Meet Leviathan, the Strongest Astral Yet

Summon Leviathan, Goddess of the seas

Do you need to take your astral skills to the next level? Then, Leviathan is for you. Some of her skills, fully utilized will give you a cavalry attack boost of over 100k %. Add in the fact that Leviathan can withstand 50% more damage than Shiva, she is essential to your gameplay.

The astral Leviathan is then our focus for today. You will learn about all her abilities so you can determine how to better set her skill points to benefit you in defense or offense. Considering that she has so much to offer after you read this article you will be better equipped to take on anything.

Goddess of the Seas

Leviathan is the second astral available to us in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. She will enable you to wield the devastating astral power of water. The goddess is able to withstand 50% more damage than Shiva. Use her skills wisely to crush your foes or to protect your empire!

Leviathan’s Skills

You can unlock the different sections of Leviathan skills by leveling her up. The first row is unlocked as soon as you upgrade the shrine, the second row is unlocked at Leviathan level 10, and the third row is unlocked at Leviathan level 20. Among these skills is a cavalry attack boost of 108,300%. She also has the same type of boosts as Shiva for her armor bonus, attack bonus, HP bonus and HP regeneration. Increasing your mercenary troop capacity comes with leveling up this astral. You will also find that she debuffs enemy astral armor when there are juggernaut present.

Each skill has a maximum of 50 points that can be allotted to master it. You get extra points similar to hero skill points to apply whenever you level up Leviathan. Unlike hero skill points, you can reset her skills at any time. Change it however many times you wish to customize your astral to suit your needs.

Here is an overview of Leviathan’s skill tree:

Leviathan Skills Map1Leviathan Skills Map2


Leviathan Level 1-9

Hardened Defense. Unlock this skill to harden your defense. You can increase Leviathan’s armor bonus by up to 328% and your city defense HP bonus by up to 84,700%. This is the first step to making your empire less likely to crumble during an attack. Level 102: City defense HP bonus up to 700,000%.

Barracuda Dive. When you utilize this skill, you will increase this astral’s attack bonus by up to 727%. Your cavalry attack will increase by up to 108,300% when your astral is present! That is a nice boost to your cavalry troops, and many attackers are changing from the mage focused setup that is boosted by Shiva to cavalry attacks. This is useful in offense as well as defense. This would be a great counter against the warrior attacks coming in with the help of Infernian gear. Level 105: Cavalry attack up to 700,000%.

Spring Water. The first HP boost to the astral Leviathan is opened with this skill. With a max of 50%, your astral will be harder to defeat in battle. Mercenary troop capacity is also increased for an added 2 million troops. Level 102: Mercenary Troop Capacity up to 5,000,000.

Leviathan Level 10-19

Protection Aura. If walls are your thing, this skill will increase the strength of your traps with a max of 200,000% HP. Pair this with your hero Ignis for a great fortress surrounding your empire. This skill also increases Leviathan’s armor bonus by up to 492%, similar to the first skill on the left. Level 103: Empire trap HP up to 1,100,000%.

Piercing Lunge. You will find this skill beneficial because it pierces cavalry armor. This is beneficial when attacking a base with a lot of cavalry. This also works when defending against a cavalry attack. Cavalry armor piercing of up to 41,000% will leave your enemy without full defenses. This is also the second Leviathan attack skill and can give a max of 312% astral attack. Level 103: Cavalry armor piercing up to 525,000%.

Fount of Life. Like the fountain of youth, this skill when maxed increases Leviathan’s HP bonus by up to 50%. This also increases her HP regeneration rate by up to 200%. Helpful when you need HP for defense or to regenerate after a prolonged attack streak. Sit back while your astral heals herself quickly, and get back to the fight in no time. Level 101: Leviathan’s HP Regeneration Bonus up to 300%.

Leviathan Level 20+

Sea Wall. This defense skill is the third Leviathan armor skill that can increase your astral armor by 737% if fifty skill points are applied. Your empire defender’s armor bonus will also increase by 216,700% when maxed out. Use this in combination with the other defense skills and your empire strength will increase immensely. Level 104: Empire’s defender armor bonus up to 1,500,000%.

