Bonus.

Research Enhancements

This new research tree unlocks the Gear Enchantments, and has research focused on Elemental boosts and Traps. Each research requires a specific flask and RSS.

The Arcanaeum Building offers benefits for both Offensive and Defensive accounts. Be sure to use your flasks and enchantments wisely based on your build to receive the maximum benefit. The Hub will be keeping an eye on this building and updating you in the future as gameplay unfolds.

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  1. Nex says

    Is the boost active once the research is unlocked? I thought there was a timer? Do you need to unlock and then research the same thing again since it always runs out?

      [email protected] says

      No, you just have to reactivate it not research it again.

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