Tidal Wave. A level 20 Leviathan is only the beginning of discovering the potential of your new astral. At this level, a wave crashes down with a Leviathan attack bonus of up to 1,637%. Also boosted is an enemy astral armor debuff of up to 20% if Juggernaut are present. Increasing your attack while at the same time decreasing the strength of your opponent’s astral will make you a force to be reckoned with. Level 105: Reduce a percentage of enemy astral armor when Juggernaut are present up to 25%.

Leviathan’s Favor. With this final skill, which is also the third Leviathan HP bonus skill available, you see an increase of her HP bonus by 50% when maxed. This also increases your troop HP while attacking the Crystal by a max of 60,000%. Use this in combination with other maxed skills and your takeover of the Crystal will be easier than ever. Level 101: Troop health while attacking crystal up to 850,000%.

Leviathan Level 101+

When you upgrade Leviathan using Level 2 Leviathan sigils, you get to level up her skills past 50. Even better, you get more skills to unlock!

Riptide. You will start to be able to train your first set of Champion of Leviathan troops, the warriors. This skill also increases Leviathan’s Armor bonus up to 100% and Troop armor for the Champions of Leviathan up to 1,900,000%. Requires level 113

Blessed Harpoons. This deadly skill unlocks your next Champion of Leviathan troops – cavalry. You also get a Leviathan attack bonus of up to 1,500% and troop attack for Champion of Leviathan up to 1,100,000%. Requires level 109.

Seabreeze. You can unlock this skill when you first level up Leviathan past 100. This opens up training for the mage set of Champion of Leviathan troops. Also you will get a Leviathan HP bonus up to 31% and troop HP for Champions of Leviathan up to 950,000%. Requires Level 101.

Hydraean’s Fury. This last skill brings the unbridled wrath of the sea. Multiplying Leviathan’s total attack while attacking the crystal up to 25% and Leviathan’s total armor while defending your empire up to 40%. Requires Riptide, Blessed Harpoons, and Seabreeze to be skilled up to 18 to unlock.

Sigils for 101+

Leviathan LevelLevel 2 SigilsLeviathan LevelLevel 2 Sigils

As you can see, Leviathan needs just over 150,000 Level 2 sigils to level up to 150. Her boosts really fit with the current stats that we have in the game right now, so leveling her up is worth it, and packs seem to offer more sigils than ever. The latest Moogle Market event had them available from the Fabled Mind Slayers. For this, you would need to have Noctis leveled up to at least 220 to unlock the ability to hunt level 8 monsters.

Leviathan, Power of the Hydraean

Leviathan’s skills can be changed at any time with the “Reset Skills” button on the top right of the skills tree page. You can do this an unlimited amount of times, so you can refine her skills to maximize your empire’s strength. Try out different combinations to test your might against your enemies, or just to reskill her for faster regeneration of HP. Or if you need even faster healing, use an astral full health talisman to refill her HP bar instantly.

As you can see, it’s clear that her abilities make it worthwhile to level up your Leviathan as high as you can. Her ability to withstand 50% more damage than Shiva makes her an asset to everyone. An enemy citadel with Leviathan is an attacker’s nightmare. She is a tough cookie that has tremendous skills from a large cavalry attack bonus to an increase in city defense armor and HP. You can counter this kind of defense with an even stronger Leviathan, possibly with the cavalry armor piercing skill maximized. Be careful, because an empire can be reinforced with two extra astrals, and three high leviathans along with the right setup can be almost impossible to defeat.


We see that Leviathan gets an upgrade to her skills and even some new added skills. This makes her a great asset to your empire for attack and defense. This is the first time we’ve seen an update to one of our astrals in FFXV:ANE. Will you use a high level Leviathan as a defense against an Ifrit attack, or do you use her in your offensive attack against others? Let us know on Line or Discord!

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